Why was my post criticising the game and asking for patch removed?

I dont understand why does admin remove criticism? I bought the game, I have right to ask questions and inquire when will the patch be released.

The criticism was fine. That’s not why the post was removed.

The post was removed because of its tone, which was very aggressive. Please remember that there are human beings behind the development of the game. Real people with lives and families who are working hard to produce a product for people to enjoy. Posts like your original become very personal and it helps no one.

We’ve already released multiple patches since the game released. We’ve another patch coming hopefully in a couple of weeks, which will address some more issues including the difficulty of Nests and Lairs.

We’ve got more updates and patches in the pipeline over the next few months, which will further work on balance while making some significant changes to existing mechanics and gameplay.


I dont believe the tone was aggressive. Let’s rephrase it though since it appears that not everyone is good at taking criticism.

In my initial post I made a comparison with your major competior product which was released 8 years ago. I made a point that your product appears to be boring and sub par.

Secondly I expressed disappointment with the fact that numerous issues such as poor lair balance, acid that is overpowered and others have not been addressed. They have been around for quite some time.

Patches in my view are rare and pace of production is very slow. Especially if you compare yourself to other game developers.

In my view we don’t need more DLCs. We need you to fix the main game first.

Many people on this forum believe they play ballistic tech demo with hastily added content last minute. The product in my view is not worth its price.

Imagine in any other industry (I do strategic consulting for example) where the client is unhappy with the quality of work you have done and you simply block him instead of admitting it is sub par. Instead of admitting that your product is not up to anyone’s expectations you decide to delete the post.

As I mentioned many people stopped playing game, there are barely any new posts. In my view your product is a failure. You should work hard on fixing it.

I think that many of your mechanics do not work properly and I don’t believe anyone would mind if you copied other products. Since most of the balancing and progression so far has been a failure.

I am simply voicing my dissatisfaction. It is not personal, I am sure you guys are doing your best. It is hard to compete formula 1 guys when you only gave one leg and you drive a gokart.

Yours truly,

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I’m not sure the point you’re making here. XCOM was made by Firaxis, an established AAA studio with a wealthy publisher and 15x more developers than Snapshot had when work started on PP, and still 3x more developers than we do now.

Lairs are being rebalanced in the next patch, due in a couple of weeks, if all goes to plan. Acid is something we’re aware of, and it’s being looked at.

The change to acid damage was only in the last balance patch.

That’s a subjective opinion. We’ve released a patch, on average every 2 weeks since the game released.

We’re not. Also different developers have different studio sizes and the games they’re working on can be very different. It’s a silly comparison to make.

What would you like all of our concept artists, animators, model makers, designers, texture artists, riggers, effect artists and sound designer to do in the mean time?

I’ve never seen anyone specifically say this. While there are some comments that we didn’t launch with all of the content we had initially planned to (which we are still adding), I’ve not seen anyone calling this a “ballistic tech demo”.

And that is your right to do so.

You make the assumption that there aren’t people who are happy with the game and enjoy playing it. Again, your post wasn’t deleted because of criticisms, but because you forgot the human.

What is the point of making a game just to copy something else? We’re trying to do something a little different. It doesn’t sound like Phoenix Point is the game for you, and if that’s the case, that’s fine. Everyone has different tastes and preferences.

We are working hard, even amidst this global crisis.


PP is one of the best games of last few years. It’s fantastic, unusual game and it is going to be much better.

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I continue to play it for hours each day. Most ‘difficulties’ can be overcome with the right tools included in the havens and factions.

Just starting a new campaign where Phoenix Point is using only Anu tech, mutations, weapons, etc. Should be fun to try. So many different ways to play this.

I, for one, have no major complaints. The occasional scream when a dude takes 300 acid damage but otherwise, have been truly enjoying the game.

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To be fair, most of these patches have been just ironing out some bugs, adjustments to the balance (especially in lower difficulties) are not even nearly as frequent. Some things like lairs finally get some attention after being the bane of so many players for month. Some plainly cheesed them and some just didnt even bother because of the glaring flaws but pretty much no one enjoyed these missions.

no offense but really? you point this out as a good thing after ignoring the issues with lairs for the last 4 month?

No you are right, the term “ballistic tech demo” has not been used, but “beta test” or similar terms were used frequently especially in the first few weeks. Therefore many people (including me) feel ripped off because what you released is/was practically a beta version of the game your company advertised. For example the advertised “enemies adapting to your tactics” part of the game is still missing. The only adaptation that occured are random mutations and the pandorans “evolving” into bullet sponges. And i am acutally suprised that this feature, which should have been one of the main selling points is finally in sight (> 4 month after release).

And just to be clear this criticism is not intended to be mean spirited, but if you advertise your product with features that are not even remotely implemented and with bad balancing you cant complain about people pointing such things out.


You understand that there was more critical issues to solve? :slight_smile: Get chill man. They need to sort it all.

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PP got a year long open beta test on Epic before the release on gog/steam, ofc people are calling it a beta test :stuck_out_tongue:

i get that other issues might have been higher on the priority list, but completly ignoring lairs for month, pretending everything was fine with them, was definetly not a smart decision as they are one of the major complains.
A complete overhaul (which of course would have taken a lot of work) wasnt even necessary. “Simple” tweaks like adding a cap to the reinforcements or tuning reinforcements to only spawn every two turns instead of every turn would have helped a lot, both of which shouldnt be too hard to implement/change.

Which, in fact, would have been totally fine by me if advertised as such and not for the full retail price.

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Welcome to “modern gaming”, where one should wait around a year after any release to get a non-open beta experience for launch-price.

To be fair, as I remember they never completely ignoring the problematic with lairs and citadels, instead they are responding on it: Citadels easier than Lairs | Voters | Phoenix Point

You should have a deeper look at the whole feedback on canny. Personally I think lairs are not the biggest thing out there and for me it seems they are trying to do their best.

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They could ignore it on this forum, as they are not oblidged to respond to every topic (especially if someone creates another topic on the same subject). That doesn’t mean they don’t read them and that they don’t consider making changes. Wise choice is to not announce that changes are into consideration until they finally decide what to change and how to change (after many iterations of possible outcomes to assess).

As we can see on canny link provided by MadSkunky above they are not pretending it is fine.

Maybe it is major complaint but player can mitigate its problematic nature. @MichaelIgnotus described it quite often that he is waiting for Lair to mature into Citadel and then deal with the problem. Or there are just many overpowered ways to deal with lairs when player is always up to challenge.

You may be right. If they would be a big studio and could spare one developer to change that then this could work. But what if that wouldn’t work and would create more problems? Definitely high difficulty of lairs was not so important. Rethinking issue may be a good way - we will see.

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yes and this is a problem. Of course there is no obligation to respond to the customers, but if your customers complain about your product and/or work and you give no feedback it creates the obvious: that the customers feel that they get ignored. So every company should at least give a response that they look into the issue. If they then decide that there is no need for a change you can respond further that you dont deem it necessary and explain why.

So ignoring the missions or using cheese is supposed to compensate for bad game design? Of course there are ways do circumvent lairs. But if this is your idea of “working as intended” i dont know what to say. Furthermore for a long time the Sniper/Heavy Burst Fire Build was pretty much the only viable and reliable way to play this game. And in my humble opinion playing a tactic/strategy game with only one viable option which then makes every mission a cakewalk is just plain boring.

i actually hoped that after 5 backer builds the game would be someone playable and worth my time and money. Lesson learned and wont repeat that mistake with anything coming from epic and/or snapshot ever again.
Also to be fair, there are enough titles out there that dont go through a payed open beta. Granted, not every title is perfect at launch and some tweaks almost always need to be made. But the state this game was released after that amount of time in development with the backer community is just sad.

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We do give responses. The issue is that a lot of people won’t check to see if an issue has already been raised and a response has already been given. Instead, they just start a new topic and expect another response.

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I don’t know from where you take that conclusion. Did you missed part where I write that there are other more important things to work on?

Try to do that when there are hundreds of post spitting in one day on all ways of communication. :slight_smile: Good luck! They finally responded? They did. And they even proposed solutions.

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While I agree that there are times when Snapshot could be more responsive, I do feel I have to come to their defence here. As @MadSkunky has already pointed out, Snapshot have not only acknowledged that Lairs are a problem, but have proposed a multi-layered solution and are gathering feedback from the community on Canny about it right now.

My take on all of this? They got swamped when the first release provoked a wave of criticism, and that put them on the back foot for weeks, if not months. Remember, they are a new, relatively small studio with only 1 guy doing a PR job that would occupy a handful of people full-time. I also get the impression that they learned from their first rushed patch and didn’t want to go into any other major overhauls half-cocked (yeah, I know… acid… What can I say…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

So they have been monitoring opinion, figuring out how to deal with it, and now they are moving into a more proactive ‘redevelopment’ stage.

'Fraid I also have to agree with @Potkeny on this one. That’s the state of modern gaming today - especially with the smaller studios that can’t afford to sit on a project for a year until they’ve got it right. For me, it’s a measure of how excited I was about this project that I got involved at the BB stages, and have been trying to provide constructive feedback ever since. Usually, I do exactly as Potkeny suggests and wait at least a year before I buy a game I’m interested in, so that they’ve had time to iron out all the bugs - and that includes my beloved Madden NFL.


Frankly? they were probably swamped long before this. Remember the game got delayed three times that I can remember, and the one thing that’s as polished as can be is the manual aim, aka the first thing implemented and shown in backer builds to set PP aside from competitors. Anything that was supposed to be developed in the later stages feel extremely rough.

Most of the strategic features have been rushed. Diplomacy is barely worth the label, base management and production are actually LESS interesting than OGXCOM, Ufopaedia is barely a paragraph long for every item, character classes and skill feel very generic, gear lacks tactical options that are a staple of the genre, and doesn’t really provide unique/innovating weapons, a fair few touted features like adaptable mutations are missing and it’s clear the game didn’t go through balance testing before release.

I still hope they’ll manage to fix it by the time it hits Steam, but only time will tell


You’re not wrong. But they are trying…

Of course you cant respond to every single post. No studio/publisher no matter how big they are can do this, but there is a very simple trick to avoid this: A sticky post with a list of known issues that are being looked into as well as a disclaimer during the writing of a new “new Post” to check that post if the issue has already been reported. Its not hard, it doesnt take long and most importantly it shows everyone on the forum that their issues/criticism are taken seriously.

That conclusion is based on your answer that another player as already stated numerous times to not deal with lairs at all as well as your statement to use of overpowered ways to deal with them. This circumvents the issue with lairs but does not solve it at all. For me this was the reason i quit the game a while ago until this issue is resolved as i refuse to rely on exploits just to finish a game in a completly boring and unsatisfying way.

This is pretty much my point: they acknowledged that this is a serious issue months after this issue was pointed out. But i agree that no one wants something rushed which probably creates more problems than it solved.

Dont get me wrong, its good to see this finally being adressed as well as the implementation of the hyped “evolution” of enemies, both get my hope up that the game someday will be in a state to be playable and enjoyable.

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