How is the new patch?

I sometimes look on this forum as I really want to buy the game (backed it but refunded it at launch, was very disappointed) when it’s ready. Every time I repeat the same question. Would you buy it now? Every time I’ve had predominantly negative feedback and so I haven’t.

I like the universe, many facets of the gameplay (in beta, the pre release beta not post release beta) the enemies, lovecraftian stuff basically.

I read that there were problems with lairs that made them boring and or too difficult, fixed?

Acid fixed?

Other stuff fixed?

I had a huge problem with synedrion levels turning into a slide show but I’ve recently bought a very powerful gaming laptop so I doubt anything will be able to slow it down for a long time.

Also didn’t like the cheap UI, specifically base building and the all the bugs. I tried, trying it out on xbox game pass but there appears to be problems with its implementation on that which should be fixed and cause the screen to windowed anytime you scroll the mouse to the edge of the screen. Again I’d just like to buy it.

I’m not expecting it to be perfect I just want something that isn’t broken or unfinished that will develop over the next year or so.

However if the game is still the in my opinion pretty messed up jumble of too many ideas and not enough polish that it was at the beginning I’ll come back in a couple of months.


Kudos to the devs for putting out a patch during this period. I imagine it was difficult.


can’t give my opinion on that yet, but looks like changes went in good way.

they decreased acid damage but bug which doubles that damage is probably still there. I think that next implementation of acid mechanic will be more interesting.

Other are fixed and not fixed. Depends what are you asking about. :wink:

If you have powerful gaming laptop (preferably with nVidia card) then you should not have issues with Synedrion maps. I have few years old graphics card from mid price range and I can play on ultra settings.

Some UI has been fixed, but there were little changes in Base UI. I would prefer that they would add more mechanics to bases instead of making UI more fancy. Unfortunately that probably won’t happen as game is heavily focused on tactical part instead of strategy part… But who knows - now we have Community Council so some ideas can get through to the devs.

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To reduce the lag on Synedrion map, I’ve disabled the Chromatic Aberration under the Graphic settings (last one on the bottom of the list).

I’ve noticed no other change to graphic overall after I’ve disabled it.

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Thanks for your constant replies and help. Just to let you know, I finally bought it, again. Performance wise on a 1660ti it has zero problems (as it shouldn’t), so far I am enjoying myself and I am looking forward to my completing my first playthrough after which I will make a post with my opinion on the game. However so far it looks and plays very well.

Well I started a new playthrough a few days ago. Seems fine so far. Though it seemed that way on my initial playthrough until a week of play later when I hit a brick wall of difficulty. So still wayyyyyyyy too early to say.

3 days in, seems fine so far. What I do like:

  • Haven defense and scavenging missions sometimes have forsaken in them, rather than the standard vs Pandoran stuff.
  • New trading system - Added in the Derleth patch. You now get a slider when trading for resources. This compared to the older system is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

And that’s about it for now. Done a few Pandoran Nest’s, which are about the same as always. If you want a sneak preview of all that, watch my play through, links here: