Modding tool available to GOG users


I own PP on GOG and would like to mod it. For when a modding tool for all the community (not only for steam)?


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Well thing is, the official moding tools are here: Snapshot Games · GitHub
What they do mostly, is to allow you the ability to bring mods to the Steam Workshops.
But the PPModEnabler allows you to play them without Workshop’s, but where would you find them, is then the question.
One could link to a GOG’s forum thread about moding, or something, don’t know.

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Don’t want to make you sad, but probably never. Because of three things:

  1. Game was not designed to be with mod support. Its internal structure is not really intuitive.
  2. Up until 5 DLC there was no mention that game will even have Steam mod support. Devs saw that people ask for it to be able to prolong the game’s life and eventually developers decided to release another update to include Steam Workshop.
  3. GOG is not so big community and doesn’t have dedicated platform for modding, so it is really unlikely that developers will afford more time to make additional updates for more easy modding on EGS or GOG.

And to not look like a Steam fanboy - I also have my copy of Phoenix Point on the GOG.

Maybe this will help a little:

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Thank you for the replies!

It does help!

I just think if you develop a tool to manage mods in the game might as well make it for everyone!

I just wanted to play with modding to tweet the time at which the DLCs start as I think they all cluttered at the beginning of the game and could be a bit more dispersed along the gameplay.

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