Phoenix Point purchase

Hi All!

Last year at 05/03/2018 I purchased Phoenix Point through XSolla, and as I never try any games before the release, just sit back and thought everything is OK. Now as the release date is near I wanted to check if everything is in place for me, but realized I have only a purchase confirmation letter from XSolla with a transaction ID, but nothing which would get me closer for example to be able to download one of the backers build.
I have already created ticket at XSolla (it’s not answered yed) and chated with someone from them, and she said to also open a ticket (basically to send a letter to with Snapshotgames, what I have also done.
Did anyone else purchased the game similar as me? How will I be able to get the game at the end?

Thanks for the answers,

which version of the game did you purchase? Not all of them come with access to the Backer Build

Hi Kings_Rook!

It was a Phoenix Point Digital Download Edition.


That tier does not come with access to the backer builds. You’ll be receiving an email with the key to the game on the Epic Game Store on launch day.

Also as one of the people that backed the game before the Epic Deal was announced you’ll be receiving the compensation deal which consists of the DLC being made in the year of exclusivity (currently 3 planned) for free, and another copy of Phoenix Point with said DLC on Steam/GOG when they release there too. The Alien Armour and Weapons DLC remains separate.

Thank you very much for the information Kings_Rook! I’m really happy to hear that! :slight_smile:

you’re welcome