So what do you think about Phoenix Point being Epic?


1/ Having to wait one year is not a fair deal as will we have to buy all DLC’s on steam as they will be only provided on the Epic Store ? (as far as i understood their statements)

2/ What will happen if i do not redeem my key on Epic, will i still have a key in one year for steam ?

3/ I hope we end with all the free DLC’s on steam in one year

4/ Making a deal for more money to make a better game is a fair point, but not without talking about it with us whom helped the game being where it is now. So the deal breaking sensation still hurts

5/ Same as 3, i want them for free in one year on steam

6/ Nothing to add here.

Overall, this is why i did not refunded yet, but i would like more clarifications on what i said by the devs.


The official Epic-faq says this:

All backers up to this point will also STILL receive a Steam or GOG key after the 1 year exclusivity period. The Steam/GOG key will also receive the same 1 year of free DLC which came with the Epic key.


Fair enough for me. I’ll wait until next year…


Loosing 3% of player base is not so painful. :wink: But again this is only speculation.


It was 3% after maybe 24h after the announcement. The number will go up, how high, noone knows. But from looking at the youtube announcement video, about 90% was negative there, so somewhere between 3% and 90%… My best guess would be that it ends somewhere around 30-50%

Now, assuming they had 100.000 backers (pure speculation), it means they “screwed over” around 30000-50000 people with this move. People who will most likely never back/fund or pre-order their games ever again.


You compare the Metro Exodus game which is sold to the epic store and has a different price for the EU(59,99€) and USA(49,99$)?
But if you look at the price for pre-orders for The Devision 2 the price is the same EU(59,99€) nad USA(59,99$) and GBP (49,99£ = 58.209€)… So here your theory does not work.


Definitely will go up for original backers. But still Snapshot will get new customers. And as someone else said youtube voting options are not real good measure.Positive voting right now is 400, negavite is like 4100. But overall views are 41900. So looking at that from other perspective only 10% of viewers expressed their concern. And I would assume that it will be that lost player base. 10% is quite many, but still not so much significant.


Hopefully Snapshot Games will be transparant enough to actually give us those numbers once the refund-period is over.


I asked for a refund. After I calmed down and seen the reddit I decided to install Epic. I want to stop my refund if possible. I wont use the store portion of epic (bcuz of the eula). But since I only need it to install I’m in.


I think that not playing the game is already a punishment and they should not finish already downed by publishing a story of success.


Get ready to become a company shill.


Personally, I do not care. So I’ll have one extra account.
I open various accounts for various games on Steam for XCOM 1 and 2…, EA for C&C games, Blizzards for Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3, Wargaming for Word of Tanks…


You would also need to install/use the epic launcher every time you want to patch Phoenix Point. (Atleast thats my understanding of it)


For me there are 2-3 main reasons why i’m very disappointed.

  1. I was promised a key on Steam or Gog at launch, and i will get neither. I.e broken promise.
  2. In my opinion Exclusives are evil. (Just look at the music, tv, movie business)
  3. I will never use Epic Game Store.

So my only solution was to refund the game, which i am in the process of doing through Fig, which is where i originally backed the game.


If the game is stable on release the only time i will have Epic installed is for those DLCs :+1:

Minor patches they can keep.

I was just happy to hear we do not need it running to play.


You’re an optimist i see :slight_smile:
Unlikely that there will not be any bugs… though they might be minor enough so you can skip the patches fixing them.


Haha, I guess I am being a little optimistic. As soon as it is stable to play, epic is in the bin.

Well, with all this extra money from Epic, I am sure there will be no bugs on release!!!

Oh right… touchy subject at the moment… Too soon :rofl:


You belive that is only 3%, doubtful. Even from the backers. Epic has a huge image problem. Instead of offering superior services they just buy exclusive deals. I would be very curious how much sales the current exclusives suffered. Of course not much financial loss due to epic. At least the preorders of Metro were still able to download it on steam. But I’m not willing add another game library to my two. I will just start PP when I get a Steam or GoG key.

And what Fortnite player is interested in PP?


Anyone know how long we have to wait for confirmation that our refund request has been received?


Once you complete the form your details go into a spreadsheet. It might take a few days before each one gets through the system.