Games freezes in mid of mission

Hi, I’ve found that game freezes in mid of a mission, always after one of my soldiers shoots and kills an alien in near distance. It’s not the end of the turn. The animations contitnue working, I can move the camera also, but nothing more can be done.There is no response to any key. I have to close the process via task admin (I’m in Windows 10 version 2004) and restart the game. Last time I was just finishing with success a long and difficult mission and this is very frustrating.

I’ve got a MSI Lepoard with a RTX 2060 and 16 Gb of RAM. The game runs very smoothly but still it freezes every now and then, always after a near kill.

Actually there is a bug when you meet and kill an Arthron Umbra (it states “Prepare …” after the kill) and you don’t have the newest DLC “Legacy of the Ancients” (or not activated).

Look here:

… and at least two more threads about the same bug on top of this section.

If this is your problem too, all you can do is wait for the next patch. This bug has been confirmed and a patch was announced two weeks ago, but unfortunately nothing has happened since then.

While you wait for the patch, you can also paralyze or mind control them instead of killing. This way your game won’t freeze.

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I can wait for the patch. Using alternatives modifies my global strategy.

Please, release a patch as soon as possible. Thanks.

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