DLC Legacy of the Ancients does not integrate well into the main campaign

Absolutely, and I didn’t mean to sound petulant. It’s the fallout of dashing off a quick reply when you’re in the middle of work :wink:


I like 50 SP per mission and plans for some super duper weapons, but rest is pure sado-masochism.

There is no difference between the main quest and the side quest. Whatever, not good enough. As a player, what can I ask for? Improvement, nothing more. To whom they listen is another story. In game you will see it yourself. I’m tired preaching the same thing over and over again, sounds like a priest. I’ll simply take a break. 1-2 years. Let’s see what happens. Wish you all the best.

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I agree with that, too tedious, too many steps and you can complete the game without DLC 2 that is for sure.

I have played Legacy of the Ancients since internal builds, and after release, intensively.
I have found many flaws, Saving Helena mission is not even necessary, sure , you get 900 points for researchs, but you can skip it too and get Arch. Labs and Probes and collections locations, to me it doesn’t make sense.

I think devs wanted tough battles with Ancient site missions and big rewards completing LotA content, but at the end implementation is not great. Yes, it fulfills wet dreams of players looking for OP Combos and weapons, terminator squads.

Right now you build Archaelogy labs starting February or end January, you start launching probes when you have 2 or 3 due to cost. Excavations: 3 days is a lot waiting, and after you get those 6 required ancient sites under PX control you have to send manned aircrafts…
If devs targeted those players wanting desperately OP Combos they failed because for them the steps are too many, too complicated.

In order to have a meaningful role for our succesive campaigns, the process should be changed. I would like excavations time reduced, manned aircraft not a requirement mining, OP enemies where you can use Ancient tech weapons without feeling yourself cheating, and factions want your sites, so you can trade or allow access in exchange of resources/armors… at the same time havens around increases defense force thanks to the deal.

And different missions recovering schemata, I can get in 2, 3 or 4 turns, every blueprint for new weapons using a vehicle, plus 50 SP per mission = 300 SP. It is too easy.

this is just an example:

and this is what happens when you put on pause your self restrictions, going multiclass + Ancient tech weapons, because Shard gun, Rebuke, Scyther and Scorpion are actually OP

Right now I play ancient sites against Guardians, because I love the maps, the concept, with corridors, ground elevation, the mood and the music, level designer did a great work, but I don’t manufacture weapons anymore, just Guardians if necessary.


I don’t even tried to build this OP weapons :laughing: it stupidly breaks everything I want from a tactical game and especially this game.
But: I have NO problem if the concept were to get this weapons early with even easy missions. Let’s make sure that the players who loves terminator builds and OP weapons have this from the beginning and shot the shit out of all crabs. Maybe than they will crying less about useless skills and how low weapon damage is. Let this DLC be designed for terminator lovers!
Right now only skilled player get access to this OP toys and they don’t need this (I don’t need this for sure)


Hope this kind of general consensus could let designers re-think, re-imagine and re-implement it in the future

I had to build every possible broken combo and weapon in order to show them in the Council,
bringing attention and proposing changes, although it is not up to us (councillors) what changes are implemented, with consensus or not.

If those terminator lovers want to play with easy to get broken things, just they will stack Mark for Death, it is a known bug:


Yes, Mark of Death stacks again (wasnt that supposed to be fixed before?) and having a lot of snipers with WPs is easy way to kill - 3 or 4 marks of death and a single shot after.

Yes, I reported that bug time ago, it was fixed, and now is back

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Added to hotfix priority list, these simple things ruin the joy

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Really Honest FAQ https://phoenixpoint.info/faq

Moding Tools for Phoenix Point is a Myth, it is much more important to make broken Large DLCs.

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FAQ is indeed great and a guide for those who havent spent days so far, to figure out whats really going on and how to beat the Doom clock :slight_smile:

They exist at Nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/phoenixpoint

Havent tried any. But official support is lacking, true.

Who needs the modding tools? :wink:
But seriously, everybody buys DLC. However the majority of players don’t use mods or modding tools. Of course it is good to know that they are around. I’ve heard about a very popular Long War mod for XCOM. However it is difficult enough to find time and patience to finish games like XCOM once in their vanilla state. But to do it the second time again with a mod (especially the mod that has “Long” in the name)? I don’t think it is a very popular idea. :blush:

It is imperative to clarify (we will avoid unnecessary future posts), it was sarcasm (a statement opposite to the given facts), in contrast to what I brought in that post. (now it’s your responsibility)

Canny and CC with the assistance of Modding
Eliminating bugs, improving mechanics and UI, ideas for Devs in DLC and future games …

Are you ready to personally discard future mods for PP?

If you mean “do you need mods for PP” then the answer is “No”.
If you mean do you want other people have them then the answer is “Yes”, because modding communities usually make gaming project live longer.
However having some personal experience with game development I understand that to release modding support for a project during its development is a risky business. Because releasing new features will inevitably break modding tools and mods, and who will be blamed for that? Exactly. Developers.

How about this

Not necessarily true. If the coding is done in a clean modular scheme, the modding tools are not that difficult. If the coding is spaghetti coded, then yes, very true. However, SG did get saddled with the UnityEngine which some say is not the easiest engine to work with Steam.

BTW: I admire your method of spamming your previous posts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey, just ask them. :wink:
Behind the Scenes: Optimizing Phoenix Point's Geoscape — Phoenix Point
Behind the Scenes: Optimizing Phoenix Point's UI — Phoenix Point

Imo, I don’t think it should be there in principle. They need to try different options, including direct partnerships with Nexus, Epic, as expected through their website. But yes, it’s better to plan the base well.
It became a little easier for me, knowing that there are Modders next to Devs, the main thing is to hear and talk to each other.

It’s pretty simple. You will put together a puzzle about me when you believe that I am not a troll or a fool. But do as you please. :hugs: