Behemoths Are Coming

It’s been a long time coming :smiley:


You sure it’s multiple ?

This is a great new!!!

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The FAQ in official page refers to Behemoths in plural, even if that may have changed during development

Console release will surely bring another source of income (as well as new DLCs) but I hope it will not delay balancing and fixing game up to date. Adding new layers of complexity and features is great, but in my eyes, requires that underlaying game is good and fixed.


I for one welcome our new Behemoth overlords.


A bit later then I hoped, but whatever, I can wait. I just wish they showed a bit more.

Test it for us, community council, so we don’t have to!

Dang beaten to the punch :joy:

New soldier both excites and sort of frightens me. Class balance is already abit of a mess, im afraid it will just get worse.

That said maybe they do some rebalancing at the same time to prevent that so lets see how it unravels :slight_smile:


My thoughts exactly. I would normally be thrilled about a new class, but I find what is currently so not enjoyable I don’t see how a new class could make things more interesting. Even if it’s amazingly designed, that doesn’t address existing problems.


we try our best, but we got already designed build, hard to change anything. And we are not even asked to test bugs :smiley:

@Yokes: so… positive, negative, or mixed? Or if you can’t say yet… let’s try it another way: better than DLC2 and/or better than DLC1? Not much difficult to be better than those :stuck_out_tongue:

Or if you’re feeling generous towards us: is it what most are expecting, from previous topics about the subject?

I am pretty sure CC members agreed to some non-disclosure agreement.

Me too, but maybe we can have some cryptic answer!

It is not finished yet, but for me it is better than DLC2, and I think that it can be better than DLC1. Still not really my pair of boots and not how I imagined this DLC. But I think that some will really like what it brings, despite it may differ from what people expect.


Btw. Guys one thing that I can say for sure. Don’t expect that old X-COM will come back here. Phoenix Point wasn’t designed to have aerial combat in first place. So this DLC is just a compromise between what people want and what devs can throw into the game.

I know they would love to make the best game ever, but they must work on what is in the game. They can’t rewrite whole game on purpose of implementing DLC. Or they could, but would need to have no limits on time and budget.

Sorry, but why do planes have a health bar since bb then?

To repair them in base in case of some event would damage them. :wink:

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was assuming.

Well - air combat in the original UFO: Enemy Unknown wasn’t that complex! So how could you implement an Air Combat System that is even less?
NOW I’m really wondering what’s there to come?

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I don’t think UFO mini game is worth replicating anyway. But in UFO aerial combat was a core part of economy and main way of generating missions though shot down UFOs to gather resources and research.

Phoenix Point has that covered. On top of that it is an optional DLC, so to what extend does it interact with the rest of the game?