So what do you think about Phoenix Point being Epic?

I wonder what other backers think. For me it is not a big deal IF game can be lanched without any launcher or platform. I prefer to run launchers/platforms just to check if game is up to date. But others probably have different view about that. Right?

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The Epic FAQ says:

The Epic Games Launcher will be required to download and update Phoenix Point. Once the game is downloaded and installed on your system, you will be able to launch the game directly from a desktop or program menu shortcut. The launcher will not be required for day-to-day play. An “always on” internet connection will not be required.

My only question is… can I get a GOG key when released on GOG instead of the 1-year DLC deal?

I’ll sleep on my decision, but I’m 90% sure I’ll not install EPIC launcher, so…


Then my only question to Snapshot Games / Julian is:

How do we request a refund ?

I supported this game back in may/june 2017, and have been eagerly awaiting this game. Unfortunately it seems i will not be able to play it, due to this stupid decision to go Epic store only.


Link provided in the EPIC-faq:


I refuse to install the Epic launcher so where does that leave me?


Thank you for the link.

Probably in the “let’s refund” community (with me).


Without a game for atleast a year after launch, unless you go “pirate” i guess :frowning:

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So a refund is the only option? I really don’t believe this.


Unless the deal with Epic is less binding than my first impression… the legal way is installing epic…

Refund filed.

Will never buy. Not even after the 1 year exclusivity ends.

Goodbye. Only way Epic exclusive bullshit ends is if people vote with their wallets. I’ve filed my vote.

For the record: You can sell the game on Epic store for the morons that use that piece of junk if you want, but the moment it becomes exclusive on that crapfest (even a timed exclusive), you are forever on a shitlist that you cannot get off. Not with this game, not with any future game.

Good luck.


Not a frigging chance. I will never ever install that launcher no matter what the game.
Filling in the refund form as we speak.


That was a shock I didn’t think Julian would go along with this. He should know better at his age.


Time to request a refund. Cant use a DDP that doesnt have basic features.

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There are rumors that Epic is pressuring devs who use their engine, but we’ll not know the truth without someone breaking some NDA…

I would have to say it’s true a lot of huge games that use the UE4 engine have left. It’s all about the capital I believe Epic offers only 10% cut where steam is high at 30%

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I thought the game was Unity.

I myself am extremely disappointed. The Fig backing i supported back in may/june 2017 with my “Luxury Digital Edition” specificly said “Steam key” …

Besides, i am as a principle also very against exclusives, so now the only option seems to be refund.


A really, really bad move Snapshot . Don’t you keep astride of what’s going on in the gaming community?

Refund away.


It is listed with Unity, but we still can’t know the exact pro/con details of the decision they made.