Upcoming video Q&A, next Wednesday, Feb. 26! Submit your questions for Game Designer Hristo Petkov and Community Manager Kevin Hill

Hi all! In the run up to the launch of the Blood and Titanium DLC we’ll be doing a developer video Q&A, and we want your questions for our devs!

Please comment in this thread with any questions you have for us. The Q&A will be answered by Game Designer Hristo Petkov on behalf of the team and moderated by Kevin Hill, our Community Manager, who will also be selecting questions from those submitted here and on /r/phoenixpoint – we’ll do our best to get through as many as we can in the time we have for the video!

Note: questions don’t necessarily have to be about Blood and Titanium, but they DO have to be about Phoenix Point! Off-topic, rude, personal, or otherwise inappropriate questions will be ignored.

The video Q&A will go live on our official YouTube channel on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 12 PM PST. Please get your questions into this thread or on Reddit by no later than 5 PM PST this Friday, February 21, 2020.


Hi snapshot!

Just wondering if you might be able to tell us a tiny little bit about DLC’s four and five yet, and wether you think you might get them all out this year! Looking forward to blood and titanium!

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Hi Snapshot

What do you think about a more 4x management? Made a topic in feedback about

Good job

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NooooOooooiiice! (nice)

So I have some question

  1. When estimate time for next patch?
  2. What’s in DLC’s compared to current base game, is there any huge different inside DLC’s?
  3. Roughly how long of gameplay to finish a DLC?
  4. Is there any chance for a custom game mode in current base game?

That’s all at the moment.

Thanks Devs!


He could go through canny and give comments on existing topics. Would be good to know what devs think about them.


Sphinx enemies incoming, yes? :slight_smile:

Any idea on an ETA for each DLC?

Any thoughts on deepening the base management? An early development image showed what appeared to be limited space for soldiers in the medbay and training facilities, research staff, and what looked like spots to post soldiers as guards. Why drop things that would give players a sense of really rebuilding the organization from the ground up and the feeling of living bases?


For me next patch or when DLC will hit stores is irrelevant right now. More important to keep me with this game are those three questions:

  1. Will combat part (items/skills/enemy capability) be balanced more in the way of realism instead of meta-spell-fantasy combat? And I mean a lot more than adding shred value to the Assault Rifles or Skill Points as reward for combat instead of sitting in training facility.

  2. In strategic part do you plan to change current aircraft’s flight mechanic and split storage/containment/research/manufacturing queue between bases/aircrafts?

  3. How deep changes will be supported in modding tool?

Because right now game is not really interesting in terms of tactics and strategy. Everything can be brought to spamming your aircaft routes around the globe and then using ultra skills to eradicate everything before it can even act.


Unfortunately, I do work for a living, and will be working, thus your live chat may only be seen by .05% of the lovers of this game (no data on how many workers vs non workers playing your game). My biggest question…I have now launched a 5th game (as I do love what you all have done with this), I just get to a point (EVEN THOUGH I HAVE ALL WORLD EXPLORED AND STOLE SOME TECH) that I lose a whole squadron by the second round in a scavenge mission after about 18 hours of game. Though a few troops make it through round 2, I watch the Pandorans take out at least 75% of all resources in their first turn. Also as I said before, I lose my troops, despite the fact many were in full cover…then no materials to recruit more troops. How can I spring for a DLC, when I cannot even come close to winning the base game on Veteran status? Been playing these types of game since original xcom…never had such agonization on a game that I should come home and enjoy from a long day at work! (again, I do not know how many work, vs non work), that play this game.


It’s not going to be live. It’s going to be pre-recorded. This is why we’re collecting questions in advance.

Early in development, hopes were high that Phoenix Point would be an updated, creepy, mood-infested version of TFTD. Early versions and trailers had shadows, darkness, creepiness. Was there a reason this was removed from the game or not included in the final version? The mist the tritons put out just doesn’t have the same effect. Will such eventually be added back into the game?


Well you got my questions recorded then…just had to rage quit another round of scavenging tonight, that they destroyed about 50% of materials on first round while incapacitating one of my guys in cover… 2nd round they killed 3 of my guys and left only 2 crates of resources…I quit to desktop. Please address this unbalanced issue, or give us a ton more recruits/resources that we can use to play the time of research.


3 points I’d like to ask about.

  1. What is the priority level for mod tools and how extensive will they be? e.g. will the tools allow creators to make mods similar to Long War and Long War 2?

  2. Are there plans to expand base management, such as civilians, scientists, engineers, etc. living in Phoenix Point bases? I feel like Phoenix Point should have a lot more people involved if they are going to save the world.

  3. Despite the horror aesthetics, themes and Lovecraftian influence, the final game is not very scary or spooky. Are there plans to build on the horror elements and make the game scarier? (like more fog of war).

(In my opinion, the original x-com ufo defense and terror from the deep are still to this day the best examples of horror elements used in a strategy game. During the Fig campaign Phoenix Point looked like it would fill this niche that hasn’t been touched since 1995. Sure other X-com like games have been made since then, but none of them have met that spooky, creepy atmosphere of the originals.)


How much input did Julian Gollop have in the game’s balance for the first commercial release? Did he play the release version all the way through? Or did he pass on the balance and design decisions to someone else on the team? I had figured with Gollop’s extensive design experience many of the balancing issues would have been avoided at launch.


In fact, it does not matter what questions the team will choose. It is important to show respect and attention in the response.

The more water in the plans, the deeper and clearer the answers are needed.

  • Tell a couple of funny and instructive stories that happened during the development process.

Thank you!

Will there be a change of how to Trade and recruit soldiers. In my opinion there should be an overview screen and After Recruiting or buying something some NPC Transports should start and bring the ressources or soldiers to your nearest Base. And in Future if enemy aircraft are planned they could shoot this transporters. Is there anything planned in this direction?

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Regarding the game :
What is working well and/or you are proud of ?
What is not working as you intended to and why ?

Do you have plans for Phoenix Point 2 ?


While in development you promised a lot of features that didnt make it to the final cut? May we know the reasoning behind this? And are you planning on implementing them in the future? I know id love to see them


First of all, congrats on what you have accomplished so far and best of luck on improving on it. Balancing and polishing issues aside, I, for one, am happy with the direction that was taken.

However, the big issue as I see it is the Pandoran evolution. Do you believe that the current system - adaptive difficulty + incremental armor and hp increases fulfill what was advertised in this regard? What further plans are there for this?