Would you recommend buying the game now post patches?

I kickstarted the game and I was concerned during the development process.

The roadmaps weren’t kept. Certain promises weren’t kept. Backer builds (which are supposed to help iron out problems) were delayed and buggy as hell.The stylistic direction was not what was shown in the first alpha and I found the bugs and performance (synedrion sections only) to be terrible. In short it confirmed my fears about the development process.

I have to point out that there are many things I liked about the game. The physics based combat. The world and story and I generally felt that the game had a future but a disastrous launch.

After playing 8 hours of the released product I was very disappointed and I sent an email to Epic and surprisingly they refunded me. So you won’t get any anti Epic ranting from me.

It’s been several months since release and the first mini DLC has been released.

Do you think the game is worth buying now following several patches?

My main concerns are:

game breaking bugs.

Bugs in general.

performance in Synedrion areas.


Some kind of UI improvement.

This “unfair difficulty curve” that I have heard much about but didn’t have enough time to experience. That was supposedly present in its “finished” form. (I am a competent turn based strategy player)

I would most appreciate any input the community could provide as this was my most anticipated game and it really upset me to refund it as I just felt that I had been used as a bug tester whose submissions were ignored.

Hoping you are having a good Saturday and that the weather is better where you are


No, not unless you’re someone who will play through the game quickly, and enjoy seeing how it evolves between patches/DLC.

From what I’m seeing so far, each time the game updates its having adverse affects on current save games. (Which in fairness might be hot-fixed). And I don’t think that the game that you might purchase today will be the one that you end up owning, to which my advice would be to keep in on your wishlist and see where it’s at in a year’s time.

As someone who plays the game I have instead of being obsessed with the game I’d rather be playing instead and is glad I jumped onboard when I did I still cannot fault the above post. For anyone who has not bought the game I would say listen to that last sentence and just wait for a minute.

There does not seem to be any QA. Patches regularly break things. Game design and balance beyond the initial pitch is rather lackluster (looking at melee weapons for example). Synedrion maps require a super computer. Has the power bug been fixed yet ? :wink: I’d say it’s still a great game for hardcore X-Com fans but they need to up their game significantly to stay relevant.

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Ha, fair point. But if he thinks the game is still not working it’s not illogical to wait longer?

Have you had a chance to play the most recent patch? You were talking about patches breaking things.

Very disappointed to hear that you also have the serious problems with Synedrion maps and nothing has been done about it.


It breaks that current playthrough.

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Must be annoying if you’ve put a hell of a lot of hours in.

Ha. Yeah I got that.

It’s annoying, even having not put the hours in.

As it stands, I’m playing each new patched version for a few missions to get a feel of how that game is, and then quitting the game as I know that I won’t get through it before that next patch hits and I have to start over again. (I also don’t overly like how it plays once perks/alpha strikes become a part of battles).

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This is hard question. I haven’t tried DLC yet. But I would lean toward answer ‘No’. Wait some time more.

Most were squished. I can’t tell if there is any left, as I don’t play much right now and don’t keep track of things.

There are still some nests with those damn bugs. Recent patch and DLC introduced few more.

I have computer from end of 2012 year and then it wasn’t top-end config. Well graphics card is mid-tier from mid of 2016, and SSD from mid of 2018. And I don’t have any issues with Synedrion maps on Ultra settings.

Still off, despite 2 patches making changes.

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No, I’m sorry I would wait as well - I had restarted three times myself trying to get around the bugs and glitches. I was going to start again with blood and titanium and then I started to see new bugs and hot fixes turning up again. Honestly I can’t be bothered while it’s still glitchy. So I’m going to wait a bit longer and my suggestion is you do too.

But of course its up to you! :grinning:


Thanks for your in depth and thoughtful response. I know that you have been very active on these forums from the beginning of the kickstarter so it must be very disappointing for you to not recommend it at this moment in time.

BTW could I ask you, if you don’t mind, your system specs? Mines a 1660ti and i7 9750… Which is considerably more powerful than what I had at release.

I tried it on the Microsoft game pass like a “demo” unfortunately that version is a train wreck which does not let you scroll with the mouse… And even with my pretty powerful gaming laptop turned into a slide show the moment synedrion and human enemies turn up.

I cannot use that to measure whether the patches improve performance for me as it never seems to be patched.

Stay well

Yes, of course. Been playing it since it released.

The patch broke peoples Savegames, then there was a hotfix that broke more savegames. Didn’t affect me since I started a new campaign. A serious issue nonetheless. They made camera scroll atrociously slow, which they have now fixed. There is also a visual bug with weapon proficiency. Broken vehicle parts stay broken - at least in the UI; despite being repaired. It’s not the first time a patch broke things, hence my criticism about their QA.

Well, maybe it only affects AMD GPU’s. My RX 580 can handle everything with high graphics but as I said it cannot handle Synedrion maps on low settings. I am not the only one with this issue.

Core i5 3450 3,1 GHz BOX Socket 1155
DDR3 Corsair 2x 4GB 1866MHz CL9 Vengeance Red
EVGA GeForce GTX 1060
Asus Strix Soar
Crucial MX500 SSD 500MB

It’s not just AMD GPUs. I suspect it’s the Unity engine which can’t handle particle effects properly. Of course they could update the engine… But it appears they are not very competent at updates from what you guys have said.

Yeah… So in theory mines slightly better than yours. Again I think the game pass version is utterly broken. And I don’t want to buy it again until I’m sure that it’s working.

True :frowning:

I don’t have the game pass version so it’s not that.

I’ve only just reached the (what I think is) final mission of my very first playthrough from Dec 3rd, 'cos I don’t get much time to play and I play slow.

I really enjoy this game - but only because I have set a whole series of personal limitations to the way I play: most notably, only using each skill once per turn, limiting Stealth to 75% and limiting Rage Burst to auto-weapons only.

So, as something of a fan, I have to say: “Sadly no. Take Spite’s advice and wait till it comes out on Steam.” I was planning to buy this for my best friend last Christmas, but simply didn’t feel that I could because it was so buggy and unbalanced.

The bugs for me are less of a problem - I play on on Inspiron 7000 laptop with 16GB RAM, so the Synedrion maps are not a problem and (touch wood) I haven’t been hit with any gamebreaking bugs so far.

But from current experience, it is going to take Snapshot the rest of this year to get the game properly balanced and in a form where the casual player isn’t going to have a horrendous time getting pummelled into the ground, and the expert player isn’t going to get bored out of his massive mind by the stupidly OP skill combo loopholes that are still breaking the game.

There’s a really good game struggling to get out here, and if you set your own series of limitations, you can see what it could be - but at the moment, Snapshot really aren’t doing themselves any favours with rushed and botched patches that immediately seem to cause more problems than they fix.

Wish I could be more positive, and in the long term I hope I will be, but I honestly can’t recommend this game to a new player in the state it is currently in.