Attempting a realistic/detailed representation of missions

Haven Defense

Attack of monsters / enemies on several structures at once (2-3 Haven tiles)
The player himself chooses the goal and the reward:

  1. Protect the key objects of 5-7 turns (you can choose immediately available soldier-defenders with deduction of resources). - Power Generator, mid reward
  2. Eliminate enemy forces with the key boss (random defenders). - Training center, high reward
  3. Eliminate enemy forces (without the participation of internal defenders). - Plantations, low reward

Explains many subtle but important points, for example:

Scavenging Site (Collection of resources)

3 scenarios(mission subtype) on the “old Scavenging Site” (container protection):

  1. Before collection (there are no containers, there are key objects), - Clean the area from enemies without damaging the environment (with a decrease in the number of resources from environmental damage), max 15% -100% resources + loot
  2. edited During the collection (2-4 containers),
    (or the New Scavenging Site, lightweight loot boxes that can only be placed in a “READY” slot),
    • Clean the area from 2-4 waves of enemies, max 40-80% of resources + loot
    • You can pick up already full containers and evac, max 50% of resources
  3. After collection (5 containers), - Pick up as many containers as possible during evac, max 100% of resources

("max xx% of resources" is a cap on this mission subtype)

  • edited2 The container is picked up from the ground (animation of the cable at the end of the 2nd turn or the blinking and disappearance of the container) on our Airplane. To do this, we need to activate the beacon on the container(or they will be activated automatically one by one) and protect it for 2 turns, because after activation, enemies will attack the container with a flashing beacon(human-enemies do not attack resources, but fight with defensive tactics). Each damage to the container, destroys part of the resources.

Reserve, for a possible continuation of the topic.

like this

@noStas those are three different maps for Incursions, three targets, right?

I never steal or raid factions

Yes, the scenery from the “Haven tile” inscription.

and haven defense
All these 3 Operations in reality will be very similar / close - you are in the territory of the Base / Haven and around you its inhabitants, together or against you.


I understand better now your suggestions, I see your point, it could work, although your best chance is modding

I would like for a perfect defense, one haven soldier joining PP after the mission if the haven has a training center, they realize that Phoenix Project is valuable and one soldier decides to join PP forces

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This could be one of the rewards for protecting the “Haven tile”.


If I understand it well, it’s similar to FiraXCOM system - three abduction missions, you can respond to one, pick your poison.

Can we respond to all of them? What if I have three transports I am willing to send out? Or are all attacks time limited, so we can do all three back to back with one squad if we have enough health and stamina?

Or is it one only?

Either way I don’t like it - first one would become tedious, the second one is adding artificial choice&consequence ala. FiraXCOM.

I think it could work if we had “whole haven” map like based defences in 97-UFO. We have squad on the map, and we decide what we want to defend - depending on difficulty we might be able to defend a lot or not a lot. We get rewarded based on the final result.

Of course, that would mean a complete overhaul, and is not a genuine suggestion on my part.

I must say though, when during Fig campaigns Snapshot was talking about side objectives, I was expecting something more interesting then “strategic points” granting free will boost.

PP helps Haven repel the attack by taking responsibility for the key (for Haven) “1 tile”. The united forces of defense can cope with the remaining threat “2 tiles” themselves.

“Monsters attacked the castle walls, but there were mercenaries in the castle who accepted the order for the defense of one of the walls.”

Ok! Fair enough. I like it much more now.

What, if PP doesn’t intervene? If a haven can defent 2 out of 3 areas, it doesn’t make much sense for the whol haven to fall. Should haven destruction be more gradual then? Amount of tiles haven can defend depnds on their strength vs enemy forces? Weaker the haven less they can defend, and eventually they fall completely?

It looks logical

PS @Yokes I remember that you had a post, but I can’t find if it was?

Yeah, I had such solution somewhere here. :smiley: Will try to search for it, as it is different than one written in my feedback, so I can’t just copy it from there…

Here it is (when I look at it is quite similar to my feedback - so probably values are different, but ideas are the same):

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Limited Inventory Size

(max 3 large objects "= two-handed weapon / turret" per character)

  • Backpack Slots: You can take a maximum of 2 large objects (to / from a backpack -2AP).
    • ammunition in a stack of 3 pieces (of the same type and compact)
  • Slots Ready: A two-handed weapon (turret) occupies 2 slots. There is an option “Prepare” (+ 1AP per shot) - reserve “3rd” slot for free replacement with a second two-handed weapon from the backpack.
  • An exception:
    • For Technician - PDW in Ready, occupies 1 slot.
    • Mech.arms and Jetpack - block the backpack for large objects.

Great suggestions, should be posted on canny.


I will vote if you post.