Will the game itself benefit from the Epic deal?

With all the backlash following that Epic announcement, I didn’t saw any reference for the game itself. Will Phoenix Point benefit directly with this new deal? Meaning cinematics, more voiceovers, better 3D models, more sound effects, an expanded development team?

And if that’s the case, is another delay being considered?

As the old joke goes, the number one cause of divorce is marriage. In other words, expect more delays.

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Another delay could be a turning point. I know delays are commonplace in crowdfunding, but another one would be a real pain.

My guessing is higher profit from sales. Thus more cash to pump in development of DLCs. And DLCs is what this game needs without more delaying of release. But this is just my reasoning. :wink:

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Yeah, let’s see if Julian can clear that one. And there are some reports about Epic sending private information to China, that’s really f*cked uo.

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More cash to pump into Gollop’s pockets, more like it.

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And that is your guessing alongside mine. :wink:

Everything we have seen so far makes me believe Phoenix Point as a labour of love for Julian, so “they only did for cash” doesn’t really get along. And even with all the backlash, there’s no way to tell how many people will forget about the game abd go for refunds.

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Whatever they want to use the cash for ultimately, they still join St did it for cash.

huh? When did we switch from “this business decision go against the original promise and we don’t like it” to “this entire project is a scam”?

You know, there is quite a big gap between the two.

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In total fairness to Epic, I’d be floored if more than a handful of tech companies with access to large amounts of user information didn’t have Chinese moles in IT or infrastructure, quietly hoovering up everything within reach. People only heard about the Ed Snowden affair because he did it for the lulz rather than the money. Not saying it’s right or that the Tencent connection fills me with the warm fuzzies, but let’s not be naive here…

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I’m not saying this is a scam, I simply have some doubts about the necessity of the extra funds for the completion of PP.

But you know the studio is small and their game is aiming for something big. And you see the progress of consequent Backer Builds? I would say they need more people. For that they need money. :wink:

In response to a few concerns, I can confirm that the Epic deal definitely helps the game. It helps us get a good quality release without more delays - and it significantly boosts our post-release content. We have at least 3 DLCs planned for the first year of release, and these will also be accompanied by free content updates. We are definitely in it for the long run, and it is a huge undertaking. We are not a tiny, indie company anymore - we have 55 employees who need some sense of security in an industry which is quite unstable and is going through some profound changes. They are a talented bunch, and if they are secure and happy in their work (which comes with a lot of stress and expectations) then this will be reflected in the quality of the game and it’s future updates. The decision to go with Epic was not an easy one, but it was made in the best interests of the game, the company and its employees.


Thanks for clearing that up, @JulianG. I don’t play that much, since RL tends to get in the way, and so I don’t even understand that well the Epic Store uproar (I even read some atrocious claims that Phoenix Point was nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme).

That said, I won’t be asking for refunds, and will await the promised BB4 by the end of this month.

@JulianG mr. Gallop, you should have mentioned we still get the steam keys after one epic year in the video. It would have loosened the rage valve significantly.

It was not in the EPIC-Faq they made at the announcement-time, it was edited in later… damage control I guess…

Holy Jebus Christo… I dunno how many of you twits actually game or not… But I have a Steam Launcher, an Origins launcher, an Epic launcher, Blizzard Launcher, SquareEnix Launcher, I mean… Crap on a frakkin cracker. It’s just one more piece of software you can disable and enable at anytime.

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I think if you already make use of a large number of game launchers then it’s no big deal. But a lot of people prefer to use only one i.e. Steam or Gog.

I’m primarily a steam user 200+ titles. I’ve picked up a handful of others via Gog and I’ve claimed free games from Twitch and Epic, the problem, for me, with the other launchers is that because I use Steam so much I just forget that the other games are there. Despite owning 40 or so non steam games I’ve probably only ever played 1 or 2 of them. Some good games too, but with so many other good games already right in front of me on steam to choose from I just can’t be arsed with the other launchers.

Except they prob be lower profits due to boycott’s and people waiting for a steam sale now.