Game freezes "Preparing"

kill the last alien in a mission, “preparing” comes up over an alien and dissapears and then the game is frozen.

now trashed 2 campaigns this way had to stop playing until fixed. sent the F12 crash reports.

has anyone else had this and does anyone know how to get around it??


Didn’t happen to me but the ‘preparing’ part seems to be an Umbra arthron - when killed it burrows on the ground and when someone gets close it prepares to come out of the ground on the next turn. Actually, it’s kind of a bigger shadow, not the original arthron. The bug may be related to it.

I had the exact same situation with the only umbra arthron I encountered thus far: it was the last enemy, but my game didn’t freeze.

interesting, thanks for that. No idea why my game is freezing

Thanks for the report. We looked into it and managed to identify the problem. We will fix it in the next patch. Unfortunately, there is no workaround till then that I am aware of.

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thankyou for letting me know. I would love to know when the next release is coming as I can’t play the game until then and am now bored!!

This is something that happens to me all the time !! It is impossible to continue playing until this is resolved.

I have had to give up the game. Just waiting for them to fix it in the next patch

got the same problem ! fix pls , i can’t save the mankind like this … and its YOUR FAULT ! :laughing:

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Had this happen a few times now after killing a crabman.

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any news about the issue?

I have to say that this started after the last update

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, this seems to happen to every Umbra kill.

Let’s hope the next patch fixes this.

yup - they broke the game. Unplayable now.
Curious sense of urgency; “Will get around to it next patch”…

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Yes, same here. Game is unplayable now due to this bug.

I only killed one umbra and the game didn’t hang, but as everyone here is getting hangs to be on the safe side I’ve been paralyzing “alive” umbras so that they don’t “prepare”. Just a workaround if anyone wants to try it.

anyone know when the next patch is due?

Same problem, will put the game aside until its fixed - sad

still waiting an update to play the game…
this is shameful

i had the same error multiple times. i cannot continue my campaign. please fix it