My thoughts on this game and issues

I do like the game, it fixes that xcom itch after getting tired of playing xcom 2 for the 100th time.
But the game still needs a lot of polish, as much as I hate to say I think it could’ve used a few more months to work out some bugs and actually balance it a little better.

I’ll say the bug’s I’ve encountered so far, one actually ended up wiping out my entire squad where I had to actually restart the mission and well it wasn’t there anymore. But for some reason one of the enemies was completely immune to damage, every time a guy shot him it just kept saying 0, even at point blank range with no armor what so ever. It kept saying 0 damage as he proceeded to wipe out everyone. I don’t know what causes it, but its happened a few times, even my heavies did no damage to him. Another thing I’ve encountered is on the geoscape, when “exploring” and an event pops up, I can no longer explore and it halts the progress, so I have to leave and come back to the node. Its not a huge deal but just a minor annoyance.

Another gripe, the game maybe needs a few tweaks… I understand this is like the end of the world type thing but all of a sudden it just slams you with a huge difficulty. I’m still trucking through, but the game has suddenly become almost seemingly impossible at points, I upgrade my soliders, do the research go in with proper equipment but the amount of BS that’s tossed is ridiculous. I always try to go in a bit sneaky and take out enemies one by one instead of head on, but when you end up against a bunch of crab people, two sirens that mind control two of your guys right off the bat and those fat quad legged guys that shoot exploding worms all of the place, its a little much. I don’t know, maybe there are just aspects of the game I haven’t figured out yet, as I’m still fairly early in it, I think the virus is only at 15% but it just seems strange that all my units are nearly one shotted all of a sudden. I mean aside from faction armor, do you actually get upgrades to armor or is that sorta it?

Also, the recruitment is a real pain, The resource cost is fine I don’t think its over the top, but is there a way to see exactly the type of solider you’re getting? The last 3 soliders I got were snipers and…man I have enough snipers I have a total of 5 now.

In regards to recruitment,
I don’t think you can check their stats,
But and this is a big but in your case, the recruit has its type icon next to its name, so you know for sure if you are going to get a sniper or an assault or a heavy, etc.

PS. A lot of people have complaned of how OP vehicles are, but imo the vehicles are just the thing that you need in the situations that you describe.

Also if you have 2 Manicores you can send both of them to the same mission and pick your best 8 for the mission.


“Also if you have 2 Manicores you can send both of them to the same mission and pick your best 8 for the mission.” - oh thank you!
I did not know that. I figured you would get an 8 person transport plane at some point.

Very interesting and a valuable bit of information.



There is one