Love the game warts and all

I see all the references to the patch but I dont see any links to it. I fell foul of the killing a Scylia bug and now have hit a second one (3 times!) during a haven defense. Anyone supply a link to an old duffer!

The patch will download automatically on the Epic Games Store and Windows Store.

Thank you. When i go into the game launcher and click on PP it wants to install a new game and will not go further as the folder already contains PP. Should i rename the folder and would you expect the update to istall as a new game not a patch?
BTW my game is reporting as 1.0.54748

It shouldn’t be wanting to reinstall anything. I assume you’re playing on the Epic Launcher?

Yes when i click on the launcher icon in EGL in changes to install!

You’ve most likely got 2 or 3 different entries for Phoenix Point in the launcher. “Phoenix Point” which is the game itself. “Phoenix Point Content” which contains the bonus digital items. And “Phoenix Point Backer Build” if you had access to that at any point.

Can you confirm it’s definitely the “Phoenix Point” entry that’s asking to install?

Yes, I have no acess to the extra content, yet!

Phonix point is my only purchase from epic and the experience has not been good as i had to reinstall the launcher as it got stuck on the update gameslauncher screen.

I had to reinstall PP from the second install launcher to get it linked to PP

Is there a way to change the games saves to local so I can back them up. Twice i got a cloud save conflict and dont want to chance lossing my current postion. If I was confitent of the aves I would uninstall or reinstall.

Do you mean that you’re logged into a different account to the one that you used to originally install PP?

If so, that explains why it isn’t updating. Because Phoenix Point is DRM free, any account logged in will see the game in the library. However, it will only update (and can only be reinstalled) from the Epic account that was used to redeem the product key.

Sorry I have confused things.

I installed the pp game and game launcher, after a few days the launcher downloaded an update for the itself and got stuck in the update. Every time I opened it, it tried to install the update but couldnt . I read that a lot of people had this problemwith the GL. intially i ran the game direct from the exc file in the PP folder but then i uninstalled/reinstalled the game launcher.
It started but it knew nothing about the previous game and requested PP be installed. I renamed the old PP folder.old and installed the game which worked also but it asked which restore from the cloud to sync from as there was a sync conflict( i chose the wrong one) and lost some progress .
I can play the game from the exc file but now the GL want to do a third install. I know its a mess

Got that sorted, a third install to adifferent drive and it picked up the previous game saves no problem, thank you