Phoenix Point: Year One Edition coming December 3rd

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Phoenix Point is coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store on December 3rd , in the most complete version we’ve ever released. Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is the definitive version, collecting all previous DLC, updates, and additional content.

Year One Edition is the most complete version of Phoenix Point .

Year One Edition is the most complete version of Phoenix Point .

Below is our description from our Steam store page:

Year One Edition Features:

  • Tons of Content: The Year One edition of Phoenix Point includes all previously released content: 3 DLC Packs (Blood & Titanium DLC, Legacy of the Ancients DLC, and the Living Weapons Pack) and a slew of updates, upgrades, fixes, and new content suggested by our community.

  • Mutating Alien Menace: Face down an ever-changing alien threat that adapts to your tactics and offers no respite even as your team becomes more powerful and technologically advanced.

  • Uncover the Secrets of the Pandoravirus: Engage with a complex narrative, complete with multiple endings that the player can only uncover via several playthroughs. Explore, research, and discover a secret history, as you learn about the origins of the mutants, the Pandoravirus, and Phoenix Point itself.

  • Manage Diplomatic Relations: The Phoenix Project is not the only organization trying to reclaim the Earth. The militaristic New Jericho, the mystical Disciples of Anu, and the technophiles of Synedrion all offer unique rewards for co-operation and threats for opposition. It is up to you to decide how, or even if, to deal with them.

  • Take Aim on the Battlefield: In addition to equipping and commanding units, Phoenix Point lets you take direct control of your soldier’s shots in combat, with a unique free-aiming system. Target enemy weakspots, weapons, or valuables, or just go for center mass.

  • Next-Gen Tech with Classic Pedigree: Phoenix Point was designed by Julian Gollop, the creator of the X-COM series in the 1990s. Integrating the core ethos of X-COM while updating the visuals, technology, and systems to modern standards has made Phoenix Point best-in-class.

If you’ve been waiting to jump into Phoenix Point , or if you want to grab all existing DLCs in one shot, you’ll be able to this December!

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Check out the Official Year One Edition trailer!


And what about GOG?

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I hope it’s just their lazyness, not including GOG in the marketing, considering it was promised since day 1 of Fig and made me back the project instead of the usual wait for a sale…

That’s exactly the reason why I’m asking. I’m a backer, too. We already had the Epic Games Store exclusive “surprise”…

What about that geoscape? It looks like a mix of the current one with the original fig campaign one. Also that green path on it looks a lot like the behemoth’s path.

you will need to fix the issues first

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Do you will give steam keys those player who have EGS copy of PP game?
I very like this game and modes will make it more awasome, but I WONT BUY 2d time((((

It’s my belief that Snapshot pulled a prank on EGS with the Epic deal, getting themselves a huge flow of cash and another year of development until the real release, this Year One Edition. I like that theory because it gives a somewhat poetic justice to all those tw@s that came crashing down on Snapshot and Julian Gollop when the deal was first announced: when they thought Snapshot had sold their soul to the devil, Snapshot was the devil.

But hey, that’s just a theory - a GAME theory!

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PP on Twitter:

Nothing to announce about other storefronts at this time, but we love GOG too!

Yea, I’m pessimistic…

That’s my understanding of the situation too, they got money for a year of semi-open beta-testing before real release, but the no news about GOG part sounds really, REALLY bad, considering it was promised since Fig.

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Steam keys (and possibly GOG as it was promised) will be given to original backers - meaning those who backed the game believing to redeem it on steam/gog. If you bought the game after the epic exclusivity was announced, then no.

I am not. They have no reason to annoy backers even further. For whatever reason gog always seems to lack behind. Just recently GOG was finally confirmed for Baldur’s Gate3, even though it had a page there since day1. There must be some reason for it, but what it is - I couldn’t say.


I see a lot of companies doing this, “releasing” on Epic when its in reality an early access of sorts. I don’t think Epic is being fooled at all, I think they may even pitch this as an option for developers but ask them to not label as early access so EGS gets the “exclusivity”. Also, they don’t have early access mechanics implemented in the store.

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Very Good news. I’m happy for you guys.
It would be good to have more precise information on the way you will handle customers who already bought everything.
As the game is now moving toward Steam (as it was first announced to backers), we are a bunch of people with all DLCs and bonus on Epic and backed the game in the beginning.

Will you morph those in a “Year One Edition” license on Epic?
Will it be possible to transfer the licence toward Steam?

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So here are some of my thoughts:

  1. From what we can see right now PP releases as this new package - Base game plus all content released up to this point. At least as of now, there is no sight of other 2 DLCs or more importantly the Season Pass (containing 5 DLCs - three names and two mistery ones)
  2. I argued on another thread how shallow DLC3 will need to be as it is optional and can’t interact directly with other DLCs - it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. While it is still possible for someone who bought the game on Epic to not own DLCs, it seems that everyone from now on (and all backers) have Base game and all first 3 DLCs. That creates posibility for Festering Skies to be a bit more intertwined then expected. [correction: Festering Skies doesn’t seem to be included in Year1]
  3. Speaking of backers - do we still get Season Pass (5 DLCs) and do we keep it for Steam/GOG release? Giving to backers a Steam/GOG key to Year1 edition would fulfill the original promise (a year free worth of DLC) but would be inferior to what was given to us on Epic. Not something I would be butthurt about - Year1 is exactly what was promised. Just curious. It would also mean additional revenue for Snapshot from original backers when DLC4, 5 come out.

EDIT2. Actually DLCs3, 4, 5. Festering Skies isn’t listed among the three DLCs as part of Year1. Hmmm

EDIT: Regarding point 3, I remember seeing this post not so long ago:

Yo @MichaelIgnotus You knew something us peons didn’t?

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Just to add to the pessimism. I asked the same question on Reddit, and this is what Snapshot Games answered:

Did GOG not get mentioned just by mistake?

After the 1 year EGS exclusive “surprise”, a simultaneous release on GOG and Steam was announced to happen after the exclusivity deal would run out.

Lapidary answer by Snapshot Games:

No news around any GOG release at this time.

Here is the link to the relevant thread on Reddit

Again: same thing happened with BG3. Then we got: we are looking into it, and couple days later GOG announced it. There is reason they say they have no news, so getting concerned is valid. But it is still 3 months till release, so I assume it is just not set up and confirmed just yet (perhaps GOG has a bit more strict submissions, due to no-DRM policy and Q&A? I am pretty sure they vet the games, while steam does not)

Wow it’s so misleading. This trailer looks a lot like the gameplay in Gears Tactics actually.

But at 48s, the sniper takes a shot after Free Aiming… That’s what I wished it looked like in this game :frowning:


Finally, fixed PP comes to Steam! On my Wishlist and I am granted buyer!

No more “Epic”!

I’m really surprised no one is curious about that geoscape scene but me!!!

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