Too much Haven defenses and Pandoran base attacks

Part of the “battles fought” result page of my last campaign (ended at 27.03.2047 in game time):

68 missions with haven defenses and destroying pandoran bases, 30 HD and 24 Nests. IMHO way too much.
And for the last 2-3 weeks in the game, I haven’t even responded to all of the HDs.


I think it’s worth adding for statistics.

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So I look at the numbers and think, how many should there be? Half less?
Imo, I think there is a problem in the number of missions per day (in the game).

Stretch the playing time, from 2 months to 1 year:

  1. and just scroll through the timer
  2. and fill it with an alternative (search for an available one or create / change)

After my very long experimental run I haven’t saved the combat but the overall stats that also show the amount of destroyed Pandoran structures, in game playing time was over 1 year and 3 month (the stats has “stolen” a month):

And there were very long gaps for weeks and even months in between when simply nothing happens, more in detail here:

All in all I would say it should be at least not more than 1/3 of these per day and overall.

What about Scavenging missions? Excluding resource balance.

For me these are not too much, also not the whole rest. I almost only complain about too much haven defenses and panda base destroying.

I like Haven Defenses - makes good shooting practice for rookies.

Having said that, In my next playthrough, I’d play bad guy and be enemies to everyone! I wish the game even have feature to make NJ, Syn, AN to ally with Pandoran against me.

This report is from my first ending playing YOE, NJ ending

Victory report - Battles

It was a long one, researching everything and completing all missions


Nice to see that on Legend you got significant more Lairs and Citadels but much lesser Nests compared to my result on Veteran (first post, roughly same time ingame).

Nests evolve very fast, at least since mid game

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I have no idea how this can be solved entirely, except reducing HDs and Panda base destroying with a slower and/or more controlled expansion of the pandorans, as we already discuss here:

But as a result, I would like to see that there are significantly fewer of these routine missions and more story missions.

In my opinion, compared to the number, the ratio is far too much for the routine missions and far too little for the story missions and I think that should at least approximate:

This one was a longer campaign over 4 months.

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Total = General Missions + F/D Missions

166 = 122 + 44 Leg(2m18d) picture from etermes above
205 = 161 + 44 Hero(2m25d) picture from Lobo
140 == 93 + 47 Vet(2m25d) picture from MadSkunky
201 = 147 + 54 Vet(4m2d) picture from MadSkunky post above

Copied from PM for @Valygar

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It is, also captured Pandorans

Victory Report - Enemies


Surely, current feeling is that game is driven by “defend heaven destroy panda base” missions instead of story, leaving quite good story to entertainment and diplomacy boosting. More independent heaven missions, more fraction given side missions, more POI missions while reducing Panda attack rate would give game “more of a story” - or a soul, some would say.

Lowering either number of Panda bases, or their aggressive rate. Also, what was always a mistery to me is: you destroy Panda base, but it does not slow their agressivity rate in that region at all - almost like instantly another base gets active in same area. Only sometimes when destroying few bases in a role - deep in game when having few teams on disposal - have I a bit felt like their aggression to heavens rate has slowed - temporarily.


Now they are 3:1, but should it be 1:1?

maybe Voland knows the details

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In my personal opinion yes and even more.

From the lore, our mission is pretty clear: To complete what Symes has started and to find a solution to destroy the Pandoravirus or at least to push it back. For me, protecting the factions is something that you can do, but you don’t have to.
In addition, it is also illogical that an 8-man PP squad can defend a haven that has several thousand inhabitants that should be fully alarmed about the threat out in the world. In addition, at least at the beginning, with technology that is quite a bit ahead of the player. Logical, right?


the special forces must eliminate the most dangerous target in the most key area. Attempting a realistic/detailed representation of missions

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I agree, defending havens is an option, not a goal, of course if you don’t destroy Pandoran colonies they will attack more and more, including PX bases

I have finished my fifth ending in YOE, Terraformers

Terraformers ending - Battles


Yes, these two are closely related, the player “has to” defend havens to discover pandoran bases and he “has to” destroy them to get time for other things. I think it doesn’t have to be that way, the simple solution would simply be basically fewer (Edit: and/or weaker) attacks by the pandorans, both on havens and on the player’s bases.

A more complicated solution would be the one above linked suggestion about how the pandorans grow up (pandoran structures as a network) which should lead to the same goal but in addition more logical.