So what do you think about Phoenix Point being Epic?


Thanks Yokes. :slight_smile:


There was information that you can play offline or even without Epic Launcher, but then you obviously won’t have cloud saves and achievements. :wink:

You too?

Damn some fine people with whom I liked to discuss all game features are turning away. All because they still get their desired product but from other, less desired source, and even with better after-sales support. Ideology about exclusivity and bad practices moved them away from fine game. If all the people would be so consequent with ideology of not hurting environment or animals, with keeping to their ideas and righteousness… our planet would greatly benefit from it and our lives would be better. :wink: I understand your concernes and your move. So with sad face I say farewell to all who decide to leave. :disappointed_relieved:


That discord quote really boiled it down well. Also confirmed what I suspected, that snapshot was given a choice, as well as time to consider it, yet did not let the backers know what was happening until after the fact. My opinion of this company keeps going lower and lower.


I will repeat the question I asked to someone (maybe you? Cant keep a track) a while ago:
What did they do wrong in a way they announced the deal? When, and what they were supposed t tell backers? Create a survey with various funding sources they consider and ask backers what they think?

They made the decision and they made it public. We are not a board of trustees, we don’t get to decide on what the company should and shouldn’t do, nor do we receive confidential insight into company’s operation. We are investors and all we can do is invest and withdraw from the project.

Of course, they had time to think it over. Did you think they signed the deal yesterday? :rofl:

On a side note, quotes provided aren’t particularly interesting, beside some information regarding the deal.


I also requested to refund. No Go for me.
I am not generally have something against this Epic store. But i do not like this exclusive thing.
Why not giving the choice ? Steam, Gog or Epic or whatever to the user ?
I love to play XCom 2 with Controller on my 65 " 4k HDR TV via Steamlink from the Couch.
Sorry but this is not possible in a confortable way with Epic. Or any other launcher then Steam.
Steam did so much for Gamers , Linux or Living Room PC Gaming.

While you decide to get the money way with Epic you will loose many customers who think like this.
I do not think it is a good decision for the game.

I am just registered in the forum only to give that feedback. Like in others games already these exclusive deals are only a good way to destroy developers dream of a succesful game over years.


During the AMA, Julian Gollop confirmed that it was Snapshot Games who approached Epic to get the game published on EGS. How this then turned into an EGS exclusive i will never know, but i do know that i will never trust Julian Gollop ever again.


I don’t see how this can be good. I mean is the Turn Based Strategy market so large that you can piss off your entire customer base and get a new one? Is epic crawling with TBS players? I wouldn’t think so…


But isn’t that possible to run game with Steam even if you bought it somewhere else and it lays on your HDD outside of Steam folders?


Ugh… so disappointing


Not entire, believe me. :slight_smile:


I guess getting a big pile of money works great for the game development, despite losing a couple of angry nerds.


Do you not even care about the fact that they lied to the backers who made this game/project possible in the first place ?


Great games need a great amount of money. The more they get the better the final product. You people are overreacting.


Yes, because that is going so well with Star Citizen & Cloud Imperium Games…


Sure! The “f*ck the customer” developer policy worked out great for Anthem. And Fallout 76. And Destiny 2. And Diablo Immortal. Sea of Thieves. Metal Gear Survive. Battlefield V. Hmm. I think I may be seeing a trend developing?


What are you trying to say that money isn’t the factor? Someone needs to get job done and he is expecting to get paid? You don’t expect them to work for free aren’t you?


Yeah a few, 92% of the votes on the YouTube announcement video were down votes. Enjoy that 8% market share.


Except Julian Gollop himself said in tonights AMA that they had enough money to complete the game. They did not need the Epic money.


It’s worked for Metro Exodus.


They also said that this cash is for continous work on the project after release :wink: