So what do you think about Phoenix Point being Epic?


It just keeps getting worse and worse. I think I’ll need more popcorn. How anyone can support Epic is utterly beyond my comprehension.


Agreed; they’re also literally bribing companies to force exclusivity, which is something that noone, no matter how much they want to play a game, should endorse


I have no problem with PP needing the Epic launcher, as I already have several games purchased on Steam that use it, but I have a real problem with the exclusivity deal. I found out about PP via Steam and I became a backer because they were going to release through Steam. They’ve reneged on that, so I’ll pull my backing. Simple.


I want to know that too. Epic is cancer


No Epic launcher on my PC. GoG and Steam are the only launchers I’ll ever have.
Refund request sent.



Just received my refund request confirmation. They best not make this difficult after what has gone down here.
I see Julian’s and snapshot name is getting trashed all over the internet. Usually I would feel sorry for them, but this is unforgivable.


It’s kind of sad - I think until now they had made quite a lot of smart decisions. If always had that feeling that growdfunding was rather a way to test the demand for the game and start a “hype” rather than to really finance the game. Now it kind of looks like everything is just about the money?
Sure might be a good deal in kind of “insuring” their income but community does not seem to like that step…


I already bought the game.
for my money and the money of thousands of people this game was developed.
we were promised a steam/gog key.
So it was LIE. Are there honest people left on this planet?


It’s something that was promised, have been promised, have been answered in FAQ’s, forums, everywhere for years now. And a lot of people such as me (backer #36) Wouldn’t have backed it if it wouldn’t come to Steam on release day.

I don’t give a shit how much Steam charge, Back in the days when there was physical discs the developer got basically nothing, all the middle hands got most of the cut. Steam is the only middle hand, and it certainly is a great place to get your shit shown to a massive crowd, and possibly sold in loads of copies for that reason.

Steam is no different then most middlehand service for basically anything that you can buy. At least they don’t bribe developers to make games Exclusive on Steam.

I personally want my games in the same library with as few launchers as possible, Have no interest in starting a collection on Epic store, none what so ever.

But again, this is a matter of broken promises, Something they advertised their crowdfunding with, Steam and GOG keys, so that’s what I paid for.

And all backers were suppose to get those keys on release day, now that’s not gonna happen is it?


I massive XCOM franchise fan, I NEVER pre-order or pay full price for game with exception of both more recent XCOM and XCOM 2 etc, and Pheonix Point was going to be another exception.

I not saying Epic Store itself is bad, but these ‘Exclusive’ tactics IS bad, platforms launcher should compeate on price and platform features, NOT by forcing and bulling customers by using exclusives.

So sorry Snapshot games, in my case I would of payed full price on day one and bought all DLC, but now however, I will just wait for a steam sale, I have to wait year after release anyway, so why not wait little longer and get it cheaper.

Less money in your pocket, and I not going to support any ‘exclusive’ and I am pretty sure I am not alone, I will vote with my Wallet.


See JulianG’s post directly above yours.
If you wait a year, you will get all DLC released up to that point.
So requesting a refund out of pique IS likely to leave you out of pocket, unless you wait for 2 or 3 years and pick it up in a sale.

A lot of people seem to be letting their emotions get in the way of what they are actually being told repeatedly on multiple forums, which is:

  1. The Epic deal will last for 1 year
  2. After that year, you will get your Steam/GoG key, plus all the DLC that came with the Epic deal.
  3. If you can’t stomach either of those options, they will give you your money back.

I’ve been around the block for a long time, and believe me, this is a much better deal than you usually get when a company takes the Evil One’s buck.

At the risk of being called an office shill again, Snapshot is doing its damndest to compensate you for your inevitable disappointment, and Yokes is right: guaranteed funding for a small independent is not something they can turn down lightly, especially for a project as complex as this one.

Me personally, if I have the time, I may play it on Epic because I’m looking forward to this game so much; but I usually wait a year before I buy a game anyway, to give it time to get all the bugs ironed out.


No that doesn’t answer my question. I highly doubt the game plus all of it’s DLC is going to cost $95 which means I can cancel and save money. Plus if I already have to wait 15-18 months for the game what’s a few more months for a sale?


And there you’ve just answered your own question.
If you don’t think the DLC is worth it, and you’re happy waiting a couple of years until the cost + DLC comes down to less than $95, then there’s nothing stopping you from taking the full refund they’re offering.
Plus, all the bugs will have been ironed out and there will be a bunch of ‘How Tos…’ posted online, plus a bunch of Steam mods by then.
All you have to do is wait ;0)


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were an employee here. Oh wait, you’re not and thus can’t answer my question.

No, I didn’t answer my own question. Clearly you don’t even understand what I’m asking. I’m asking if there’s something they can/will do to compensate those who don’t want the EGS key and refuse to use it. Something like upgrading to a higher package, a partial refund, etc if we turn in said EGS key.

I don’t expect them to which means I’ll be taking the refund but I at least want to give them the chance to fix this mess that they made.

You also seem to be VASTLY overestimating the cost of this game. There’s no way the game+DLC will cost $95+ at launch on Steam. To think it would is straight up foolish. If I wanted I would be able to buy the game and still have some money to spare, though personally I would wait for a sale because I’m not going to pay full price for a game that’s already a year old and that I got screwed over by the devs on.


Yes, I have misunderstood your question, for which I apologise.
As it was posted on this general forum, I assumed you were asking the community and somehow hadn’t registered or taken in Snapshot’s various replies - like many others on these forums at the moment.

I suggest you do start another thread and address your question directly to the Developers.

I wouldn’t hold my breath, though, if I were you. They’ve already offered more than most companies do in this situation.


I see a lot of people here complaining how exclusivity deals ruins the market, but most seems OK with the fact that a lot of PC games are exclusive to Steam. Even when they are sold on other storefronts or on physical media all you get is a Steam key.

As a owner of a Steam controller and a Steam Link, I would rather play PP on Steam. But this Epic shift is not a deal breaker to me. It may even helps Julian and his team to remain true to what they envisioned for the game.


False. Steam does not have exclusivity deals with publishers, it just happens to be the best marketplace on the net for PC games. It has, for lack of a better word, infrastructure to support game communities on their launcher.

EGS essentially bribes companies to come in and make their game exclusive to EGS for at least a year, under the guise of doing devs a favor by taking less as the middleman.
Not to mention i dont think you can even give/see user reviews for their platform. Or forums, even.


But can you play those games without Steam? :slight_smile:


And that has, what, to do with the prior points? This was not about being able to play games without the launcher, so your “bUt YOu caNt PLaY it WiThoUt StEAm” derailing really makes no sense.


This has to do with “exclusivity thing” if you don’t understand question. But well, this is not my concern. It was not me who brought it up. You can discuss with someone else.