Clarifications on what we are offering to backers of Phoenix Point

Here is a comprehensive list of what we are offering backers at launch and for the first year of updates.

  1. You will receive a Steam key or gog key in addition to an Epic store key, after the period of exclusivity. You can do what you like with these keys.

  2. The steam/gog key will be a special edition that includes at least 3 major DLC packs released in the first year. Backers who stick with Epic will get this DLC as it is released. Again, you can do what you like with these keys - selll them, use them or donate them.

  3. We are not asking you to support Epic’s business strategy, or the idea of exclusivity. You have already bought the game from us, so none of your money goes to Epic. You will never have to actually buy anything from the Epic store or support it in any way.

  4. Phoenix Point will be DRM free on Epic and can be played offline. You can uninstall the Epic launcher and manually add Phoenix Point to your Steam library and run it from there. Some Steam features, such as Steam Link with controller support will work fine. You will, however, need to use the Epix launcher for patches and updates.

  5. We will be supporting cloud saves and achievements on the Epic store, which are precisely the same features that we would be supporting on Steam.

  6. The Epic deal will certainly make Phoenix Point a better game at no extra cost to backers. We are pouring everything we can into development, ready for launch in September. We have expanded the team to 55 developers and we are securing outsourcing contracts to put more content and polish into the initial release. All of us at Snapshot are committed to making the game as great as it can be.

  7. And it won’t stop with the initial launch. We have invested a lot in the Phoenix Point universe and game code, so that we can build on it continuously, adding new content for backers for free for a whole extra year.

  8. Backers with the digital luxury edition or above, or platinum edition or above, will get the Alien Living Weapons and Chitin Armour packs. These will be exclusive to backers, then availalbe 3 months after launch as a paid upgrade pack for everybody. This is a special backer item, and not part of the major DLC schedule. We have already made these items, and they will be available at launch, or shortly after, for backers who ordered them.

  9. The two stretch goals from the fig campaign - sea bases and underwater missions - will form the basis of the first 2 DLC packs. There will be at least 1 more major DLC pack during the launch year, plus a number of free updates for all players.

  10. All backers have been contacted by email explaining the situation and full refunds have been offered for anybody who is not happy. We are expediting all refund requests as quickly as we can.


I wanted to ask about the chitin armor and living gun backer DLC which came with $50 or higher pledge.

In past those DLC were a timed exclusive for those backers, with a plan to release those DLCs for purchase to general public 3 months after game releases. If I understood some of your previoys posts correctly, now it won’t be anymore the case and those DLCs will remain as exclusive content for those backers.

I like my games to be as complete as possible, even with minor content. As a minor backer I would be interested in increasing my pledge to aquire this ingame content. I understand that Xsolla hasn’t yet added support to allow fig backers to upgrade their pledges. Has there been any progress on that front, or will the new integration with Epic Store allow for this to happen?

All the points you’ve address aligned with what I was thinking, so all good here and thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile:

The only other question I have is: Do you need to use the Epic Store/Launcher to received game patches/updates?

It’s been mentioned couple times before:
Yes. For the first year you will need to use Epic Store to install and update Phoenix Point. Other than that you can run the game without it.

They will be exclusive for backers with higher pledge.

Thanks for answering. This will be a stickler for some, but no issue for myself.

Well, yes. Maybe my post was a bit too wordy, but what I want to know is when/if I will be able to become a $50 backer. I UV mentioned a while ago that they were waiting for Xsolla to allow backers to upgrade their pledge, and I was just wondering if mergin backer built with Epic would in any way help in this endeavor.

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Oh I missed that last paragraph, sorry.

Thank you for these inputs, reg 6 i have a question what kind of thing the deal with Epic allows them to ask/order you to change in the game eg : use Unreal Engine ? add a battle royal mode ? change the graphic to cartoon style in order to reach a wider audience (i am serious remember neo style graphics in XCOM Apocalypse anyone ?)

To put it shortly are you still in control of your game ?

I backed PP on Fig in order to give you the financial independence to make the game you wanted without pressure, suggestions or orders from publishers/editors that’s why i am asking

Epic doesn’t own Snapshot or PP IP. They don’t pay for PP development - they pay Snapshot to release PP as an exclusive. The one part of the deal that was revealed on discord is that in exchange of the time limited exclusive right to PP Epic guarantees a certain amount of sales - so will pay Snapshot as if game sold a certain amount of copies, no matter of those sales actually happen or not, allowing team to plan and develop post launch content.

ok that’s what i wanted to hear, thx for the clarification

Hi Wormerine,
I have added additional notes to the main post concerning the living weapons / chitin armour.

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Hi Sounds,
You will need to use the Epix launcher for patches and updates.

These will be exclusive to backers, then availalbe 3 months after launch as a paid upgrade pack for everybody.

So for the launch on gog/steam, it’ll be available as purchasable dlc for everyone? Just making sure.

Yes, it will be available for purchase, 3 months from the initial launch on Epic (which means it will be available for immediate purchase once the game reaches Steam/GOG). It will be exclusive to Luxury Digital Edition/Platinum Edition backers and above for the 3 months.

Thanks for the confirmation… now if we could just get fig-backers into xsolla-system…

Technically they are, in a really limited way. Xsolla imported the data which is basically email addresses and which tier you purchased at - but it’s kinda clunky.

Hopefully now the Epic deal has announced and things settle down I can get back to whipping Xsolla into something that resembles a solution.



Have been following the game for a long time, and I was waiting for the full GoG-release.

Now, things have changed a bit.

So, what is “backer” in this case? If I buy the game now during the development, am I a backer? Is this topic relevant to me?

the backers this refers to are those people that preordered the game before the exclusivity announcement was made.

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