Left Reddit because of the toxic comments

Going forward, this forum will be my primary information source for Phoenix Point. I quit the subReddit because of the extremely juvenile toxicity in that place, complaints piled upon complaints and not one of which I could see as being relevant or valid. I’m here for Julian and for the game. Period. I could care less about Epic, particularly since I know I’ll be able to activate the game on Steam before long. I see plenty of negative posts here in this forum and all I can do is hope that these nattering nabobs of negativism slink quietly into the night as they find some other faux trauma or drama to focus their fury and fulminations. Press on, Shanpshot, and do this game well is all I ask.


Sounds like Reddit is better off without you. Apologists just enable companies like Snapshot to get away with pulling crap like this.


I have question if subreddit was good source of information before epic deal? I barely used it, so it is hard for me to say.

I wondered if respond to that, but what if they are just optimists? And about ‘crap like that’ please read that:

Fear not, I’m still on Reddit, just not the Phoenix Point subReddit. I think you are entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine. Enjoy your life. I will enjoy the game, with none of the sour stomach you seem to have. Oh well.

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Gunnergoz… There is a familiar name from the xcom forums! Welcome.

The butt hurt is strong here but just not as juvenile as on Reddit. My guess is the rage will subside over the next few weeks, as people choose either get a refund or continue waiting for the game. Hopefully, by the time BB4 comes out, it will only be those that are still looking forward to the game left.


Nice name calling. You don’t seem to be much better than those who take their complaints too far.

Left PP Reddit as well. Can’t stand the ALL CAPS RAGE spreading there, and there are other, better, sources of information for the game, these forums and the Twitter account.

The amount of senseless drivel posted there is absolutely insane. I can’t believe anyone can put up with reading it. It’s a shame though because it just makes me disregard any reasonable concerns people might have. I’m just too fed up with all the garbage being spewed around.

It has just turned into an echo-chamber for the outraged. I have little reason to return there in any official capacity.


To be perfectly honest, the reddit was fairly slow before the announcement.

True that.

Perhaps thats why there has been no official answers there about the fact that even though you promised full refunds … Some people who have completed the refund process are actually NOT fully refunded.

There are a couple of people atleast who have gotten less back than their actual pledge due to Transferwire fees, and some are unable to refund, because their currency is not supported/listed by Transferwire.

So i think that even if the reddit is pretty harsh environment currently (which i fully understand, because what your company did was a shitty move), and that fact that you no longer have any moderation rights on the reddit, i still think they deserve an “official” presence there, atleast until the refund period is over, so you atleast make sure that those who do choose to refund, actually get the full refund promised.

We are looking into the issues for the people who have received less than they expected to work towards a solution. We’ve purposefully refunded extra on top of each pledge to cover fees, but unexpectedly customers in some regions were left short after exchange rates. If your refund was short you should let us know via orders@snapshotgames.com so that we can rectify it for you.

Good! I know we probably do not see “eye-to-eye” on this entire issue, and i’m still extremely disappointed with how SG treated their backers, but i’m happy to hear that you are atleast trying hard to fix problems with the refunds.

Reddit will be the rage echo chamber, official forums will be the apologist echo chamber. YouTube trailers, coverage and other social media announcements will be the real testing of the waters.

Reddit accounts are like assholes, everybody has one. It makes it a lot easier to go and vent as you don’t have to register for one more forum.

The need to rage is still beyond me though, while I won’t hide the fact that I’m extremely disappointed by the turn of events and asked for a fig refund, I don’t really see any purpose in going there in all caps lock mode, but their voice shouldn’t be discarded either, as anything who has spent money in the hope of getting a timely delivery on steam/gog has a right to be pissed.

Complaining about the lousy deal or the betrayal of trust is one thing, calling snapshot/JG a scam is another.

EDIT : Not really sure why my quote of AzureDreams was auto-removed and my reply shifted to @UnstableVoltage. Definitely not on purpose ^^

We’re certainly not deaf to the voices of those who feel slighted, and we totally understand why. But, there’s only so many times you can read a new post spouting the same old rhetoric.

It was a very difficult decision for us to make, and one which we ultimately felt was in both the best interest of the studio (in terms of keeping the doors open and the developers employed) and also for Phoenix Point itself (we can’t continue to make DLC and such if the studio closes).

If we had a way of guaranteeing this without upsetting any of our customers, then it is an option we would have gladly welcomed.

A Steam release is far from a guaranteed success these days. No matter how great the game is, you can’t accurately predict sales. So again, I personally offer my apologies to all of those who are upset or made angry by this change - and I do completely understand.

Hopefully the quality of the final game will speak for itself and people will realise that this has all been worth it in the end, even if it doesn’t seem like that right now.

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Honestly, if this game turns out being phenomenal and the company moves forward as a beacon of good consumer practices in the industry, I’d give Snapshot my respect and support again. But Julian is pretty much dead to many of us after this, it’s his betrayal and his decision, his reputation used to gain backer support then go back on his word.