Why Phoenix Point being exclusive to Epic doesn't concern me

I know Snapshot has gotten a lot of insults for moving over to the Epic Store for the first year. People have problems and I understand that. However, I’m completely okay why? Because Julian Gallop says this, " because, thanks to Epic’s support, it is certain that we will be able to update and expand Phoenix Point for years to come." This to me says that he cares a lot about this game. He wants it to be the best it can. So when this deal came along, he probably first asked how it would affect the game. Then how it would affect the backers. We also don’t know the whole story. I for one wouldn’t doubt if Epic had asked them to use them exclusively and they said no. So instead they negotiated for one year. Because I don’t doubt that the devs care. If they think something will affect you adversely, then they don’t do it. So for all those whining, please understand that the devs want to release the best product. Besides, some people make it sound like the devs got a call from Epic saying, “We’ve got a bunch of money to give you to screw people over.” And the devs were like, “Sure! Here’s our bank account.” When in reality, they weighed the option carefully over. Could they have consulted us? Sure. Did they have an obligation? Not really. Should they give us an explanation? Absolutely and they have. Some say that they should have said something… They did. When it happened they let us know as soon as possible. So, do I think that this was the right decision? I honestly think that it was a decision. I’m not sure if it was the best or worse decision. Only time will tell, but I do know that Snapshot will still try to deliver the best game they can for us.


Do remember the deal didn’t “come along” and epic didn’t “ask them” anything. Snapshot went to epic.


Phoenix Point moving to Epic might not concern you, but as a backer of PP from the beginning it is a complete letdown to me. I also think it is an economic mistake. Epic is not a global platform. Imagine my disappointment when I went to Epic and saw that PP is “not available in your region.” Since virtually every other game on the market is available on Steam, it’s pretty ridiculous to see nothing but crap on Epic where I live, which happens to be a major online gaming hub. Same thing with Metro Exodus, by the way. I’d have to order it as a CD and have it shipped to where I live to play it since it isn’t on Epic here, or, from what I’ve heard, quite a few other countries. As I said, disappointing, and in my opinion, a poor economic decision.

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He doesn’t care about the game and I’m absolutely amazed with all due respect that you fell for the old " because, thanks to Epic’s support, it is certain that we will be able to update and expand Phoenix Point for years to come." - He only thought of the extra money he could personally make from selling out to the Epic store and as a year exclusive too, he didn’t think for a second about people wanting to use their platform of choice. I don’t want to make an account on a new platform every-time a company decides they want to make a bit of extra quick cash. They sold it with a promise for Steam and GOG keys, that is what was expected, they didnt sell it as an Epic game exclusive for a whole year and you will get your GOG or Steam keys a year after everyone else has been playing the game.

I’ve already demanded a refund and wont touch a single thing Snapshot games ever produces again. I bought the Signature edition too because I actually thought this company was about making a good game and only about making a good game for its community but as usual it was about money, money, money as quick as possible.

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This also tells me that the game is shaping up nicely. Epic wouldn’t invest money into a project unless they realised it is something that will probably succeed.

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That is only speculation unless you know Julian’s thoughs or he spoke to you about that.

You’re right of course. I mean, why would he say he put a lot of thought into it if he actually did?

Here we get to the real issue. I understand this issue, that’s what I was trying to say in my original post. The thing is… even if they changed things up, if it’s better for the game then I’m all for it. If it’s detrimental to the backers then I’m not. I don’t think this really fits either because it’s so in between pros and cons for both. They chose, I’m going to back them up.

Great! No one wants people who are toxic. Now they are alienating some people who are not, which is bad. One thing I can’t stand about people like you though, is that they assume they know everything. You say that it’s all about money. You don’t know. You’re making assumptions based on your own biased. I hate to tell you but you are not a mind reader. If you have misgivings about this then fine. Also, if you hate it so much, why are you on this forum still? Do you want to convince everyone to leave? If so making assumptions will not do that to the intelligent people here.


I was unaware that Snapshot approached epic. Thanks for the info!

I don’t know if calling him toxic because he’s upset is the way to go here. I haven’t been following him around the forum, so maybe he’s much worse on other threads.

I suspect you’d sound a lot different if you go to fire up BB4 and Epic gives you a love note that says “Sorry, we’re not offering Phoenix Point at your house!”

People stick around and comment because it was a project they love and believed in, and it’s hard for them to let go.

I know and I overreacted a bit. However, he didn’t bring that up. I know it’s a concern and I wouldn’t have called him toxic if that’s what he did and not just say that the devs are scumbags. Also I was up late being a troll. :wink: Also I don’t like people who ascribe motive. That’s why I overreacted just a bit. It’s not the people who have complaints I don’t like. Rather the people who are reacting horribly. So someone reacted rather badly to my thread and I snapped. Even after I thought if I needed to apologize for horrible behavior I would.


It concerns me because I won’t be downloading yet another store, even less Epic just for one game. I hate Epic’s guts for many reasons and they can shove their store along with phoenix point wherever they want. I’m out.

Do note that these are the kinds of things EGS practices

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HAHAHAHA! You are serious right or is this satire? I’m honestly interested if you intended that great performance there or was it an actual real belief? The guy did it for money, he had two very popular platforms that he could have distributed to but chose an exclusive, money grab and told all the people who supported him that he made enough to refund everyone so he doesn’t care. Are you a that devout? the man is a businessman and will sell his balls to the highest bidder, I didn’t think he was at first, thought he was honest but he’s exactly what I expected in the back of my mind and hoped he would not betray my trust… He’s an old man with limited life left and wants to enjoy it with as much cash as possible in a short amount of time. He’s also a liar and cheat and you are defending him. enjoy your game and really low principles, I’m out.

Are you serious?

Stop ascribing motive. This is what happens when you say someone believes something when they have said nothing on the subject. Like if I were to say that you’re just upset that Julian doesn’t bow to your whim to give you anything you want. This would be disingenuous. However if I say that you don’t capitalize many of your sentences, this would be an account of events rather than a personal attack.

No I just don’t think that this decision was that awful. I also trust that they’re trying to make the game better. If they end up actually cheating me out of my money then I’ll be condemning him as well. I’m defending him against personal attacks because he doesn’t deserve it.

Again ascribing motive I swear that’s all you do to make your argument, which holds no water, because it is illogical, because it is a personal attack. You say he’s an old man that’s true. He wants to enjoy it… I don’t know. You’d have to ask him.

Now this is just a personal attack that is stupid. How has he cheated you? Huh? He must not have given you your money back… oh wait… he did.

All in all, I’m disappointed that a being who can presumably think, would come to a conclusion based solely in assumption and anger. There are people with legitimate concerns. You sir are not one of them. So leave. It’s not like we’re compelling you to continue following the game now that you’ve decided it isn’t worth your time or money. Unless you have already refunded then, best of luck to you.

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They could also update via Steam and GoG but choose to go back on their promises to those who backed the game and those who pre-ordered. Without the money provided by the backers etc would this game have continued in development?

If 93% of backers would still backed the game then yes. Remember that not all are pissed off with the decision.

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The answer is no as the money provided funded the development.

Without the initial funding the game would not exist.

The Epic deal was not mentioned with regard to my comment.

So 93% (last known number of backers who are still with the project) or even 85% of provided money ($765,948) would not fund the development?

Is the data you are providing available on your PC in the Snapshot studio because such data is currently not available elsewhere.

Was the game funded and able to be developed by Backers and Pre-orders or by Epic who would not have funded the game at all initially.

Here you have numbers

read it, then comment please. Btw do you think that regular employee of Snapshot would have such information on his computer? How old are you if I may ask? :slight_smile:

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