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I understand that.

In case you are not aware, the DLC for free was offered to backer when Epic exclusivity was announced. DLCs were planned ever since the fig campaign.

If I remember well, Paradox games were quoted as what would be nice to do: a game which can be regularly expanded as it goes on. If they really will use Paradox games as models vanilla game should see extra polish without need for extra content purchase.

I do agree that hearing 5 DLC sounds a bit excessive, but it’s not necessarly bad. There is a lot of content one can throw into systemic strategy game. XCOM2 release 3 DLC within a year and massive expanion after that.

That said, like many here, it doesn’t affect me as an early backer. If I weren’t a backer, I would avoid pre-ordering until I see that the base game is worth playing before making purchase decisions.

Well you’re just wrong.
Those who follow this forum regularly already knew that there would be at least 3 DLCs and now it’s five. I can understand the bias towards DLCs but in this case it was known even before there was a BB1. (At least that’s what I remember but I bought this game nearly 2.5 years ago)

Doubt it :wink: .
I was on a shopping spree / preorder madness this year and every single game I bought was either delayed or bugged. I would be very surprised if the release is flawless.

Nevertheless I’m rooting for a success and I’ll send my best wishes to the Twitter/Youtube/CommunityManager @UnstableVoltage who deserves high praises for his posts and excellent videos.
PS: Still waiting for that Trello roadmap :wink: .


Were they really? I remember it being mention that Behemoths might not make it into initial release and be added in free patch afterwards, as it was part of the original campaign. It was before the delay to Decemeber. I kinda assumed they would make it into the game with the delay. Is my info out of date?

It’s from Mr. Gollop’s post regarding move to Epic:

The two stretch goals from the fig campaign - sea bases and underwater missions - will form the basis of the first 2 DLC packs. There will be at least 1 more major DLC pack during the launch year, plus a number of free updates for all players.

Also PP Floating base streachgoal was met after campaign ended and was to be added as free for backers DLC. Could it be the “Festering Skies?”.

From the January 2018 facebook QA with Mr. Gollop:

What about DLC for expanding the game?

There will be DLC. We’ve already confirmed that the first DLC will be the floating base system with an extra mission type and some technology. We do have plans for more DLC but we can’t talk about that at the moment as it is still under development.

I must admit that I am enjoying BB5 and can see this is going to be a good game. That said, there seems like a lot of story missing and some major issues that would be hard to address in a month. For example, I am on my 3rd play through and I am getting much further with each play. At times I even think I have the aliens on the run (hit many lairs, nests). Unfortunately, I have never found another Phoenix base in any of the play throughs. That was fine the first time, but in the last two, I have covered, with many scans, at least 80% of the map and probably more. Also, in the 3rd (current) play through, the New Jericho diplomacy mission required me to go from the Middle East to the bottom of South America. This is a huge problem, because it appears they have the most useful early tech. As a result, I don’t have access to improved arms and munitions. In the last haven defense, I ran into a new alien - and it had goo, could release a mindfragger, could smash you to pieces and roughly 1250 health points. I had no armor shredding weapons. All I could do was run and hit it with grenade after grenade to bring the armor down. I won the battle and no one died, but two of my soldiers had under 50 pts left. I ran out of grenades except for the grenade launcher and I bring a bunch. Two soldiers fired so much they ran out of ammunition. Oddly, at the end of this mission, I got a Disciples of Anu shredding shotgun and a couple magazines. Unfortunately, I can’t manufacture them, despite being allied with them. So, I no real way of taking down heavily armored opponents except the grenade launcher. This kind of imbalance is nuts. I felt like I played that haven defense very well and I was one bad turn away from a complete wipe. I did finally complete the first New Jericho diplomacy mission and just found the second. After completing that, I will get the tech, but I could easily face another haven defense or two with no shredding weapons.
Right now, Dash is over powered. I like it, but that is just the truth.
It’s hard to believe these kind of balance issues will be resolved that quickly.

But aren’t these DLC for free?

Maybe you are right. I don’t have time to check when it was mentioned and if it could change due to postponing release.

Maybe it’s a have a cake and eat it to situation? It will be free for backers after all :smiling_imp:

To be fair, releasing those for free AND working on three paid DLC would be suspiciously much. And there are still two DLC to look forward to.

EDIT. The post is rather clear that at least underwater content is to be part of DLC packs:

we haven’t heard anything one way or the other since the delay was announced

Look, do you want to wait 3 more years for them to develop every idea they have? Then go ahead and wait 3 more years while the rest of us play the game as is, and continue to play as they add to the base game with DLCs.

Welcome to the post-2010 world. Rather than a 10 year development cycle to make the exact game a developer wants, they release a playable game after 4 years and add on to it until it’s eventually the game they envisioned from the get go.

Probably this will be the floating base, judging from the initial campaign end goals. Maybe “titanium” refers to the structure itself, and “blood” to the lifes of everyone lost to build such a structure;

With a name like this, it has to refer to the first race of Earth’s hominids who managed to defeat PV, so I’m expecting a much more lore focused DLC. And, yes, the search for the Ancients will be done underwater, hence underwater missions;

Yeah, most probably the aliens take the fight to the skies, which up until that point was mankind’s main advantage. PV recognized it as such, and evolved to counterattack

I am thinking Dec 3rd is way too soon… from BB5, there is so much CTD, have to alt -Tab-esc to let task manager to end game… so many mechanics in BB5 that need to be worked out…I would of thought a BB6 would be released to shore up some of that… Please do not release a broken game!!! Please! Can I get my refund now from my preorder?

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Keep in mind that BB5 is 2 months old and most likely had some content withheld so it wouldn’t spoil parts of the games, so what we have now is probably way behind of Snapshots internal build.
If you really want a refund then Unstable voltage can help, i’d say wait for release since its only a month away and play a couple minutes, if it’s broken at release you can just refund as long as you don’t play for more than 2 hours and within 2 weeks after the game launches

You should be playing Risk. :wink:


I get where @cyrneco is coming from tbh. DLC is always something that I find off putting when making a game purchase. If there’s either too much of it, or it’s coming out too quickly after the base game releases I then usually start waiting for the developers to get done with releasing that DLC so that I can assess how much the ‘full game’ is going to cost.

I think the worst example of this is the Paradox type of model where the DLC just keeps coming, and coming, and coming… I got the base game of Crusader Kings 2 and I still don’t play it, because I feel well and truly robbed. (Actually, I think there’s a Train simulator game on steam somewhere that’s worse, but I forget the name of it… wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just ‘Train simulator’)

I don’t think PP is doing things to that extent, but I know I’m relieved that I’ve got that free DLC with the early backing/Epic switch, because I’d not be over happy if not.

Xcom2 totally put me off with its DLC model, I’m still waiting for War of the chosen to drop to what I consider a fair price, and I’ve engaged with the main game far less than I might of done otherwise because of the DLC coming separately.

And for MAC? When?

Maybe I’m slow, or really hit by English not being my first language. I just simply did not understand the release email.
So I backed Feb. 2nd 2018 for digital deluxe. Does that mean I get early access to the FULL RELEASE VERSION on November 8th? Or will my early access build be upgraded to release code, and then in december I’ll have to restart my game again as it patches to retail release?

You will get the full game on December 3rd which is the release date.

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I have similar problem, but it’s the difficulty to figure out what to get from bunch of DLCs. Many of them won’t be a benefit to you on your average play though as they add new playable cultures. To their defence they also update and expand core game for free, so even just the base greatly benefits of this year long support. But yeah I like my games complete and on-sale 90pound Crusader Kings2 is intimidating.

This is where I strongly disagree. XCOM2 handled post-release content perfectly. WotC is worth the price. It’s not a DLC, it’s and expansion adding ton of new content. This is kind of thing that was done in good old days, and I wish for more of it. It is definitely better value then smaller DLCs. The benefit of releasing such chunky update is that they can deep dig into base game.
Even two smaller DLCs ended up good, though I felt they needed integration WotC provided - they felt tacked on without it.

EDIT: I mean it’s on sale right now, for a bit over £10. If that’s not a deal, I don’t know what is.

So what happens on the 8th then?.. I’m sorry, but it’s very unclear the way you communicated in that letter.

On the 8th we stop selling the packages that include early access and we start selling the retail packages.

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I suggest that the devs put up a huge countdown timer on all their resources for the release of Phoenix Point to increase the hype. This is one of those few games worthy of playing these days and it needs all the attention it can have