Impossible expectations of allies

When your relation to fractions reaches a certain level, they will reveal locations of all their bases. The problem is that if base on another end of the word will be attacked by Pandora, and we don’t have the way to reach that base yet, we will lose relation with that fraction because we did not defend something that we can’t reach.

Another thing is the question of what Phenix Point is in this game? Babysitter for another fraction? If they will be attacked and we will not defend them they will be grumpy about that?


it’s true, sometimes random locations make it harder. In the beginning I had only one base, next to Alaska, and Disciples of Anu diplomatic mission south America, so they didn’t reveal all their havens until mid game.

But at the end you will get as much REP as you want

I meant haven defences. The situation looks like this now. I become an ally of some faction. The real all havens they have, one on the other side fo the globe is attacked by Pandora. They are loosing, and I can’t do a thing because I haven’t been there yet. Haven is lost, and my relation with the fraction worsen because I did not defend that haven. How I spouse to do that in the first place if I couldn’t reach it?


You can’t , they lose the haven, not a great deal, they have a lot, eventually you will defend more territory if you want, with more bases and aircrafts

I agree it is not a big deal in a long term, but still doesn’t make sense. It is just bad user experience for a new player as he has no idea how it will affect relations in a long term. He may feel like he should defend these havens at all costs to keep the aligmnent stable and game actually punishes him for not doing it. He should never feel forced to register forum account and ask about what is he doing wrong.


Have no fear. While one can experience a minor drop in favor of a faction by not going to a heaven’s defense, one can still win the favor of a faction. In my last campaign, by the time I got to the Americas, there wasn’t a single haven left. However, I still managed a 100% standing with all 3 factions. This was achieved by defending what havens I could reach and destroying enemy bases. The only downside was the lack of havens available for trade or recruits. By the end, I had more resources than I could spend. All be it, I only had a squad of 17 units (all but 1 was at least leveled up to 7 in at least 1 class).

This doesn’t change the fact that this mechanics is flawed.


I’m not saying that there isn’t a possible fly in the ointment, just pointing out my observations from my play around the issue.

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The player shouldn’t have to consult forums for these kind of behavior of the game.
The relations with factions are still hilariously broken as you can leave a nest or a lair around and just raid havens for tech and resources then defend them to remover negative rep… what kind of gamemechanics is this?
If game consider this behavior to be normal, then it should be reflected in the game. It should be clearly communicated that lose of havens have no bearings on progression of the game in long term, instead of doing the drama of “Ohh no! Haven is attacked! Do something fast about it!”. Beside this not making any sense from a logic point of view, which most of the player would apply in absence of the experience with this system already.

This is blackmailing, give me REP and resources and I will protect you :wink:

That’s how it looks like but without all the flavor text it just looks silly when you discover it.

A lot of this will be changed with new ODI system as it will be replaced with a population meter. The player will be trying to protect mankind. As each Haven falls, so does the Earth’s population. If it falls below a certain threshold, it will be a lose condition for the player. This will make Haven protections more important (but they will happen less frequently).

And what about havens that we see, because of the reputation threshold, but we can’t reach? And how fractions will react on saving humanity? Now they are happy that we saving them, but upset if we saving others.

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Taking into account that one factions is totally ok with wiping out havens of adversaries, they will probably be liking pandas more than PP.

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Interesting! What will happen to the concept of ODI once the ODI meter is replaced? Will it still have a role, or will it be redundant? Will it just be a lore thing?