[Feedback][Spoiler] Goodbye Phoenix Point

Imo, the “Legend” difficulty cannot be realized until the final DLC is released and Modding is unlocked. A good “Hard Level” is a super difficult task, even for “AAA games” (XCOM2, Gears Tactics).
- And so: Rookie, Veteran and Hero.
The problem is that SG is not following the path of the golden balance for the Veteran. They work to trim the peaks and valleys across the entire scale.

Although IMHO, the two most important tracks are:

  • Rookie, for an interesting and "Fun game up to one of the endings
    • Engaging the casual player.
  • Hero, for the implementation of graceful game mechanics for deep "Immersion
    • Revealing the beauty and potential of the game.

At the moment, in this scenario only the Beginners track has been opened, the Tutorial has been implemented, which has increased its efficiency to 60% since the release of the EGS. Then you will need to build a clear logic of a Fun (not boring) game to at least 2/3 of the game, for all endings!
After that, it will be possible to build the Hero, excluding all cases of “Loss of immersion”. Veteran as “Heavy Rookie”, (if resource is enough) Legend as “Heavy Hero”.


(no formalities, but specifically about the PP):

  • How much is it possible to balance the game specifically for the Rookie (+ Veteran) and “separately” for the Hero? (We omit the existence of DLC1-2-3, for simplicity)

If there are those who want to add or arrange a Brainstorming session, I opened a new topic. Two most important tracks for PP

And if the Minuses are corrected, then the game will reach a maximum of 100? And there will be no point in eliminating other errors and forgetting about improving the game.
More than 1/3 of the players are dissatisfied, this rating is less than 70%.

Higher percentage of dissatisfied will leave a complaint than satisfied praising it, happens with everything. Raw review numbers might indicate if the overall rating can be trusted, but with the brigading happening nowadays, even that is no longer the case… Unless you count the “it was released on epic store too” as a valid complaint against the gameplay.

Before posting the picture, I checked other games, there are statistics = logic.


Avoiding, IMHO useless remarks. I suggest either to agree with 85% higher,

or to give counter-arguments here (as a more useful topic) Feedback on Phoenix Point as a XCOM Veteran

What would not join?
I should agree with 85% higher of what?

Sorry, not a native speaker, I don’t understand what you are trying to say to me.

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Well, not exactly 100, but over 90. The most important thing for me personally would be to get a version where I can enjoy the game “completely” without sacrificing content due to self restrictions. So yes, that would be close to the perfect TBS for me.

And by that I just mean the basic game. The DLC’s and especially LotA DLC is more than a disappointment for me. If the basic game were e.g. like LotA, I wouldn’t even register in the forum and uninstall the game and just forget it.

  1. To be fair, banishing “all OP skills” from the game is not affordable for the “current SG”. IMHO, this partially covers the presence of an imbalance in the game - it makes it possible to complete the game.

  2. If “Skip” point 1., then “Imbalance of Parameters” Feedback on Phoenix Point as a XCOM Veteran

added: Voland Canny ticket Update

  1. If “Skip” point 1., 2., then there are still spots Appalled by Steam (Reviews)

Do you like 85? The main thing is that it really was so.

There is a lot of unbalanced stuff, of course not just skills. E.g. if you get New Jericho “so-called” end-game tech (I can easily get it in mid-game) you can safely ignore the best mechanics of the game, namely “free aim”. Mounted bombs that cost 1 AP and can be shot across the field without a LOS. Eh wait for 0 AP and free reload with “boom blast”! Oh there is something else, mount laser with infinite accuracy (Destiny III?), OP turrets, terminators, I get a headache.
So these are just a “few” examples. All of this takes away any chance of having a challenge, because I know that I can break anything and anyone from the initial position. It also doesn’t feel “organic” for “this” game. If PP were a fantasy super battles game with gods, then it would.

But: PP has something that others (currently) don’t have:

  • free aim
  • real balistics
  • body parts
  • flat equipment upgrades
  • mutations
  • flexible movement

And I have to credit Snapshot for that too, you can’t only see the negative, you know :wink:


It was like this (I love the game even now) until BB5, then I gave the chance to “push to release”. After DLC1 came the knowledge that “Level SG = BB5” and DLC2 once again confirmed this. Then I gave time and put “All in” Steam. The result remained in the same place.
In fact, all this was expected. It’s a shame that the only way to correct the situation, namely Modding, is Specifically and Consciously Blocked. Inaction(Devs & CC) or Imitation(Devs &Canny) is disgusting. Hatred as a consequence of the lack of Honest and Full Explanations from Devs (Are you still waiting for (All) changes with DLC3?).