DLC 2: Legacy of the Ancients and Patch v1.7 "Necronomicon" are out

We’re excited to announce that DLC 2: Legacy of the Ancients is out, along with free update to v1.7 “Necronomicon”. DLC description and patch notes below:

Legacy of the Ancients delves into the secrets of the Antediluvian Civilization that predated modern humans on Earth. Explore ancient ruins for precursor knowledge, and use it to unlock a whole new line of Phoenix Point weapons and technologies. But beware: the Ancients left powerful guardians to watch over their secrets; you won’t be the only one seeking to control this ancient knowledge. New rivals will rise up as the legacy of the ancients is revealed to humanity.

Legacy of the Ancients Includes:

  • NEW Story Missions and Cinematics
  • NEW Procedural Missions and Mission Types
  • NEW Enemies and Pandoran Evolutions
  • NEW Maps, Biomes, and Environments
  • NEW Points of Interest and Means of Exploration
  • NEW Resources and Ways of Obtaining Them
  • NEW Research and Technologies
  • NEW Weapons and Equipment

“Necronomicon” Patch Notes:


Pandoran Evolution
  •     Increased the speed at which Pandorans evolve
  •     Increased the stats of most Pandoran enemies, especially the melee ones


  •     Increased the resources cost of higher level recruits


  •     Slightly reduced the rate of starvation
  •     Reduced the frequency of Haven attacks


  • Skill points awarded after missions are adjusted based on difficulty


  •     Strongman personal skill’s damage and accuracy is decreased from 30% to 20%. Increased the Perception reduction to 20 from 10
  •     Increased War Cry’s AP cost from 0 to 1


  •     Slightly decreased the accuracy of Pythagoras VII 
  •     Decreased the accuracy of Shotgun weapons

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a hang caused by the Yugothian Entity being killed by a high stack of Poison damage
  • Fixed a hang caused by killing a Terror Sentinel with a flamethrower weapon
  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial where players couldn’t add more items to their Inventory, blocking their progress
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Inventory window from closing
  • Fixed a delay after using the Priest’s Mind Control ability
  • Mutogs will no longer communicate using human voices
  • Fixed an issue where the water in the Pandoran Lair maps would not be generated when loading the level
  • Vehicles will no longer dive into the ground while moving on certain maps
  • Fixed an issue preventing the damage preview from showing on enemies’ health bars
  • Units won’t die when they climb tables on certain maps
  • Adjusted some of the map generation so that it doesn’t block vehicle movement
  • Scylla’s ranged weapon mutations now show the correct Range stat
  • Fixed an issue allowing the Induce Panic ability to work on targets with more WP than the Priest casting the ability
  • Fixed an issue where a unit couldn’t move if a Scylla died near them
  • Fixed an issue where the Scarab’s weapon couldn’t fire after getting repaired
  • Fixed an issue where the Spider Drone’s animation for jumping up or down one level wasn’t activating
  • Fixed an issue where the Interact ability wasn’t appearing on the objective of the Sixth Initiation mission
  • Scyllas can no longer spawn Mindfraggers while they are panicked
  • Fixed an issue where several research projects could be completed at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where some Pandorans could appear with weapons that have not yet been researched

Yeah… After update my game dumps during startup. Black screen then back to desktop.

Loading times seem to be better. No “good” yet, but better

Is there a way to tell that the new DLC is actually enabled in-game? I did check the box selecting it at the start of a new game, but so far I haven’t discovered anything that screams “Legacy of the Ancients” is active.

Mission with Helena? Project Glory research?


I haven’t come across those yet, since it is early in the campaign for me; unless of course either of those are supposed to show up early :grinning:. So there isn’t some menu screen like gameplay that shows which DLC are active? I looked and didn’t see one. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, I was just wondering. So far I’m happy with the new changes in the patch, I’m noticing that the early game isn’t as much of a walkover as it was before.

The new content doesn’t show up until one has progressed the normal storyline.


One important fix/change that’s missing from the list is that all the special missions have been revised to be in compliance with the Pandoran evolution, so you no longer get “generic” types of Pandorans on special missions and also you don’t get Pandoran types that haven’t evolved yet.

Also many special missions have undergone other changes (The Pirate King, for example).


One thing I noticed after the new patch is it’s now easier to target with Destiny III Laser Array. You guys can try it out.

P.S. I’m still playing an old game, no new DLC yet.

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Yes, it’s quite awesome now - not only does it have perfect accuracy, but it also tracks the targeted body part as it moves, so all the shots are almost certain to hit.

Rage Burst has also been improved in a similar way.

So, just started new campaign and I am liking the changes. For one thing, the Pandorans are ramping up their “evolution” a little faster, which makes tactical combat a little more interesting. Also, some of the special missions have tougher enemies, also good. Here are some other things I noticed:

They added a AP cost to War Cry, which I consider completely fair.
Maybe I missed this from before, but the comparison mode (when replacing an item in inventory) works better.
As they said, somewhat fewer haven attacks.

I haven’t seen any of the new content, but so far so good!

How far through the normal storyline do you need to get before the new DLC missions start?

Not far, I believe that it’s research related. It is sometime available around the point of when Symes Retreat is available. But research is required to start the story.

If you have a saved game and install the update/DLC, will the new content appear on the saved game going forward? Or is only available for new games?

New game needs to be started to play with the DLC.

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Cool, I must be doing the wrong research.

Did you tick the checkbox for the the DLC when you started a new game? It was unticked for me by default so I selected it before starting the new game (living weapons dlc had a bug with the checkbox on release)

I ticked the checkbox and had acces to new DLC at least on day 10 (Can´t remember how much earlier than than).

For research my guess is Symes (maybe "Retreat Mission) and New Jericho, as both are mentioned in cut-scene intro to new content.

Again not sure, but hope you find it!

Good luck!

Why isn`t this thread pinned on top of the forum like former patchlogs were?

Because moderator is on the vacations. :wink:

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