BUG REPORT: Camera control is overridden by "secondary" game controllers

Encountered Behaviour

Upon starting any game, the camera immediately veers to the right on constant input, due to the HOTAS throttle resting in the no throttle-position, i.e. the axis itself giving full negative deflection.

The game sadly irrevocably takes this input over the set preferred Game Controller, and it cannot be changed or removed outright in the game’s launcher control settings either.


Disconnect any USB game controllers. Works, but very unsatisfying.

Expected Behaviour

Should work with all USB game controllers connected, should adhere to “preferred Game Controller” Windows setting and ignore all other input.

Feature Request

In addition to that, it should be possible to completely remove Joystick input(s) from the launcher configuration tool in a future build.



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Confirmed - Immediately unplugged my HOTAS for the same reason, once I realized what was going on. DITTO this post, I should have reported last evening.

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