Canny and CC with the assistance of Modding

Canny and Community Council with the assistance Modding

  • Modding + CC will be able to confirm their theories in practice and sometimes provide ready-made solutions. (how much CC has shown its effectiveness?)

  • Modding + Canny will close 70% of Canny’s tickets if + help Devs = 95% of completed tickets. (up to this point, it was a super inefficient use of Devs’ time and scarce resources)

  • Modding + Community is about redirecting negative energy into mods.

But there is a problem, you need to Motivate and specify the Target for Modders. This can be partially transferred to donation from interested players.

Updated on 30/12

IMHO, Partial Modding for Surface changes would be a tough mistake.

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At this point I doubt PP will ever get a decent modding support. Probably something like PP engine not being build for it.

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Do you conclude from this? Phoenix Point: Year One Edition coming December 3rd

I want to understand your source.

A promise was made, and at the moment, there is no written waiver. Can you trust the whispers from the developers (especially the SG)?

PP engine, what do we know about it? Can’t create Modding Tools, is it?

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The devs have voiced the difficulty of the Unity Engine and making it work with the Steam Workshop. Having said that, they are wanting to provide some mod support.


Much more important and urgent than DLC3. If this were implemented at the beginning of this year, it would be possible to speed up development and avoid many problems.

Here, get moding. As in using mods. All that you need is provided. And ones you get on that, you can easily make your own little mods with help of the other provided services. Linked pages that provide guid numbers and all that. You ask what those are, go you’ll find out. If you read enough, and you use the tools provided.
Nothing to it.


Nay, just expressing my overall thoughts on the matter. I don’t know if there was a particular thing that pushed me from “they will add modding when they are done with it” to “modding will probably be very limited”. I agree that it would be a great feature for PP, though.

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I can hardly understand your main point. Are you saying the Nexus is enough? If so, did you ask the opinion of those who created these tools or those who tried to work with them?
I am not a Modder, but I think that these Tools are a “hard solution to point problems”, it is not a Solution.

I think Julian Gollop talked a bit about mods in that latest interview. I can’t remember this part well, but I think we won’t have much support in that regard, maybe for PP2 (or whatever it is) the situation will be better.

@noStas, what TheImp meant was that regardless of the game actively supporting mods or not, you can still mod it in some ways. It’s more limited, but still possible. So he pointed you to a mod repository (nexusmods) where you can find some existent mods for PP and maybe some pointers on how to create one if you want to.


Class System feedback & suggestions

IMHO, if there is no opportunity / desire to do a full-fledged Workshop.
It would be nice to create a connection with the Nexus as a ready-made platform with resources and employees.
Open the goals of the game for Modding, help in the implementation and motivation of all interested Modders, and encourage them for achievements.

PS. I understand that this will be NewSG, but this is exactly what will save Phoenix Point and help him Spread Wings.

Nexus is not great for “other games”, it’s mostly used as a “download center” instead of “install”, and Steam Workshop has its own quirks making mod-makers hate it just as much as they need the exposure it gives…

If the game’s architecture was made with modding in mind to a certain degree, modders will do wonders in their free time, while the dev-team can focus on their own issues (and those are always there, regardless of which game we are talking about), and sometimes even getting ideas/implementation from mods.

If the base-game has a world and some mechanics which draws the players in, modders will even make their own modding-framework if needed (see HBS-BT, where the community-made mod-framework is better than the “official”, later-introduced one), but a multi-platform game’s dev team can’t really justify spending resources on just some of the platforms (don’t forget, PP will be on consoles too), they should instead make the base game as stable and optimized as they are able (and allowed by bosses allocating resources to them).

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DLC Legacy of the Ancients does not integrate well into the main campaign


The first announced console version for Xbox was provided with resources from Microsoft.

This weekend I will get Steam release, and try to mod it heavily using Nexus Mods :slight_smile:

I see a lot of fun coming! Alltogether worth as new paid DLC :slight_smile:

a) Phoenix-Point-Retrievable-Items
Makes it so enemies always drop their items if they’re not destroyed beforehand. Note that you’ll still need to manually retrieve items when you’re defending a faction’s haven
or if you’re evacuating from a mission.

b) No blanks n ambushes when exploring

No Ambush

This mod disables random ambush, no question asked.
Previous versions, which worked only for out-of-mist sites, is available below.

Scavenge missions are still possible, so an exploration may still results in an encounter, but you can step back from Scavenge mission by
pressing Esc.

Does not affect chances of other events and non-random ambushes.

No Ambush Out of Mist

Disable ambush for all unexplored sites that are not in mist.

Sites that are in range of a mist repeller will also enjoy the protection as the panadorans retreats.

Otherwise same as No Ambush.

No Nothing Found

Disable the “Your soldiers spent a few hours looking around and found nothing” random event.

In vanilla game, as you explore the globe, the event pool shrinks and you have a higher and higher chance to get this event.

This mod makes sure that all explorations give you something interesting until the event pool runs dry:
Haven discovery, events, savaging, or ambush (if No Ambush mod is not used).

There are a few events that have a story, but does not do anything. They only happen once each, and are not disabled by this mod.

c) Unlimited deployment

This mod removes player deployment caps on all missions.

Just move multiple aircrafts to the mission site, and deploy as many soldiers and vehicles and mutogs as you want to.

Vehicles (since mod version 2.0):

Normally, you are capped to one vehicle per mission. This mod also removes that cap.

However, on many maps the vehicle deploy zone fits only one vehicle.
So, when you try to deploy multiple vehicles, this mod will allow them to be deployed with the infantry.

This will cause some vehicles to be deployed further back, mixing with soldiers.
And if you bring a lot of vehicles, it is still possible that there is not enough space for them, and/or they leave insufficient space for soldier.
Those who can’t find a place to stand will be… watching on the planes. They won’t be deployed.

In theory, it is possible to claim and/or expand deployment zones when the space ran out,
but the current workaround is the solution I’ll settle with after spending three days on this single issue.


Deploying from multiple aircrafts is a vanilla feature. This mod merely removes squad size cap. Each aircraft is still limited to carry one vehicle.

Does not affect NPC deployments or reinforcements.

d) Limit Fraction War

This mod tune down inter-faction wars in various ways, and can optionally mitigate alien invasion on npc havens.


Make faction war destroy the invaded zone, which can be rebuilt, instead of whole haven.
(Can be configured to cover Pandoran attacks too, or only Pandoran attacks.)

Raise raise the faction’s alertness level when it has been invaded.
(Can be configured to raise only the haven’s alertness.)

Prevent factions from starting several attacks in a row.
This is a simple implementation, not always works, but enough to stop a big wave of one-sided attacks.

Limit numbers of attacks by difficulty.
Rookie, only one attack can happen at the same time.
Veteran and below, only one attack per faction can happen at the same time.
Hero and below, factions will not attack when they are being attacked by pandorians.

Boost defender strength by various factors, such as alert level.
The level of boost is lower than the old “Better Defence” mod, but can be configured.

(Optional) Prevents Pandorans from attacking Phoenix Point base. This is disabled by default.
Scheduled attack will remains, but when the timer is up the mission will disappear without side effects.

Each and every feature can be totally disabled. To config the mod, use Modnix to create a config file and edit it.

Note that haven attacks will take a toll on the haven, esp. its population, and a haven that has a zero population will still be destroyed


This mod can skips these videos:

  1. Unity logo, Wwise logo, and Snapshot Games logo, only when using Modnix.
  2. “Phoenix Point Araise” intro video, only when using Modnix.
  3. “Hottest year in history” intro video.
  4. New game intro video. (Opt-in through config.)
  5. All aircraft landing videos.
  6. Curtain animations of loading screens.

Yes. No one made a tool that allows me to properly skip intro, so I wrote one.

This mod should not affect save games.


Current Phoenix Point release is limited to 2 body parts only allowed for augmentations.
This “mod” allows all three body parts to receive an augmentation.


Links the class icon’s color to the actor’s current state.

For Phoenix Project:

  • a yellow class icon means that the enemy has “located” you.
  • an orange icon means that an enemy has “revealed” you.

For the enemy: a purple icon means that they are alerted.

The crossbows are now silent weapons. This means that you can shoot at targets while staying hidden.

There is a minimum perception of 5 tiles. That means that having a stealth of 100% doesn’t bring full invisibility. It is still usefull
against those pesky “double perception” tritons.

No need for a new game.

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I would be grateful for the offtopic long post under the spoiler. Thank you for understanding.

Wont happen again, dont worry. However, I am glad modders grasped nicely what can be refined to players enjoyement.

They might do the porting, but unless they rework the game too, SG must design the game in a way that it’ll work on consoles (see the Controller in options, which is nonsense for a PC only strategy game), and that can affect how easily moddable the game is.

Ok! So I am not going crazy. Being in lockdown, with no tv, computer nor company sometimes I don’t know what was real anymore :sweat_smile:. I tried to find it, but it being audio it’s easy to miss without listening through the whole thing again.

For someone with more patience:

It was already in the Phoenix Point - Backer Build “Zero - Pre-Alpha”.

It wasn’t off-topic. He was talking about what mods are already available.

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Microsoft have provided us with resources needed to develop an XBox version (which is required to be on the XBox Game Pass).

A game working on XB Game Pass usually means less moddability, due to the store’s built-in “features”, which is exactly my point. A Dev team can’t justify spending resources on Steam Workshop or similar, only 1-shop-can-do modding when they have 3-4 other platforms (PP is/will be on Epic, GOG, MS Store, Stadia in addition to Steam) and the players will feel even more betrayed by platform-exclusive developments.

Not sure if you mean the one called “Demo” (as the first version called Backer Build was “One”), but they started the development with the knowledge that FiraXCOM was released on consoles, I do believe they planned for that just didn’t have the resources to announce it officially before the deal with MS was made public.