Legacy of the Ancients: Details

According to website it’s been out for two days already.

According to newsletter however, it’s out next Wednesday.

As well as a news post with details regarding the v1.7 Necronomicon patch.


Guess it’s next Wednesday.

I am Abdul Alhazred and I approve this patch.

Do we have to start a new campaign ?

So the “new” enemies will be basically just reskinned old ones?

In order to enable the DLC, a new game is required.

The construct seems completely original. The eye Lazer arthron-like seems at least somewhat different.

Looking at the pics this is my main concern… This game really needs new and original enemies.


  • New enemies are new.
  • New mutations, are kind of reskinned old ones.

Just remember this DLC is about ancient race. Not about Pandorans. So don’t expect new alien strategies or tactics or I don’t know what.

I get a feeling of those old pulp adventures in this DLC, with lost temples and ancient races, like a Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. Which is very cool and sets it apart from X2

Well there is new and there is new. I presume that sirens and chirons didn’t just decide to mutate copper plates and the pictures depict what is supposed to be antediluvian guardians. Or Pandorans repurposed by them.
What my previous comment was supposed to say is that I don’t see new enemies, I see reskinned chiron, siren and arthron with two shields so I hope I there’ll be at least one or two completely different enemies that aren’t based on the previous ones.

That ain’t chiron. It has more of a gorilla design then whatever insect Chiron was based on. Here at the bottom you can see him from another angle.

Could be abandoned Juggernaut made it back into the game?

It is not Juggernaut. :slight_smile:

:thinking: So what you say is: there is also an actual Juggernaut.

I am not saying it. :slight_smile:

But are you NOT not saying it?

But is he NOT, not, not saying it?:grin:

Ok, jokes aside, there aren’t many details regarding the new DLC. New missions, but what kind of missions? What new materials? What differences between old and new enemies?

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I don’t like the gimmicky floating shiny harry potter magic like design at all … kinda doesn’t fit into a dark atmosphere at all. I’d have hoped they try to remedy the lack of a proper chilling dystopian lovecraft atmosphere going forward but …

… meh

Will play anyways.