Congrats, Snapshot, you made it on HeelvsBabyface! 191k subs!

Really stacking up that backlash, eh Julian?

That is so march 14! Pewdiepie is where the fun is right now.

Are you actively searching for any comment on youtube criticising SG move? Dude maybe have a life, ok? Throw away that shitty SG game, if you really like so, and disappear from this forum if you have nothing else to add.

maybe read that

And yet here you are…posting the better part of nothing. Do people mutter “Dunning–Kruger effect” around you very often? Just wondering.

No they don’t. Maybe I sound to you like someone with that effect but it is because of my ignorance of english language. If I could express myself in my native language then you would experience my full intelligence. And I don’t want to loose time doing translations. But really Mr Gulskjegg you had your opinion, you are pissed off, you requested refund. What else do you want? Stop this stupid spam, as this doesn’t bother people (and other 94% of backers). We are here to discuss the game not the Epic deal.

I will just reiterate a few things to make sure that backers are aware of exactly what we are offering.

  1. You will receive a Steam key or gog key in addition to an Epic store key, after the period of exclusivity. You can do what you like with these keys.

  2. The steam/gog key will be a special edition that includes at least 3 major DLC packs released in the first year. Backers who stick with Epic will get this DLC as it is released. Again, you can do what you like with these keys - selll them, use them or donate them.

  3. We are not asking you to support Epic or the idea of exclusivity. You have already bought the game from us, so none of your money goes to Epic. You will never have to actually buy anything from the Epic store or support it in any way.

  4. Phoenix Point will be DRM free on Epic and can be played offline. You can uninstall the Epic launcher and manually add Phoenix Point to your Steam library and run it from there. Some Steam features, such as Steam Link with controller support will work fine.

  5. We will be supporting cloud saves and achievements on the Epic store, which are precisely the same features that we would be supporting on Steam.

  6. The Epic deal will certainly make Phoenix Point a better game at no extra cost to backers. We are pouring everything we can into development, ready for launch in September. We have expanded the team to 55 developers and we are securing outsourcing contracts to put more content and polish into the initial release. All of us at Snapshot are committed to making the game as great as it can be.

  7. And it won’t stop with the initial launch. We have invested a lot in the Phoenix Point universe and game code, so that we can build on it continuously, adding new content for backers for free for a whole extra year.


Mr Gollop, for some it is still not enough to compensate broken promises of Steam and GOG availability during release. And they even suspect some dedicated fans to be payed by SG to bombard any complains about that broken promise. :slight_smile: Funny people. But well, more often I write something then they more and more think their idea is true. Like I said funny people. :wink:

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