When is the next DLC coming and what's the name

Are those crystals… Tiberium :thinking:?

Are the Antediluvians the Scrin :exploding_head:?!

Good thing I recruited Joseph “Kane” Kucan into the Phoenix Project :relieved:.

Then again the crystals in those screenshots are more likely inspired by the crystals in the ‘In the Walls of Eryx’ H. P. Lovecraft and Kenneth J. Sterling short story.

I eagerly look forward to harvesting each and every last glowy resource crystal to be found in the next DLC :partying_face:.

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I won’t say what it is. But if you are curious, there is also new Chiron. People gonna hate it. :wink:


Then again the crystals in those screenshots are more likely inspired by the crystals in the ‘In the Walls of Eryx’ H. P. Lovecraft and Kenneth J. Sterling short story.

Or maybe the “Colour out of Space”? And if I don’t get at least one Elder Thing or Shoggoth I am going to be seriously sad. :yum:


Poor old Chiron never had much love to begin with :smiley:

So it was, so it is and so it will be. Design from Snapshot.
People either correct or forget.

I need this DLC so badly to start to play the game. I mostly wait for the game with every DLC and fixes done to play it at best condition but I needed so bad for a good xcom game so I could stop myself and bought it.
I played some and now with the DLC news, I just need to wait it for a full run.
This game got a huge potential but it’s not done yet. Air combat, some more cool tech, a bit more variations… I think the base game very solid and after the final patches it’s very well. So give us tons of DLC and big expansions please!

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I wonder if that new enemy shown in the screenshot is some type of ancient war robot that the Antediluvians used to fight the Pandorans in their time, without the risk of them getting infected by the Pandoravirus. Could be a good idea to bring along some (or lots) of those Zeus EMP grenades from the Blood and Titanium DLC on missions against them, they might be vulnerable to them. I hope so, since I’m anticipating that they’ll be powerful, tough and challenging elite-tier enemies to fight against that’ll require new tactics to defeat.

I did not try that, I will use EMP next time, and will see


I hope they give some tech for PP as improved from all the faction tiers. Game needs some improved tech so badly to feel that you get better as tech.

I tried, Ancient guardians are immune to EMP grenades, they are high tech not related to bionics

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High Tech or Low tech, If it’s not made by a sci-fi “not from this world” type things, It should be effected by EMP. As the ancient are against bionic threads like we have know, they should not think about EMP defenses too. So… It’s not logical to make them immune to EMP at all…

Their tech is related to powers from Nature. :wink:

But maybe EMP should affect some of them, I will ask about it.

As I see from the picture, It’s clearly a mech. It’s a robot. And if It does not move with some wood in it, there should be something electrical. I mean the power to move it come from nature but It should be still something about electricity. So it could be EMP’d. Otherwise It should be some very weird lore behind it. I am not against different things, just talking about what I saw.

Depends how high that tech was. If it was way beyond our knowledge, then our EMP can be silly for them. :wink:

@etermes - I’m not sure if you are not spoiling a bit here. :wink:

It’s not about the tech, It’s about the physic rules. If It’s not created to fight against EMP using enemies, then there will be no special anti-EMP shielding. If there is no shield, EMP just destroys anything electronic.
As I see at the pictures, It’s nature-tech hybrid and It’s created against bionic creatures if it’s from the early war against pandora. So from this point there is no reason for special shielding from other high tech things. So EMP is very logical even necessary to able to defeat that kind of enemies.
BUT as I said, If there is totally different magic and lore behind it, It’s totally fine.

If their complete technique based on these crystals?

I mean the electromagnetic technique we mostly use is only one way to transfer energy in movement or to compute data. We already know about other ways like the natural creatures we are and we can do all these without any electronic.

Physics are not only electromagnetic, it is all about transfer energy to movement and computing data and I assume we are actually not on a point to say what is possible and what not :wink:

We don’t know for what these Crystals are good for. If their technology, their ‘electronic’, computing, energy transfer is completely based on this material then it would be pretty explained that it is immune to EMP … by nature :wink:

just a little , a drop :wink: I stop now

@etermes asked on closed group and I can confirm they are not electronic by even inch. :slight_smile:


Then I want to see wood elves with gattling guns! :slight_smile:

Then open your mind, this is science fiction, there is no need to just hang on to our current rather limited options.

Again, physics are important, but physical movement does not consist of electromagnetism alone, we also have steam engines, pneumatic motors or even very modern gas turbines, all without electricity. And the controls? Even there are AFAIK nowadays developments to computers based purely on light waves. Absolutely immune to EMP :wink:

Crystal driven energy, motors and controls, you don’t need to call wood elves for that :wink:

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