Continuous Crashes

The game is great when it works. I bought it roughly 3 months ago and it seemed relatively stable until the last few updates - especially the last one. Now the game is almost unplayable. I have made it to the Palace and only after numerous saves and relaunches over the last day or two. Now even the save and re-load work-a-rounds don’t work. The most common crash is after my turn I see the “Preparing” text on an enemy and it hangs. Sometimes it hangs after I launch a grenade but this is more rare. I have updated my drivers - nothing more to do there. I can’t believe I have slowly worked my way to what I think is the end and I can’t finish the game due to the extremely unstable gameplay. Any ideas how I can just get the last mission to work so I can be don’t with this?

Windows 10
Intel Core i7-7820X XPU @3.60 GHz 3.60 GHz
32.0 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

This seems to be the umbra arthron bug - the devs already know about it and I hope a fix will come in the next patch. I don’t know when that’ll come, though, maybe someone else can help with that.

If you have a save game right before something that crashes and is reproducible, you should also use F12 to report it.

Yep - I see now other people can’t play the game now either. Never had a game at this price come to a complete lock for all playing.

It’s not crashing for me, but I’ve been paralyzing umbras to not push my luck…

Killing them with a flamethrower seems effective too