Finished the game! Feedback love!

Phoenix Point is the closest to the experience I had back then with the original XCOM game - but there are some issues here and there.

First of all WHERE ARE THE DOGFIGHTS? :smiley: I want them, they gave a cool little mini game, the thrill, the goosebumps when you shot down something and you had to go to investigate. Open the smouldering UFO’s door, throw the high explosive in, close the door and run away. Plus where are the wheat fields and the incendiary rockets to light them up and watch the little sectoids run out burnin’? :stuck_out_tongue: PP’s perfect destructible environment asks for more. Like spreading fire, floods, a looming shadow then something crash in the middle of the battlefield etc.

Story wise it is miles better and more mature than the modern XCOM 2. I liked the voice acting, especially the varied dialects my soldiers talked. The story concept arts and the voiceover brought the story forward quite fine, but late in the game they ceased to exist. I would have enjoyed more story related content, and special missions/encounters where you’d have to do something out of ordinary - finding lost tech, freeing someone from a bunker etc.

Please if I have to defend something give me time to reach it and don’t overdo it. Defending havens became quite a burden in the end and got tired defending everyone, sadly. Especially when the difficulty ramped up and each and every time every enemy was armored to the teeth. Sometimes you have to feel you are actually powerful, fully kitted up and grind down enemies without a hitch.

How come when I go defend a haven there is no local militia? Some help would have been welcomed.

I only had the initial plane and never built anything else because I didn’t need to. It took too much time and ate a lot of resources, plus things progressed quite fast on the GeoScape view. Doing research on the planes would be cool - especially if hunting down UFOs would be an option. Planes could also give aerial cover, lasering areas, bombardment and the like while doing combat with the guys.

Didn’t used any kind of vehicles. Because resource scarcity, because it takes up too much space.

Sorting and grouping of things is a must. Group assault rifles, grenades, leg/body/head armor etc. same things together. I had to memorize the little icons to fast find them amongst the myriad of items.

Research needs some love, because most of the tech can be obtained via diplomatic relations. Whenever I find an item I want to research it, there is no need to get multiple items for it. Or if so, give us the option to choose what to bring home from the battlefield.

All in all I had a great time and was awestruck seeing how the enemies behaved. Healed each other, when they realized they are cornered they started to nuke the research items, all of these are nice little touches. Up the ante, fix the bugs and PP will be the king of tactical games.


For me those are the main reason why I like so much play this game. Sometimes procedural generation can derail such mission, but they are for me a huge source of diversity.

But the failure is defense against factions, potentially it could be huge, but some problems break it, I noticed:

  • Syn tend be too weak.
  • Anu tend have too many close range that don’t do the trick.
  • NJ can generate great combats but often it’s broken with vehicles for which turret destroy is too easy.
  • Factions scaling seems screwed up, they tend not follow player and aliens rising.

For other missions types, they don’t match:

  • Perhaps scavenging missions could compete a bit, but firstly it’s weird do them when they are almost a guaranty of resources lost, and I don’t think they generate the same diversity.
  • Nests and similar special missions are cool missions but not on par with Havens.
  • Special missions against humans can be cool but often there’s a scaling problem.
  • Special rescue missions tend not work well.
  • Some special missions are really special and cool, but at end it’s only a few.
  • Lairs and Citadels are just weird and need a lot more work.

But the game need use missions in Havens or similar architecture setup that aren’t defense. Story wise I agree there’s a bit too many defenses.

Bah, that’s where the RPG element of X-COM shined. Rookie Propelled Grenade, I mean. Give rookie a grenade, prime it, run in. KABOOM!

And that’s why I would like to see cheaper rookies and bigger transports. As it is now, I grow too close to my soldiers and may even get a bit sad when they die. Bring back the cannon fodder, I say :smiley:

Otherwise, I pretty much agree with your points. Some times the AI was a bit too dumb, but I liked Pandoran attitude to make a sacrifice if that meant they managed to kill one of my guys.

BTW, there is at least one mission where you have local guys helping you. Try NJ story line next time.


Are you a paid troll to sabotage/derail things or just have a seriously bent taste?

People always surprise me with their strange tactics :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :smiley:.

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Nope I was just worry you demolish the only mission type that is well done. But read end of post, I don’t disagree fully.