Removal of Access to Forum

As I am now a none supporter of Phoenix Point due to the refund can you please remove my access to the forum.

I believe rightly or wrongly that access to forums should be for those who own the game and should serve the purpose of been about the game and the players of the game.

Enough forums are filled with those who feel they have a right to be on a forum of a game because trashing a game they do not own nor ever will is seen for some unknown reason as been constructive.

Thank you and goodbye.

While these forums are intended for use by those who support Snapshot Games and any of our titles, they always have been and always will remain open to the public. You have done nothing worthy of excluding yourself from the right to be here. If you choose to no longer use these forums, you are perfectly within your rights.

However, we will not be arbitrarily removing your access, and you’re always welcome to return in the future.


Thank you I appreciate the invitation to return.

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