Never again Epic games

I just deleted my account with epic games because they refuse to change my first version of Phoenix Point into a One Year Edition like everyone else has .
I payed pre-order and dlc 69.99 Euro and they think i have no rights to own the full version of the game so i just deleted my whole account with those scammers .

Do i think that Snapshot is also to blame for this ?
When a game company decides to change the version of a game then they need to take care for there paying customers and change all those owners there game or do nothing .

What are my options when i want to keep playing One year Edition of Phoenix point ?

1] I buy the game again with Steam or Gog
2] I download a illigal torrent version of the game and keep playing a game i already payed more then in full .

You guys take a guess what will i do ?

One thing is for sure i will advice everybody in the future to never buy anathing from those scammers who call them selfs “Epic Games”

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Buy the game on Steam or GOG. Pirated versions dont get updated, so you will have to run for quite frequent updates.

And yes, everybody had to buy additional DLCs if had barebone game, so no Epic to blame there. I dislike the look and feel of platform.

I bought all the DLC and extra very early on (gamepass and all) but Epic updating the barebone game to a One Year Edition so i had also missions to living armor and living weapons was out of the question for those scammers .

Buy it again ? Never .
If game companies think they can let people buy a game 2 times they are wrong with me ill just play the updated and full DLC version (wich i already payed for with Epic but never got) in a pirated version (enough torrented downloads)

Selling a game and then letting people pay full price but never giving them the latest version for sure will promote pirated versions .
In other worlds its called stealing .

Then effectively you had YOE, just not in name.

Its not Epic policy, its company that created YOE for Steam and created a bit of confusion. Having all 3 DLCs (incl Living Weapons) is the same. I had same as you, just purchased per DLC and have Steam YOE and its the same.

No its NOT the same because i never got the living armor part in the game !!
Even after i offered to buy for around 6 Euro the living armor part Epic games still kept saying that even that was not possible .
They gave me an incomplete game let me pay more then the full price at the moment and then told me i could go to hell .

Yes, it seems like owners of base game plus season pass, got barred from gaining access to Living Weapons Pass when YOE came out. This seems like an oversight on Snapshot part - YOE upgrade exists for those who don’t own season pass but those lacking Living Weapons only seem to be out of luck. I would say it’s yet another blunder on Snapshot handling of the release. Arguably a small issue, but annoying one nonetheless.

Why they can’t simply give those who own base+season pass access to YOE is questionable - though I suspect the answer is: logistics. YOE doesn’t have season pass, so there is no easy way of adding remaining 3 DLCs. Us backers, will be getting key sent for each upcoming DLC seperatly to add to our YOE edition.

Wouldn’t it be possible to gift Living Weapons pack to all owners of vanilla + season pass, though? Seems only fair as it is not content they are able to purchase.

Situation sucks once again.


I do not call it a small issue when buyers of the game who where early in buying and supporting the game are left without components of the game !
Its a show of not appreciating your buying customers and on my side is answered by not buying anything more from snapshot but just find pirate version (and there are plenty) .

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I can confirm this more or less. I bought the game after release December 2019, the Season Pass after release of the first DLC and afterwards the Living Weapons Pack. But my Epic Version was also not changed to the YOE version, but it doesn’t matter because I have already anything in it + the upcoming 3 DLC (it states 5 DLC in EGS). Updates run normal, anything is fine, it only not states “Year One Edition” and I don’t really care about that.

My Epic version of PP with anything in and up to date:

In game start screen without "Year One Edition" but nothing less in the game than on my Steam "Year One Edition":

Both are absolutely the same, so :man_shrugging:

Do you have nothing in your EGS, even not like what I have?
If so, then you should also contact the snapshots support for this issue.

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I was able to buy Living Weapons to Epic account, so I am really sad to hear about your experience. Its just 3 missions and 2 weapons one shield set pack, not much (but usable for last mission due to no ammo limit).

Quite of confusion created.

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Honestly, I don’t get it, nowhere was it said that if you had the normal version before you automatically get the Year One Edition (YOE). The “old” Epic version has not expired or anything.

@Jhon_Now: You should have exactly what you paid for, and if you haven’t bought the Living Weapons Pack (LWP), why should you get it?

The fact that you can no longer buy the LWP individually is of course a problem, but I assume that is more due to Snapshot and less to Epic.

So instead of putting Epic on the wall here, you should simply try the Snapshot Support.

And no, nobody with the old versions got YOE just like that, neither did I (see above). In terms of content, I only have the same because I already bought the LWP last year. In fact, you, me and everyone with the Season Pass have more than anyone who bought YOE, because the Season Pass includes the 3 upcoming DLC. This is NOT the case with the YOE version, they all have to buy any upcoming DLC seperatly (except Backers with the equivalent level of the Season Pass).

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This was my version of Phoenix Point and that “its only some missions and some armor” is totally beside the point !
I am missing the “living pack” and when i offered Epic months ago to buy that part it was impossible (button greyed out to bad we cannot help you)
I am buying the same game earlier then some others pay even more then the same price and get less game .
That makes totally sense don’t you think ?

The reason that i am blaming Epic is simpel in the Netherlands under Dutch law is the vendor responseble not the desinger and Epic is selling in the Netherlands so is fully to blame .

I do not even understand why there are different versions of a game and why customers are stuck with different versions or are Snapshot making different versions for different sellers ?

You made misstakes how you rollled out this game then admit it and compensate people by giving them the same game as other buyers .
Its so dumb ill stop buying games because have lost all my trust and stop paying for something that is less then i can download illigal for free .

The game got simply repackaged for platform wide release. That happens often with DLC heavy games - simply one can’t buy PP without all existing DLCs. They didn’t cover for the situation like your own, where you own all major DLC, but not the Living Weapons addon.


As far as I understand and see it there are no different versions of PP (except the very first starting screen), but with the steam release they made a new bundle (YOE) with the base game (exactly the same as you and I have it on Epic) + 3 DLC (LWP, B&T, LotA). What they screwed up IMO was that they took the base game, LWP and Season Pass out of sale, so many buyers of these “old” packages were pretty confused (me too at the beginning). And everyone with the Season Pass who hadn’t bought the LWP in the past was trapped because they didn’t make a package that could only add that.

I also live in the EU and you are right that the seller/vendor is responsible here, but that too has its limits. Again, nothing has been taken from you or made unusable, you own exactly what you bought, and no law on earth will prove you are entitled to the latest package/bundle or you should have a right to buy software that was taken out of sale. But morally you are pretty right and it was certainly confusing and unpleasant how the switch to YOE was carried out here.

Still, a quick contact with Snapshots Support would have maybe saved you a lot of trouble …


And there is my point
Its not the customer who needs to go to Snapshot Games but the Vendor of the game (indeed Epic Games)
I buy the game from Epic not from Snapshot and Epic is the one who needs to contact Snapshot and ask he whats wrong ?
But ok now its to late i deleted my whole Epic account and never want to deal with them again !
When you have a customer service who do not respond after 7 days until i escalate the case then i will never spend another penny there .

For me i learned 1 thing buying a game will not give me the correct and complete version so i am back to illegal downloads in this case because buying for the second time Phoenix Point will not be happening !

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So you won’t wait more than a week in the middles of a global pandemic for a techline response from a small company and then admit you’d break the law? All your moral arguments just went straight out the window.

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I don’t see what revelance it has as to how you wish it would work.

Online game stores (Steam, Epic, GOG maybe less so) again and again express that they view themselves not as retailers but as platforms through which developers sell their games to consumers. Generally, those platforms aren’t willing to take responsibility for what they sell, though refund policies are a welcome (and fairly recent) addition.

And to be fair, how Snapshot packages and sells their content is up to them, not Epic - they just provide a platform and tools through which Snapshot sells it. Blunder is most likely Snapshot’s.

EDIT. Though, if you really did erase your EGS account, I am not sure what you are looking for here. You are unlikely to be awarded another copy of the game in apology. You have my sympathy for the situation, and my amused confusion for your handling of it (if you did really erase the EGS account and throw 70 euro down the drain, which seems suspiciously over the top to me… considering you hurt no one but yourself by doing it.)


As explained, they are just a reseller of what the company makes :slight_smile:
Its company that has fractioned it to base game and many small DLCs, not the Epic.

I gave up Epic and gladly bought game second time on Steam :slight_smile: Just found a bit cheaper key on I find that as good alternative to piracy - saves money, is legal and gives updated versions, with no virus mailware threat.

Thanks for the tip .
Epic in Europa is responseble for what they are selling and they sold me an incomplete product .
I made a complaint with the same organisation who made it impossible to sell lootboxes in the Netherlands so we will see .
I have years of good expierence with Steam and maybe somewhere in the far feature i will consider bying someting there but buying twice Phoenix Point when i already payed 70.00 Euro will not be happening .
If you only knew what happened the last 2 months with Epic its a to long story but overhere Epic is on game stores not so populair anymore and i will keep on promoting downloading Epic games they ordenairy scammed me .

Story is to long to tell here but rather trow 70.- Euro away then get more scammed in the feature by them .

In the beginning (before YOE) Season pass was expensive (compared to what they sell it now) - but that is normal game price change over time. Its the company - game maker that decided the prices. In fact Epic from time to time gave discounts to base game to what it was sold via website.
To those with less budget like we East Europeans, waiting is best option, since game price tends to fall significantly after 12/24 months since release or presale.

Its game makers that fall behind with 3rd DLC and decided not to count living weapons to Season Pass but yet include it in YOE.

From Epic point of view, you have got full and working base game and 2 DLCs with right to one that is not yet out (Festering Skies). I believe that is covered by season pass, or similar. So “incomplete product” will not work.

Living Weapons is no true DLCs, its merely a “cheap void filler” (but usable in-game)

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