Does PP have enough sales for future development?

I was backer of PP during croudfunding campaign, later after decision to make PP Epic exclusive for first year I`ve got a refund and today bought Ultimate Edition on Epic Store, so hello, here I am again.

Game really looks nice, but i can`t find anywhere info about PP sales, is it a secret or i just look somewhere in the wrong place?

I hope that studio getting enough money to continue development, polish game further and release DCL. Can anyone confirm that all is going well?

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We’re going to be supporting the development of Phoenix Point for at least the next two years.


So it’s true after all, we are the post-backer-backers. :wink:

Sorry, just couldn’t resist.

Good to hear, but the question was about something different - do you have enough sales to keep development team stuffed or you will support because you want to / have to ?

Yeah )) Kinda here we are :joy:

I think it is safe to assume that Snapshot pays it employees, therefore they have the money to do it, from the Epic deal or sales.

From what I understand, Epic exclusivity deal is one of guaranteed sales - they commit to pay developer for certain amount of sold copies, no matter if they sell, or not. Those come with Epic’s more generous split. To start making money on top, sales would need to exceed the amount of guaranteed ones. Whenever, they did or not, I don’t think we are entitled to know.


I also Think that they dont have to tell as the exact amount of sold copies… but it would be nice to know if the sold copies met the expectation of snapshot games and their Sponsors. :slight_smile: perhaps someone could give us that Information :slight_smile:

Yesh, that would be nice to know… Exact amount doesn`t matter, but was the sales good enough? )