Every arthron can be an umbra?

Did I fail to read something correctly? Since the latest update, I’m seeing arthrons of all types sometimes reanimating, not just umbras. The umbras are bad enough, but if every arthron can potentially reanimate with ridiculous speed and CC ability, it’s kinda nuts.


This must certainly be a bug and should be reported via F12.


I have, but I wanted to check here.


Just encountered a Myrmidon Prime with this ability… I’m not sure it’s a bug - it’s not that any Arthron can spawn a Tar Shadow, perhaps it’s that any (or more) Arthrons now have this ability.

At least the one I got had a purple hue and its info panel showed the Tar Shadow ability.


Still talks and walks like a bug to me.

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I’m not sure it’s intentional. If it is, it’s super annoying. When you get an elite arthron that can also spawn a high speed CC zombie, it’s a bit much.

They breathe purple gas, so at least it’s possible to spot them, but the umbras were bad enough as they were.


TBH, I like them - they are a think before you kill enemy, and having them with different kind of Arthons makes it more interesting.

However, I wonder how/if this appears in the evo intelligence reports.


It doesn’t, I’ve been looking. It may show up in the gas report, but I don’t remember.

I like the standard umbras, but when the umbra has an acid grenade launcher and a spitter head, it’s not really a wait-to-kill unit. If you just put it on overwatch, it sits there and spits at you or grenades you (unless you’ve shot its arm off). They are significantly more dangerous than a standard arthron of the type.

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On the flip side … Be joyful that you aren’t seeing Chiron’s go Zombie … yet. :eyes: :open_mouth:

I have yet to see this in the Intel reports as well.

Well, yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Or paralyze it, or viral it.

I wonder about the evo reports/evolution though… I think I would rather have different Pandorans with the Tar Shadow ability on each playthrough, and which and how many of them get the ability depending on difficulty.

One of my big hopes is that the reactive Pandoran mutations will be a thing (like blast resistance, psychic scream on death, etc) and that’s how I think they should be implemented.


Sure, if you’re got enough paralysis/virus to pump into it in one turn and not get swarmed by other enemy. The elite arthrons have good strength and wp.

or just burn them…

or MC, it works too


Nice. I’ve got no soldiers with MC yet on this campaign.

So I had one these other Arthron spawn Umbra… Get this as I was aiming at him in sniper…he exhales purple air…sure enough death shot and he turned Umbra…gonna play more to see if this is 100%, but no other of the Arthrons were exhaling purple.

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Yes, the purple exhale is the tell.

What difficulty level are you seeing this happen in?

The hotfix took away the dedicated Arthron Umbra (though is still appears in the Intel Reports) and instead seems to have given this ability to random Arthrons (so far non-shield bearers). They also appear to have taken away the Triton Umbra altogether (haven’t seen it in the field or the Intel Reports).

Not entirely factual. Before and after the Fix, I have yet to see anything other than a Shield Bearer, with Pincers, turn Zombie. That is on Veteran and Newb modes.