So what do you think about Phoenix Point being Epic?


admittedly a small sample size but it is almost 5k folks. I mean, it’s not like the forums or discord have been on fire too.


Hi Azarhiel,
You will get a Steam/gog key after a year which will include all DLC released up to then (regardless of what you do with your Epic key).


I was going to make this it’s own thread later (and still might if no response here), but is there any reason for us to not request a refund if we refuse to use EGS, regardless of why we refuse. Like, what reason do we have to stick around and wait an extra year as opposed to just taking our money back and buying it when it comes to our preferred distribution service, probably even waiting for a sale?

I would have zero problem declining the EGS key and waiting longer if I was reasonably compensated for it (not to be confused with having an issue with how this was handled by the that’s a dead horse by now). But as it stands I see zero reason to not just get my $95 back and maybe come back at some point down the line.


For $95 i’m guessing you will be able to buy atleast the base game and a couple of expansions on whatever store you prefer to use. Maybe even more than that if the game will be on sale.


I would sure hope so! I got the Early Backer Collector’s Edition but currently I see no reason to stick around. I hate how they’re forcing me to deal with Epic/EGS and there’s currently zero incentive to stick around. Thanks to this I won’t be pre-ordering any future games as I don’t trust Snapshot now, but I want to at least give them a chance to fix this situation.


Yeah, but there is difference between disliking the Epic launcher and refunding because of that.


I’m pretty much in the same boat, and have requested a refund.


The only real thing I see you losing out on is the living weapons stuff. Otherwise, you miss a year of playing it.


I’m not going to ask for a refund, it is too troublesome for me.
However, I’m not going to install epics crap either.
In the future I will never again buy any product with Gollops name on it, just like I’m not buying anything with Brabens name on it after his “moment of truth”.

The fact that they stated the games development was already financed but they wanted the money for development after launch, tells me they don’t think the game will sell well enough on its own merits if they need to do a deal like that.


Massively disappointed. Created an account just to express this. According to my email I backed on Fig 06/07/2017…

X-Com absolutely consumed my teenage years. I sunk hundreds of hours into killing sectoids, intercepting UFO’s ect. When I heard Julian was coming out with a new vision I was amped. I was at a tough point financially then. Working 3 jobs, scraping together funds to keep the rent paid and the gas on. My entertainment budget was effectively zero. I still managed to scrape together the money to fund this dream though. Didn’t get anything fancy. Just the 30 dollar pack so I knew I wasn’t going to be seeing a beta or anything like that but I was excited to be a part of the revival.

This announcement sucks. The weird thing is I don’t even really care about the exclusivity. They could release it exclusive to the frigging Microsoft store and I wouldn’t care. I’d grumble, but I’d still play. Epic though, and by extension TenCent… that I can’t get behind. Even if I take the CEO or whoever it was from Epic at his word when he pinky promised that they won’t ever share information with TenCent or the Chinese Govt. Even if I ignore the massive security flaws and datamining going on with the Epic client I can’t ignore the fact that they are in bed with one of the most morally repugnant companies on the planet.

TenCent is wrapped up so tightly with the CPC it is difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends. They are at the core of the development of the most sophisticated mass surveillance systems in the world which is, as I type this, being used to further the oppression of religious minorities in China. This is a country that has been accused by multiple NGO’s of harvesting the organs of political prisoners. By supporting Epic, you are supporting TenCent and that is a massive moral failing.

I realize that this is a hypocritical statement. I mean China, and Chinese companies have a hand in 90% of all of the things we buy, but TenCent crosses the line.


Maybe not all emails came through, but I did receive an email announcing the exclusivity deal. News outlets I follow also have written a story about it. It is not unlikely that there is a group of people who backed the game but missed the announcement, but if someone follows gaming in general and has an eye for Phoenix Point they should know about it by now.


My bad, I did receive the email, but it was marked by gmail as promotion and filed there.


The most extreme backers are here , the rest are either not backers, young backers and short fuse or relatively “angry” but without life experience.

The original game was released in a way that depending on reviews and where you bought it, you would get either a cheap or expensive game. Or if you pirated it a free game. Today a lot of those game shops are gone and the alternative is to get them online by download in most cases.
So basically the experience we get is a digital makeover of our “shopping time” we spent in the game store in town in order to get our game.
Sure some of the stores were just meh, but they served their use, to show us some games. Even back then some stores didn’t take Inn every single game and you might find a gem inn another game store.
So honestly not that big a difference…


Depending on where you backed/pre-ordered, i guess it varies how easy/difficult it is to refund.

I see on reddit that several have gotten refunds directly through Fig, since that is where they backed it. More or less just by sending an email to them, so if you backed through Fig, it should be fairly easy.


And some people want a game and also have principles that they feel strongly about. I’ve known vegetarians who LOVE bacon, but they no longer eat it because they have convictions that oppose it.

For me this is overcomplication of your own life. Making problems for yourself out of nothing.


Asked for a refund, I will never buy another game made by this company or Julian again.


Noo. was really waiting for this game, did buy a collectors edition. Hmm i will sleep on this, but it looks like a refound… =(


Yes it is disappointing. I’d also say that they’d probably not have gotten a signed ‘exclusivity deal’ if they’d informed the public. However I do know that if this deal was done prior to backing it, I would definitely not have bought it.

All in all still a crappy thing to do.

Lesson learned for future ‘backing’ is I’ll be asking for some better assurances that the delivery platform will not be swapped out.


One of the multiple reasons i shall be refunding if P2 releases on EGS


Nah, I don’t want to jeopardize MY WHOLE GAMING EXPERIENCE by the malicious practice of exclusives, that’s a curse consoles have and I’d like not present on PC. If the cost of that is not playing ONE game, sure, that’s a cheap price to pay no matter what it is.

Or we can fund this Frankenstein experiment and see PC gaming devolve to exclusives here and there on poor platforms. People fought against UWP and MS store and thanks to that PC games didn’t devolve into mobile apps. Not enjoying several games was a very reasonable price to pay for that. Now MS even had to open up Halo.