Canny and CC with the assistance of Modding

Backer Build One
EGX Rezzed 2018

April 15 - 2018 (EGX18) there was already controller support. Resources for Xbox One were given in June 2018.

Promises (fixed/ registered) regarding Modding with:

  • Crowdfunding on Fig (in Steam, Gog)
  • When an exclusive Epic is announced (on page or in the EGS)
  • Gollop’s last interview (+ Stadia)

I didn’t get it.

The most relevant playerbase for PP is FiraXCOM, a decently made PP should reach the same crowd, so if that game could be successful on consoles, having plans for the same with PP makes sense.

Modding is such a broad term that any kind of “promise” for “modding support” is meaningless without details, especially as we all know how other “promises” of PP went through the iterations…

Considering PP is on MS Store, it will be probably some built-in mod-browser solution (AoE2DE modding comes to my mind first, it being on MS Store and having some modding capabilities), which needs more development resources (compared to just having the code be more “accessible for modders”), and I think we can both agree that the devs priority should be the base game for now, fixing what’s broken before going for the extras.

“Official” mod support is not needed for a great modding scene, unofficial help can go a long way and might be even more efficient for both parties, even if less marketable. That does mean having some discussion with devs, which is way rarer now than before (the epic shitshow didn’t help the relations at all), but it can work.


IMHO, the audience of FiraXCOM to finance the project, the “UFO audience” is the core audience for the long life and progress of the game.

That is why I do not believe in “PP2”. The resources of the Active Community have been wasted.

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And that I also consider worth implementing, at least as OPTIONS in game (skip anims, unlimited squad …) or per difficulty level e.g.
ROOKIE unlimited squad size, unlimited mutations and cybernetics
VETERAN more limited squad size, 2 mutations
HERO and LEGEND as now limited squad, 1 mutation

At least here, and on Canny, by opinions, I see quite a lot of original UFO-TFD players.

I would also like to see Linux version once console one is done and game finetuned, no rush.
Unity engine itself originates there and Steam is availiable.

I wouldn’t like it. In my opinion, higher levels of difficulty shouldn’t limit the player’s options even more than they already do. I already only play at the veteran level, with your suggestion I would probably go rookie in the future so as not to be restricted in my own possibilities. That can’t be right …
Higher levels of difficulty should make opponents stronger and more numerous, perhaps more intelligent, but not restrict the player’s options. For me this is the worst way to develop difficulty levels for a game.

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AI modification would be the best, but its not the case, and is nowhere on horizon. Its not the numbers only, its that enemies are playing similarly on all difficulties. That makes e.g. Palace mission or Citadels on Rookie quite difficult for beginners.

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Actually, NexusMods does have a fully fledged installer that works for most of the 1k games they support. Vortex is a fully supported installer that not only helps manage hundreds of mods for each game they support, but also allows for multiple mod profiles for the game, archiving, etc.

Someone mentioned partnering with Nexus Mods and that is very difficult. When I was responsible for the UGO dot com’s old Games Network (prior to Hearst then IGN acquiring the domain) we and many other ad network sites (e.g. Crave, IGN, ZiffDavis) tried to seduce Nexus Mods and get them to become a partner. The founder is extremely business savvy and asks for a lot for Nexus to be involved in anything - as he should given that site over the past 16 years has become “the” destination for quality mod content. Given the pedigree of Julian he may have better chances than a group of ad networks hoping to ad Nexus to boost their sellable ad inventory.


Might be, the few games I used nexus for are the ones not really supporting it then, or at least the modmakers were always telling me that I should rather not use them for that… but that’s offtopic enough.

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Which is why I constantly bang the drum of Second Wave Options… :smirk:

Like you, I don’t play on Legendary because I find it limits the options I enjoy in the game too much.

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mods can make or break a game… look at rimworld, they pretty much built the game for him. same for new vegas, morrowind, starsector, WoW.

dota 2 and lol(which is basically a dota lite for casuals, made by an original dota dev) are some of the biggest games for years now and it all started with a custom map in warcraft 3.

also the new xcom games long war mod… I can’t even fathom not having mod support for PP. it’s like tying it’s shoelaces, pulling it’s t-shirt over it’s head and asking it to fight mike tyson. just, why ???

I know there are mods for PP, but they are not that much updated. devs need to do more to encourage it. idk what to say.

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Tried mods for PP, they can break the game, since havent been updated.

I vote for way more in game options, like custom difficulty - some options can be civ like. Mods point the proper way:

Max squad size
Ambush Y/N
Max mutations
Speed of enemy mutations
Whereby these could be done only on rookie and would be more limited on veteran.
Hero and legend would remain much limited. These would enable even easier game for beginners and make level differences even bigger.

Updated on 30/12

hi guys how to instal mod for backer build 4?