Steam + early access


2 questions:
-Will Phoenix Point be available through Steam? (I like to keep my games in one place)
-And if yes, will early access be available through steam any time before the official release?


  1. The game will be available early December, but only on Epic Game Store. Steam and GOG release will happen a year later (meaning if, by any chance, the game gets delayed in Epic, the same delay will happen with Steam);

  2. Any kind of early access will be dealt via Epic, and only Epic. However, for that access, you must purchase the game via Snapshot’s official store:

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At launch the game will be available on the Epic Game Store, and through the XBox Game Pass. One year later, it’ll arrive on Steam and GOG.

The early access/backer builds are only on the Epic Games Store

I am not particularly ok with this. I backed it with the understanding that it would be on Steam, and changing that is not something I am interested in.

Can I get refunded? If I have to wait a whole extra year for this, i may as well buy it then.

You can get a refund - however you probably paid a cheaper price than you would if you purchased again. In addition, because you backed before we moved to Epic, you would also get the season pass for free. You will still get a Steam/GOG key in December 2020 regardless of if you choose to use the Epic key this December or not.

You can apply for a refund at - however, we offered these refunds back in March - so any requests this late may take a while to process.

Will there be a way to download/play the game without the Epic Store?

The Game pass is the only other option if you want to play on Release.

There definitely is, but you might not like it…

If I can get it and season pass on the platform i preferred and expected, waiting an extra year will be acceptable. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Yup. While move to Epic isn’t ideal, the compensation for backers was quite generous.

thanks for the replies guys

so if i understand it right, if i purchase the game through the epic store today, i will be able to play it straight away?

The only way to get into the early access is via the Platinum or Signature Edition available on our store