When is the next DLC coming and what's the name

Was just about to comment he should look up. Valygar’s post contains some pretty meaty details and more will come hopefully next week:

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Yes obviously. Would you buy a game where they haven’t done that?

So far it is.

Latest patch has fixed quite a lot of issues, and seems not too many fixes and small features are planned currently (see feedback - planned).

In my book I read it as “finally playable and ready for DLCs” and congrats to @JulianG and team on finally making the game ready.

Also, its nice it will be “good” for December Steam release (which in my book is real release)

Sincere congrats on expanding this “ancient civ” line to more then just a story :slight_smile: Seems like biggest DLC so far!

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I’m excited to jump back in with the next DLC!!! Been playing some Xcom 2 but I really miss PP.

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ALL OF WHAT YOU WROTE! Caps because I am excited. Congrats to Snapshot. I am so excited.

Yeah I just finished (read: barely lost) my latest campaign so going to hold off starting another until this drops.

I can’t get or be excited about anything if there is no date and really no pertinent information about it. How can you release a DLC that you are using to generate revenue when you don’t market or tell anyone when it is coming out? “It should be sometime this month” is vague and obtuse and leaning on the “I am really not sure when this is coming out but lets throw something to the masses to keep them off my back” button.

and what if they start marketing after release? :slight_smile:

It’s an indie company, they are not going to have a big marketing push. If so, surely it is better to bring attention to the DLC when it is released/about to be released, rather then some time before.

Stop being a hype addict. It’s not good for ya.

There are plans for a trailer prior to the release date.

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Few DLC 2 in-game pictures. Thank you @etermes for providing them.


Looks pwetty!

Much needed map variety, cool colors, and hmmm, what’s that sniper fighting? Is that mecha chiron?

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Mecha enemies would be an interesting touch. We could all use more of those for the other factions (sans Anu).

It is not Chiron :wink:


…but there is a new Chiron in LOTA :slight_smile:

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Hands, feet, obviously it’s just a Mech-Bot.

Will Technician be Imba again?

Now that I’ve zoomed in, seems more of a… mecha gorilla? :smiley:

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Crystals on mecha = some sort of Antediluvian corruption?

Looking forward to this! :blush:

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Thanks for the pics!!!