So what do you think about Phoenix Point being Epic?


I understand you on the one hand, but on the other hand, I do not.
You were ready to wait for the game for at least one year, but now that PP games will not be on the steam for additional year you will request a refund for the game??? Do not behave so childish.
Do what you want, but for me it’s bullshit… In September 2020, you will buy a game at a higher price than you paid it now. But I will play it for a 1 year.


Lets hope they have the money for the pay-outs. I just want my money back and move on forgeting this game and it’s developers ever existed.


Make your own opinion. No soup ist eaten so hot, as it is cooked… :wink:


I was willing to support and help fund Julian/Snapshot vision for Phoenix Point, since the options given were a Steam Key or a GoG key at game launch. If the only option had been a EGS key, i would not have backed them.

Now, however due to the new deal, i will only be able to play the game 1 year after most others, if i end up playing it at all, considering how much a sour taste in my mouth this debacle has give me.
Games is in many ways like fresh food… it’s not as fresh after a year.

Also you seem to ignore the core of my points though. I have principles, and the 3 that matters here are that i do not like people who break their promise, i do not like exclusives, and i will never use EGS, and i stand by those. You however do not seem to have the same ones…


I’ve requested a refund. That’s how I feel about it.


As I said, do what you want… I’m not such a crybaby as you and others. What do you think you will accomplish with this? ZERO and the world is moving on.
I already made an account at the Epic store and in September 2020 I will register PP on Steam. In fact, I did not lose anything, but I got 1 additional DLC… :wink:


Which just shows that you are only concerned about yourself, and nothing else …


Easy man. :wink: They can have their ideology and rules they obey. Even if in our point of view they loose in the balance sheet, they still feel better with their decision. That is fine.

I can’t speak for Sodin, but for me this all epic deal is not a problem. I really don’t have issue with epic launcher and lack of game on other platforms for a year. I suppose this game will be so fine that it will take my time for more than 2 years since the day of release. This is just a game not some super important contract which I have signed and one of the contractors changed the rules. :slight_smile: And I have other concerns other than games. Believe me when you are older and have kids then platform used to run the game becomes really small issue. :smiley: And exclusiveness is bad but IF it helps my beloved game to be better then I can take that. :slight_smile: This is really small impairment for such benefit.

Now when I think about that… If that was a multiplayer game then platform used may be some issue, but hey this is single player game which you can even play without launcher and pause it, save it, close it and run in next 15 minutes without loosing anything. :slight_smile: And you still can add it to Steam library after installation.


Seriously? Who behaves here as one crybaby in the middle of a store who wants to achieve his own will. Me or you?

I took the snapshot decision and I also support it. At least the next BB4 will not have so many problems with server as they are overloaded.


People are allowed to have different opinions than you. You’re using ad hominem attacks on those who disagree with you like a douche (to be fair some people are indeed going too far, but your brush is likewise too big).

People are allowed to voice their displeasure. You’re allowed to disagree. Calling everyone who disagrees with you a whiny crybaby pretty much invalidates whatever argument you might have had…which so far has primarily been insults.


Well, this announcement is barely 24 hours old and if you don’t actively follow PP you may miss it. My concern is that this IS an unilateral change of the initial agreement to deliver on Steam/Gog and that, in these conditions, snapshot has a “duty” to actively inform backers about the situation (ie. email them) long before the refund window expires.

My concern goes beyond the bait and switch though. Simply put : If the game is funded, on track and everything’s going well and on schedule, why do they need such a controversial move? Just to get Epic’s money? I’ve seen crowdfunded games going that route and telling their players “it’s no big deal” and it has never ended well.

That’s the kind of doubts that would drive me to a refund request. For now I’ll wait and see (probably BB4 at least).


Watch out! “Office shill” will be speaking further in this post. :smiley: I try to put myself in Julian’s place and also his employees place. They have this project right now, and they had plans for some DLCs after full release, and crowdfunding was enough to deliver that product. But for how long that budget will last? Will it be enough for continuous development of project? What if player base is not big enough, what if sales will not generate enough income? If I would be employee I would ask Julian how he sees funding me further, and if I would not get good answer I would be in doubt. Working while having doubts is not really productive. And now Julian has to answer something like that and he needs to think about some good solution to protect the project and it’s funding. I’m not sure if I would gamble with sales forecasts. It most probably would be ok, but what if not? And PP is really fine project which I would not want to abandon because of the lack of funds. Just think about all the lore which was created, all plans which were made to make this game unique. Mutating aliens, procedural world, ballistics and physics, introduction of big bosses, diplomacy in X-COM game(!), objectives changing dynamically, etc. and all that could land in the trash bin because some cash fluctuations. Now think of options which you have… I would say that securing cash for the project and easing employees’ sense of security could lead me to some controversial, in the eyes of customers, move.


It’s ok. Announcements like this usually create a schism in the community, between cultists and doomsayers. There will be rabid people on both sides with whom one cannot argue and people trying to figure out what the fuck just happened and where to stand :slight_smile:

I see you points with the uncertainty a studio may face. I work in the industry, and have worked for the evil ones too, so I’m not gonna lecture anybody about the moral high ground. However, those are the questions any studio will face and not all of them decide to renege on the deal they made with early backers and sign with a predatory company.

If they’re willing to sign that deal, knowing it will alienate a large portion of their most devoted fans, and generate a lot of bad buzz, this raises legitimate questions about their health.

While I appreciate plans that have been made, lore, models and everything, they mean nothing to me unless they translate into a fully fledged game. For example, Star Citizen is literally in the business of selling their backers a dream without ever delivering a game. I don’t think for one second that Snapshot would be in the same league of delusional development/scam but to take such a bad deal, I’d expect them to be struggling.

Once again, I’ll wait for BB4 to see how the game shapes up. Having my mind blown may let me stay. I’m not gonna refund on a knee jerk reaction but certainly won’t stay on board if I don’t trust the studio anymore.


I really doubt that BB4 will blow our minds even if they announced some new mechanics. :wink:


Poor choice of words i agree. I don’t expect the second coming.


Considering i played the origina X-Com games created by mr Gollop … i’m pretty old :slight_smile:


Yeah, I got the actual percentages off as well. Epic takes 12%. The pricing difference seems to be not as widespread as I originally thought as well. Should’ve done more reading beforehand.


Something to consider yokes, while this Epic deal isn’t a huge problem for you… Will it be a problem when you preorder PP2: The Phoenixing and find out six months later that it’s going to be a Ps4 exclusive? Or a switch exclusive? An exclusive store deal on PC isn’t as big a deal now, but letting stuff like this happen without blowback is how we get to loot boxes, season passes with dlc comin from just cut content, etc etc.

It’s definitely more of a philosophical issue than a physical one, but that’s the main consideration from my point of view.


I do understand the choice Gollup/Snapshot had, and from a purely business point of view, there might even be situations where i would have made the same choice. But with my current knowledge of how it was when the decision was made, i would not have made that choice.

According to the AMA, they had enough finances to finish the game properly, so there was no immediate threat to the company or the employees, and if the game was a great success, the company would make alot of money.

However, they also did have an agreement/deal with their backers, Snapshot had made promises to the backers/funders who made this project possible.

So their choice was between honoring their already made deal/agreement, or make a new deal/agreement with somebody else, that breaks their first deal/agreement.

And it boiled down to that they felt that breaking their word/promise/reputation was worth the extra money/security for the company. It is even possible that they actually believed that this would be beneficial to some/many/most of their backers, but they really should have asked those who made this project possible, if changing the original deal was ok.


Still it is only promise about method of distribution. They don’t change it to first person perspective gore real-time shooter or armadillo race tournament. :slight_smile: But I understand. Promise is a promise. Well I wish you all quick refund.

Then it would be a problem because without additional funds (for PS4) I would not be able to play. :wink: Then I would also ask for a refund and go somewhere else to play.