I still don`t get it (move to Epic)

Im still not sure as to what the move to Epic means. I currently have the Snapshot launcher to launch the game (backer build 3), but what happens next, and when? I have an Epic account, but Phoenix Point only appears as a pre-order and not as a game I own. Will it automatically transfer to Epic eventually? How long will I be able to use the snapshot launcher? I have no idea whats going on; this is worse than Brexit…

As you have access to the Backer Builds, you will get an Epic key via email with Backer Build 4 in the next 2 weeks. You can activate this key to add Phoenix Point to your Epic library and this will also be used for all future Backer Builds.

You will also receive the first year of DLC for free as it is released, then at the end of the 1 year exclusivity period you will also receive a Steam/GOG key with the same first year of DLC.


:+1::grin::+1: Counting down!!

Thanks for the reply; that clears things up :slight_smile:

Fantastic news! Just answered all my questions (apart from the ones I can’t remember😂).

What happens to those of us who backed the game but live in Asia? On Epic, it says “Phoenix Point not available in your region.”

Which part of Asia specifically? So long as you are still able to use the Epic store in your region, you will still receive a key. Not sure why it isn’t showing for sales in some regions, but I will have someone look into that.

South Korea. None of Epic’s exclusives are available.

I will bring this issue up today and get back to you with an answer. I know that Epic are expanding to other regions.

The question is what will happen if different countries or even the EU will region ban Epic for not being compliant to laws and being a spy tool?

I have to say compared to other projects that got “hijacked” by Epic Snapshot is handling this very well…

You do not get free “steam keys” on other projects nor is the communication that excellent as here in the forum.

In other forums of other games I was censored for my first question…

To be fair I have to say that on the other side the people here are very civliised.

Mostly old pricks (joke) playing strategy games. We are civilised and don’t rush with opinions. :smiley:

Turn-based playerbase takes its time, no need to rush like those twitchy-reflex-based players :stuck_out_tongue:

this better drop soon… :frowning: this is ridiculous.

yeauhhh i guess… i love the game so, it’s cool… not really i want it now.

If that helps - expect it in this week. It is not so long.

I’m always checking my email, hoping for the key to pop up, but okay, thanks.

Hi, UnstableVoltage,

Were you able to get some answers? I received my latest backer build keycode in my email since PP went to Epic.

Over one week aaaaand crickets.

I’m still trying to find options for you. I’m talking with my bosses and directly with Epic Games.

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So it seems the issue why we’re unavailable in Korea is because in order to release there, the game has to have an age rating (which it currently does not). We’re just looking into the process now of getting rated in Korea, and hopefully I can get back to you soon with an indication of how long this process takes (I currently have no idea). By all accounts, once the game has an official rating there, it will be available on the store.

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