So what do you think about Phoenix Point being Epic?


I don’t think youtube is a right mesurement in this situation. :joy:


I am really getting annoyed. Aren’t you people capable of throwing accurate complaign and accusations instead of empty slogan which aren’t appropriate to the situation?

According to Oxford Dictionary:


  1. An intentionally false statement.
    1.1 Used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression.

Snapshot didn’t lie, they broke a not legally binding crowdfunding promise. Epic Deal wasn’t in motion when the cordfunding was in progress, therefore it wasn’t a lie.


“Complete the game” isn’t a quality indicator. Just like not the money, but making a quality product is easier when you have more money.


How many dislikes it has 100? 200? Guess that would be a more correct number of users they lose.


How is it not lying, when the Fig campaign SPECIFICALLY said that we would receive the game with either a Steam key, or a GoG key…

So they lied, end of discussion!


Currently it’s 384 positives, and 3,9K negatives on the EGS announcement on youtube… you do the math.


But do they all refund or only 10 people on this board?


Who knows, it’s probably a number we will never know. I expect it to be in the thousands, but obviously not everyone will request a refund.


So it is definitely less than Epic deal covers.


That was never in doubt, afterall SG has stated that even if every backer asked for a refund, they would still be in the black, i.e make a profit


According to AMA it was about 3%, though I don’t know how accurate/up to date it was.

To be honest I would be surprised if it was a substantial amount, unless it would turn into some viral movement. Unlikely, as the press I have seen have been neutral-positive so far and none of the major “influencers” picked up the topic - no one is screwing anyone over, so there is little drama to talk about.


How is not getting what you paid for, and you were promised, not being screwed over ??!?!


Everyone hates Epic, but 80 million Fortnite users sounds like hate became something else nowadays.


How is getting content I didn’t pay for not beneficial?
How is having an ability to withdraw my funding from a project, when it changes a release method unfair?


Hey people. Stop fighting. It is not worth it. Some of you hate loosing Steam promise and exclusive access via only one platform and think of it as some devil work, lie, treachery, betrayal etc etc… And probably more arguing about how bad you feel won’t change it. And some of you are ok with the decision and don’t consider it the end of the world. It happened, now we should get over it. This thread is getting close to almost 300 posts and nothing has changed since first posts. So please calm down. Have a good day or night or something that you actually do.


Hey, I STILL like discussing things with ya, bud. And even if I do decide to go whole hog and refund, I’ll likely still keep an eye on development and discussion here. Like I said, the only part I’m sure of right now is that snapshot will not ever get another dime of mine for a preorder or backing. Good for the game or not, first they decided to ditch Linux after the fact (which still rankles, even though I don’t use Linux), and now they are walking WAYYYY back, buying into Epic’s delusions of bullshit and giving them a 1 year exclusive on a game that was backed and legit Pre-ordered (making a distinction since backing and pre ordering are different) as being available on gog and steam.

Further, while I believe there was no malice in the comment on discord by UV, it’s quite risky to say, hey, between corporate/high end investors and this deal with epic, we’ll still be in the black even if EVERYONE refunds. It very much comes across as a) backers no longer really matter, since we don’t nerd them anymore (even though we wouldn’t be here in the first place), and b) hey, they don’t need us to buy their game, so why should we? Hell, I waited to get Gta V until it was under $20, I waited to get wotc until it was $9. I can wait on Phoenix point til doomsday and I won’t feel bad about it.

And trust me, I’m very big on certain other causes, such as the treatment of our fuzzy friends, and the environment (to a degree, I don’t buy into all the hype out there). I am very big on helping friends away from snake oil and bullshittery, such as folks who want health care to mimic the dark ages again. Games are different though. Games are a luxury. Games don’t have far reaching consequences, for me or the world. I probably have a few hundred games in my steam library. I have probably only played half of them, and probably only beat a quarter. There’s plenty of stuff there I could take my time on.

That said, nostalgia is rough. It’s hard to resist. I DO remember the heydey of Molyneux, who made my other 2 favorite games outside of xcom (and I bet you, specifically, could guess them :p). He burned up all his credibility and all my faith a Looooong time ago. This move by snapshot is concerning. It’s not just about PP and their ability to support DLC for a year. It’s about how willing they are to trade $100k tomorrow for $1k today. It makes me think they’re planning on either wringing PP dry and walking out, or that they’re trying to get noticed so someone like Microsoft will snap them up like they did Obsidian. And they’re willing to lock the game out for a year to get some skin from a company who has an aggressively anti-consumer stance and that bent over backwards to compromise their product the second some preteens flashed some credit card #s in their direction.

I’m rambling so bad at this point, I don’t even know where this was going. The thing is, money is great, we all love having it, but just chasing money isn’t a good thing. Epic sees nothing BUT money anymore, and a lot of folks are jumping on their wagon. We’ve all seen some titans of the industry fall apart over the years from overreaching and greed. And we’ve seen what happens when good devs hitch themselves to that wagon. We’ve already seen EA, Activision, and MS suck up, absorb, and sometimes dismantle half of the game studios that existed. Do we really want to encourage adding one more giant conglomerate into it? I’m pretty sure that’s Epic’s plan. Instead of Activision/Blizzard we get Epic/Gearbox or some such, and watch even more once loved studios ground up and spit out, or get misused for something insane like criterion making a star wars battlefront game.


It seems to me some people don’t really want Phoenix Point game. What they really want is to fight against corporations, etc.


You clearly never read the terms of use of the Epic Store that are far worse than those of Steam or GoG. There is no competition here, steam is still the master and will stay in that place for a while. Epic Store is only anti consumer and does not offer cheaper games than those on steam or GoG…


The games industry as a whole is not in a particularly good state right now. We are long overdue for a collapse & reset.


Ahhhh i should have known they were gonna sellout