Release discussion

Interesting news.

Can’t wait for that.

Some will say ‘another delay’. :slight_smile:

Are these fully planned out, or is backer input still relevant for them?

The first 3 are fully planned.

I bought the ‘signature’ edition for $80.00. Is that the same as the ‘Ultra’ edition? Do I get the Season Pass since I bought the ‘signature’ edition? Thank You,

No, they are 2 different packages. You would only get the season pass if you purchased before March 12th 2019.

so if you follow correctly what you say even people who took only the basic version before March 12 2019 have the season pass obligatorily offered

No mention of Game Pass for PC? It was confirmed in June around E3

That is correct.

It will still be available on PC Game Pass.

Very cool to know I’ll be getting 40$ worth of material down the line :sunglasses:

That means the game is in a much more advanced state I antecipated. That’s also very cool

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Well, I don’t like the answer, but I appreciate you giving me one. Thanks,

Just to clarify…so if I had waited to buy the Ultra Edition at $80.00, rather than buying the ‘Signature Edition’ early for $80.00, I would actually have been better off since mine doesn’t come with the Season Pass but the Ultra Edition does? I just don’t see the rationale in that …Now I’m going to have to spend a total of $109.00 to add the Season Pass to my game? Doesn’t make sense.

I assume you purchased the Signature Edition over the Platinum Edition because you wanted to have your name added to the soldier roster. The Ultra Edition does not include this. It also doesn’t include early access.

Woooo! Can’t wait.

Will the backer build on the Epic store turn into the retail version or are we getting a code for the full version?

You will receive a new key for the retail version.

I’m not sure it feels right. Maybe I’m misunderstanding: it seems to me that the game is being shipped out incomplete and the rest is being called ‘dlc’ and made it pass as a prize for the backers. That’s the way it feels right now to me.

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from what i know he never hide the fact that he wanted integrated dlc in the game.

Sorry, I’m not sure you’re answering to me tepedraconis. If you are, apologies again, I don’t get wht you mean. What does it mean ‘integrated’ in this context?

We have always planned that we would be releasing DLC for Phoenix Point.