Umbra kill game freeze bug

Happened in 2 missions so far, one to recover a vehicle, the other to protect a New Jericho settlement in the main game. Both involving killing an Umbra arthron. “Preparing” appears over a dead arthron and the the game freezes. I can move the screen around, but can’t select anything and the turn never changes. Started happening after the last update. Can’t progress in the game at this point.

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same happening here

I just remembered that some players said that a tactic for killing umbras is using fires or explosives - this way you kill both the original arthron and the ‘shadow’ that goes into ‘preparing’.

Until the fix comes, try to kill it with explosives of fire in general to see if it’s a workaround.

or paralyze them

Nice tip. Unfortunately, my progress is at the point when 90% of athrons are Umbia. The game was never designed for this level of challenge.

Hmmm this may either be a bug/balance problem, or you may be doing missions where the enemies come from the same base, and this base has mostly umbras. Enemies vary by which base they come from.

Just curious, for those of you experiencing this bug, are you running the LotA DLC?

Same problem. Game is unplayable now.

still waiting an update to play the game…
this is shameful

it seems that this bug happen if you dont have LoTA active… as Arthon Umbra is part of DLC…

No DLC’s. It’s in the original game version 1.7.62001. The bug appeared in the first patch after the Neconomicon update.

yes, but its related to DLC… these new pandoran creatures are linked with DLC2, therefore if you dont have it, it causes this bug… I do have DLC2 active, and can kill Umbra without any crashes…

its an oversight on Dev side, and it will be fixed in next patch i believe.

AFAIK Umbra is part of Pandoran Evolution in Necronomicon update 1.7

DLC 2 is related to other mutations like Smaragdus or Armis

But the speciality of Umbra Arthron is explained with one of the resources of the DLC, the mutane gas thing (idk the correct name in English, sorry :wink: ).

then you are right, Armis --> Orichalcum, Smaragdus --> Living Crystal, Umbra —> Protean Mutane

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Same here. Game ist unplayable. Even the the Hint to kill the Umbras with grenades doesn’t work. Freeze comes every time. Any other Suggestions?

I am afraid not, in my case, killing using fire is working,
but I can’t see a way out until next patch/update,
and I guess buying the new DLC is not an option for you

The option is that the devs fix their oversight, not forcing players to purchase options they don’t wish. QA has been an issue since day one.

Agreed. It is troubling that they BREAK our game and have zero urgency to fix it. They could take the time to release a hotfix, but it appears that they are comfortable with the reputational risk of not fixing it. Not even announcing when they will release a fix.

I have been told that there is an update coming for the next week

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