Current state of the game worth playing again?


I played this game back when it was first released on Epic Games. Seems there have been lots of patches since then.

So, rather than digging through the piles of notes, just thought I’d ask and see what folks think of the game now.

There were a few things I was “hoping” would be eventually resolved, namely:

  • Unreachable objectives
  • Revamp of research. There is very little research progression, rather a shift of stats from one weapon to another. Ie, that new weapon might do more damage, but now it has less accuracy and less armor penetration. On that same note, aircraft. Have more seats, but go slower! Come on… where’s the advancement?
  • The whole “unlock everything” when you ally with a faction. Takes the fun out of researching :frowning:
  • The whole “monsters get stronger the more damage you cumulatively do to them over the game” issue.
  • Horrible difficulty spikes. Going from 0 to 100 with no warning.
  • Dashing and murdering everything in one turn
  • Lair rushing in 1 or 2 turns
  • Chirons killing you from across the map

There’s probably more, but these were some of the glaring issues that I recall facing when I played several months ago. Just curious if any have been addressed. And, for those that still play, would you say it’s worth jumping back in or just a waste of time from when it was first released?

Thanks a bunch for your insights! :smiley:

Only a couple of your concerns appear to have been addressed.

More or less corrected with the Leviathan patch.

The latest patch (Derleth) addressed some of the issues of Lairs. They are completely different now. Even if one can (and I can’t) rush in 1 - 2 turns, one must now evac after eliminating the Spawnery.

Otherwise most of your other concerns still exist.

I’m not sure what you mean. During missions I had no problem reaching them. Unless you talk about unreachable missions on geoscape. Then it is not fixed yet.

Don’t expect such changes. This is not an XCOM where you get +10 damage with each performed research. So if you wait for something like that it won’t happen in Phoenix Point ever (unless devs will change whole concept of diversity of attacks).

You know that they give you research which is not attainable in other way (other than assaulting them and stealing it)? And you get for free only that what they already have researched.

It is a feature not an issue. Called evolution of aliens - maybe implementation is not the finest but it will be changed.


Not yet but will be solved probably in next patch.

I don’t know if anything is planned in this matter, but I suppose something can change after other changes will be implemented.

My issue with research is that some come so late in the game they now are basically superfluous.

That is something iam missing too. Not excactly, but near by. I would like to get some kind of reward After doing research, a vivisection… like a sweet spot which makes more damage, more enemy stats etc. Something like that would give additional satisfaction.
Perhaps there is some way you can discuss that in the council as i thing many Players would like that…

I’ve heard it brought up on threads here in the past. Part of the fun of research is each one either makes you stronger in some way, or that particular piece of research is a stepping-stone to get to the next research, but doesn’t do much else for you. However, you still have that feeling of progression because you know you’re getting closer to that “cool” research which will bring nice advancement for you.

Right now research definitely doesn’t feel that way (or, at least it didn’t at the time I played…). There’s nothing exciting about researching that nice, shiny new weapon only to feel “well wtf, it’s supposed to be better, but now I have less ammo, less range, less damage, but it does penetrate armor a bit better…”. It was that aspect that is fairly big let down.

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Yes really hope research will get more satisfied.

BUT there is especially one thing which is awesome. The Aiming system. Nothing is more satisfying than shooting a panda or enemy in his face, leg, arm or ass :slight_smile: every other game (like firaxis xcom) feels like a lame duck regarding shooting… i Thing PP has defined the new aiming Standard for turn Based games and we will see copies of that in future games.

Vivisection does reward 10% more damage.

Topic of autopsies and vivisections was brought by one the player. But it wasn’t discussed. Well we are not there to propose changes to what WE think should be changed. We are there just to advise to what developers will propose.

i just play a couple of hours since the DLC came and took me to quit game and put it aside until serious development. My personal experience of today is the following.

Blood and Titanium add the pure and the forsaken wich for me broke the game completely and why you ask? Well at the start your crappy untrained unequipped soldier will face goons completely clad with heaviest of the armor, deploy shields and equipped with phoenix and gauss weapon as well as neurazer, the scavenging mission will offer 9/10 the pure as opponent wich for me break the feeling that i’m here to stop the pandoravirus evolution. Costant ambushing in non red zone and empty point of interest make the game boring. And i don’t even talk about common problem that still exist in this game from launch, like panic behaviour, awful it’s and understatement. It make me feel that the deves are unable to create a good AI that challenge the player toe to toe and instead their answer to more challenging is just we add armor to them, because if any of you folks think the pandorans evolve it’s just an illusion they get no better in time just have more armor and it sucks, and this it’s Blood and titanium more armored enemies. Dash and mind crush abuse lead them to nerf dash to cost 1AP and 4 WP instead just multiplicative cost if used in the same turn it make the skill useful and a tactical choice instead of just whatever it is now. My personal opinion willpower should not regenerate by itself, only killing and recovery to refill it for both player and AI. Everytime devs release a content to fix stuff it look like to make a step forward and 3 back. I’m tired. Have fun and stay safe.

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There is already a Canny request you can vote on for this:

It is only in description. In fact, all bonus +10% damage from research didn’t work since game ‘release’. And devs just ignore it.

Have you read last patch notes?

We ignored it so hard that we fixed it.

Seriously, stop giving false info and making accusations.

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My fault, yes.

And now all techs that must give bonus (not only vivisection, but autopsy of sentinels) give it or just ‘certain vivisection’? Someone can confirm it in game?

Building-like aliens have only autopsies and those autopsies give damage bonus. For other aliens you need first make autopsy (gives only resources) then capture one and make vivisection to have damage bonus.

Well, you can just capture it alive straight off the bat to do both - Though it is still autopsy followed by the vivisection for some reason.

I restarted the game just a few days ago and I enjoy it a lot more now. The progression is more gradual, I haven’t had a groin kick difficulty spike so far, and while you do get some beefy new enemies with the Blood and Steel pack you also get the option of psionic control immunity, which is worth all the research and new enemies alone. As for faction weapons being only marginally different the only real goals I have with the weapon types is NJ minigun and Synedrion sniper rifles (So far.) The assault weapons doesn’t matter. But the ability to have my Heavies fire salvos gives them more odds of hitting stuff and shredding armor than blasting a single heavy impact round right over the head of a target two metres away.
My one great wish is the option of training abilities beyond just level gated skills. What about Accuracy? I fully expect a lvl 7 Heavy to be more accurate with shots than a lvl 1 Heavy if the equipment is the same. (Not accounting for Heavy weapon proficiency bonus skill which is random.)
I am hooked on the game now, and I used to just quit at a certain point when you got your balls stomped hard by multiple Sirens in your face out of nowhere.

Also, of course I didn’t think of this for the previous post, but why in the seven hells did nobody think of LASER SIGHTS FOR THE HEL CANNONS? Just a nice dot where you will hit so the heavies aren’t just waving it around and hoping for luck when they pull the trigger? Make it a research option. Limited range so you can’t of course just BLAST a crab in the face across the map. Good accuracy up to 10 meters, the same crap accuracy past that since you can’t see the dot. Please.