Epic exclusive announcement and refund process?


I pre-ordered the game in November of 2018, and just heard about the switch to Epic. I, and perhaps many others would like to see a clarification of the refund policy as well as an updated refund procedure FAQ. Thanks in advance.


The refund link from another topic:


Thanks for providing that url.
Also did I see correctly? The end date to fill the form is today, because the email was sent out today.
I was thinking this might violate consumer rights.


As far as consumer rights, I suppose it depends on jurisdiction. Speaking for myself, I was not even finished viewing the YouTube announcement before I started scrambling for a refund. If you refresh the refund page you may get a new date.


So classy on the refund. A Shady Google Docs form and apparently a third party company processing them. I will be asking Fig for a refund.


whoops my bad it’s 1 month anyways this company will be forgotten.


I knew there was trouble when I saw the release delay announcement a little while ago. The Epic exclusive announcement today was the final nail in the coffin. My disappointment is enough that I doubt I will even bother buying on Steam or GOG in a year.


Instead of using the refund google doc here I requested it from contact@snapshotgames.com for safety reasons. Such a shame I need to do it.


I must be out of the loop, what is the problem with Epic? Or is it just another system we need to run to play the game?


Something like Steam or GOG. Just different. It will replace current Xsolla Launcher. :slight_smile: And there are issues with that launcher: not secure enough, owned by chinese, or buing exclusive access for games, DRM.


Just do a search for Fortnite or Epic security vulnerabilities. The news reports are quite recent, and pretty horrifying.


So the 3 that I have found, are all about phishing scams. They seem very specific to Fortnite (I am never going to play it) and clicking on a scam.

Is there a MMO that hasn’t suffered from these. Click on something stupid and lose your account to some low life scum bag on the other side of the world.

I personally would be only using epic to install Phoenix point, updates and playing single player. Clicking on “free gold” might be a little harder to trick players playing a single player game.


I’d check in on Julian’s post regarding this on the forum, there are some clarifications there that can be of interest.


Never had any hacking problems on Steam or GOG. Stopped using Uplay due to someone hacking my account twice, and I refuse to install Epic for more reasons than just hacking.


I truly hope that is the case.


Thank you for this. Given the response from Snapshot over the past 24 hours, I fully expect my refund request will be ignored. Might be wise to use that email for the purposes of documentation evidence.


The refunds are not being ignored, but you will need to use the form


Well, if you are promising my refund will not be ignored, I have to weigh it against the promise we would see PP on Steam and GOG.


There was one where they could backdoor the system using old UT2k4 credentials. They didn’t need your password or anything, which meant that changing your password also wouldn’t be able to stop them from accessing your account.


Leaving years old code with massive vulnerabilities is not an indicator of a good platform.