Haven Under Pandoran Attack Is Destroyed In An Hour

I’m currently playing at Veteran difficulty and the ODI is at 54%. The haven is inside a mist-repelled zone. The attacking force is 29 and the defending force is 15. Within 1 hour and 5 minutes the haven is destroyed. Monitoring the attack with the haven tool tip, no forces are lost on either side. But the haven is destroyed and no mention of it being destroyed ever show up in the event log.

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Yeah it doesn’t seem to update if you leave the cursor over the haven. Taking it off and on the icon refreshes the combat situation.
I think in general I’d like the havens to be a little bit more capable of holding off Pandas. Not massively so, just so it feels like they are putting as much of a fight up against the Pandas as they do against the player. It’s not a huge buff am looking for. I think havens should be able to fight of at least one attack whatever their faction. Sometimes i think the game can’t decide whether PP is just a small group of sci-soldiers stealthily investigating or the x-com style world saving brigade. As it certainly feels like there are very very few havens that can put up any kind of resistance without PP intervention.
But you try and take their bloody transporter and all hell breaks loose. :slight_smile:

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For the record, I did not keep the tool tip open. I continually monitored it during the in game hour. I also tried several previous save files, all of which had the haven destroyed in 1 hour and 5 minutes. All with no change in attacking/defending forces. Again, there was no record of the haven being destroyed in the log.

Oh sorry no, not had that happen… yet. :smile:

I’ve done quite a few playthroughs and it is a rare occurrence. This is probably only the 2nd time I’ve encountered it.

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Its happening to probably about every 5th or 6th haven that gets attacked in my current game. Haven’t noticed a pattern, thus far; just seem to happen randomly.

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Just encountered it again. This time I had completed the Signal Disruption Tech which provides a 4 hour lead time prior to any casualties. The attack is reported at 8:00 game time. This time the haven is destroyed at 5 hours elapsed time. Again there was no attrition between the start of the attack and the haven being destroyed. Again the destruction of the haven is not shown in the log, it is just destroyed and gone with no mention. In both of my cases, they were New Jericho Havens.

There is also a good chance that this happened to another New Jericho Haven before I discovered the bug. This would explain why the objective list of Haven attacks is not getting cleared. I now have 3 objectives to stop invasion at havens (all of which are New Jericho and have already been destroyed).

This bug makes it hard (if no impossible) to discover attacking Pandoran colonies. Add to this that the attacking force (if one arrives in time prior to destruction) if full force with no attrition.

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I have never encountered this before!

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Yeah I get the “zombie” haven attack list entries too. Mine bases are being destroyed very quickly, will see if I can get one to do it now and report back how long it takes.

That Anu Haven got destroyed in 2hrs and 39 minutes was 30 attackers(pandorian) to 6 defenders. I’ve seen it happen with less of an overwhelming force though too.

Ok in my current play through I am getting all of these. NJ haven with 23ish def against 30 panda att. Haven gone in seconds but mission to defend it still remains in HUD. Really annoying autodeath on loads of havens which feels like punishment since had been holding that ODI below 50% by skin of my teeth. I reiterate my previous point that Havens should be a fair bit better at defending themselves and all should have the ability to fight off at least one nest launched attack. Or at least field the same strength against pandorans as it would a PP raid. I do feel overall the game pacing is rushed. Everything seems to have a preordained time slot and there isn’t anything you can do to stop slow or even accelate it which to me feels a bit rubbish and makes me want to delete the ODI from the HUD since it’s entirely meaningless. I think they could do with slowing everything down, this would allow for a more sensible pandoran evolution too. Instead of Claw and sheild jumping to machine gun and acid launcher we’ll see some experimenting.

I guess I am doing to many campaigns, but this bug (and combo of others) is getting really annoying. I hope this is addressed in any upcoming patches.

New Jericho haven attacked in mist repelled zone. All research completed that would limit the strength and time allotted (4 hours) have been finished. The haven in question is being attacked by a strength of 32 and within an hour it is destroyed. None of this should be happening.

Time allotted is only for attacks aimed at your base, not the havens.

Maybe without research reducing strength it would be more than 32? :slight_smile:

But yes, I think that 1 hour wipe out is not good design.

Signal Disruption Tech = Delay Haven Attack by 4 Hours (not base attacks).

Project Domovy = Pandoran attack strength - 20%. When have you seen an attack force for 40? The attack force was 32 (40-20%=32). I may recall seeing a rare attacking force of 33. But most Citadel attacking forces are 30-32. An attacking force of 32 - 20% = 26 (rounded up). Something is wrong here, and I am not the only one to observe it. Late game research does nothing (spoilers)

Make sure you report this stuff when it happens via the in-game reporting tool (F12). Otherwise this stuff will never get fixed.

I have done so.


Good. Best way to get it fixed.

The sudden death of havens within an hour seems to be tied to the research that is supposed to prevent attacks from starting by 4 hours. I am currently in a campaign (6 game weeks in) and I haven’t encountered a single sudden death of a haven (unless they were almost void of defense).

If you can confirm this then please post an update post. I will then avoid researching it. :slight_smile: I’m currently limited by Synedrion tech as I omitted research giving +50% research speed and it is at the top of Synedrion research tree.

I don’t have that researched and it still happened